Yoga For When You’re In a Bad Mood

Hey, everyone! Welcome to “Yoga with Adriene”.
I’m Adriene and today we have yoga for when you’re in a bad mood. Okay, it happens. You’re
in a bad mood. You don’t know what to do. You don’t want to do destructive things. You
don’t want to drink a bottle of tequila. Or do you? Here’s a little sequence that we put
together to support you. This is a request that I get a lot. So I thought that we would
go ahead and do it. A nice sequence to hopefully nurture you, support you, help you feel like
you’re not alone. We all get in those terrible moods, and hopefully by the end of it you
will have found what feels good. All right, so today we’re going to begin in
Extended Child’s Pose. You can use a blanket or a towel on the knees if you need. Bringing
them as wide as your yoga mat, bringing the two big toes together and then just. . . come
on now. . . let’s start right here, right now. Turning it around so I’ll reach the fingertips
forward. You can take your eyes off the video here. Allow your forehead, that third eye
point in particular, to come to your mat. If the shoulders feel kind of tight or pinched
here, go ahead and widen the palms a bit. Then take a big breath in, my friends. Then
use your exhale to just relax your heart down to the earth. Big breath in. And wherever
you are today take a nice exhale out through the mouth. We take a second here, just kind of bowing
to the big picture. Surrendering to that which is greater than us. Then maybe already you
can find just a sense of ease or a little joy in like. . . yeah, it’s been a tough day.
Things that have led me to this point, you know, I don’t necessarily have to attach myself
to. I can take this opportunity to put them aside, to let them go. Or begin the process
at least. So we’re going to just take a couple quiet moments here. If you’re uncomfortable
here you have a couple options. You can lift up in the hips and bring the knees underneath
the hips and come to more of a Puppy Posture. You can use a block underneath the hip bones
and come to a rest here with the hands. We have a lot of options here. If Extended Child’s Pose is completely out
of your practice you can just begin this practice in Sukhasana with the head bowing to the chest.
We have lots of options. So for me I’m hearing the sounds of the birds outside. You might
hear them too. You might just close your eyes here and relax your shoulders. Just notice
how you feel. Notice the quality of air in the room. Begin to expand your awareness to
the sounds around you. And, again, if you’re frustrated just allow yourself to feel that
way. And I invite you to use this amazing tool that we have in yoga of the breath to
just begin to soften. Whatever that means to you. Begin to lengthen the inhalation and begin
to extend or lengthen the exhale. For your last couple of moments of breath here, you
might rock the head gently side-to-side kind of massaging that third eye point. Nice, easy,
kind, gentle wake up call. Bringing ourselves out of that thinking mind or the toxic thought
world. Away from your troubles and back to this sense of ease, this sense of joy that’s
inside you. When you’re ready spread the palms super wide,
like starfish, and lift your heart to come up to all fours. So we’re moving from the
heart to lift your heart all the way up. Walk your knees underneath the hip points. If you
were in cross-legged, go ahead and meet us here now on all fours. Toes are in line with
the ankles, ankles in line with the knees, wrists underneath the shoulders as you press
away from your yoga mat. Rock front and back creating a nice long line from the crown of
the head to the tip of the tailbone. And then find your alignment. Inhale in, exhale out
through the mouth. Big breath in. Exhale, sigh it out. And then we’ll come down into
a nice gentle stretching via Cat-Cow. Big breath in as you drop the belly. Open your
heart, shoulders relax down. Then close your eyes and begin to curl the tailbone under-
around the spine on a big exhale. Navel to spine release the crown of the head down. Continue in your own rhythm and your own time,
keeping it soft and easy. Use your breath to stay in the moment. Consider the energetic
body here. We’re not just moving the spine, but really kind of waking up the energetic
system. The knotties saying I’m going to cleanse and allow the tools of yoga or the nutrients
of my practice to clear the path so that I can feel better. Curl the toes under and come
back to a nice long spine. Walk the palms forward just a hair and then we’re going to
drop the elbows down. Walk the knees back. Heart to Earth pose here. I’m going to slowly
open up through the shoulders. Stretch the belly and melt my heart back towards my knee
caps. Stay rooted through your knuckles here. The forehead may or may not come to the floor
here. And we breath. You might gently rock the tail gently side-to-side. So this could just be a nice shoulder opener
or a heart opener for you. This could be just a nice stretch in the spine, the back body.
Or this could be that and more. This could be a moment where you laugh something off.
Maybe cry something out. Who knows? This is totally an awesome shape. You can take a bird’s
eye view of yourself. Think about this shape in other cultures. This is a true surrender.
This kind of bowing to the big picture again. Saying it is whatever you want it to be. Just
a little reminder that there’s lots in these shapes. It’s not just the stretching. From here I’m going to slowly anchor my navel
to my spine, just for a little support, and come onto my belly using the elbows and the
palms to guide myself through. Come to a nice Sphinx pose here pressing the tops of the
feet. Pressing the pubic bone. Find length through the crown of the head as you slowly
open your heart forward. Press into your foundation. Press into the elbows. Press into all ten
knuckles. Inhale in and smile. Exhale. Turn your nose toward your left shoulder. Stretch
through the right side of your neck. See if you can engage through the legs. Maybe even
lifting the knee caps a little bit here as you breath in and dropping the chin to the
chest as you breath out. Stay pressing up and out of your arms- your forearms here as
you take the nose to the right shoulder now. Breath into the left side of your neck. Stretch,
stretch, stretch. Lift your kneecaps. Breathe in.
And exhale back to center. Also release everything. Draw your palms underneath your shoulders
and curl your toes under. And strong like bull press up to Plank Pose. Rock front. Rock
back. Rock front. Rock back. And then send it all the way down to downward facing dog.
Awesome job, my friends. Pedal it out. Find a little movement and work
through it here. Big, big breaths in through the nostrils and big breaths out through the
nose or mouth. You pick. After a little bit of movement find stillness. Draw the tops
of the shoulders away from the ears. Inner thighs in towards each other. So that we have
these two spirals. One going out and one inner thigh is going in. Find stillness. Close your
eyes. Hug your lower ribs in just a hair. Breathe. Awesome. Then soften through the knees. And go for
a nice slow, almost meditative walk towards the front edge of your mat. We’re not here
to task master. We’re here to find what feels good. So enjoy this walk up towards the front.
And then enjoy your forward fold. Grab the elbows if it feels good. Stretch the back
body by bending the knees as generously as you need. Close your eyes, relax your jaw.
Rock front, rock back. Breathe in. And as you breath out drop the arms. Inhale. Lift
halfway. Long beautiful neck. Use your exhale to float it down. Repeat. Inhale lift up halfway. Nice figure
seven with the body here as you play. Use your exhale to slide it down. And one more
time. Inhale. Awakening the spine. Supporting the bones. Exhale. Come down. Great. Now we’re going to do a nice slow Rag
Doll. As slow as you can go today. Slowly rolling up to a nice standing position.
And when you arrive take a couple of seconds to lift and lengthen up through the crown
to relax your shoulders down away from your ears. Just notice where you’re holding your
weight on your feet. You might rock a little front and back. You might notice if you’re
clenching in your butt or anywhere else. Just notice. Maybe take some loops of the shoulders.
Maybe take some circles with the nose. Maybe fix your pants or hair. Whatever feels good
here. Massage the wrists. And then after you’ve gone through these things then bring the feet
together and come to stillness. So I’ll give you a little bit of time to do whatever it
is that feels good. And we’ll meet in Tadasana. Feet together and hands at the heart. So when you arrive there begin to deepen your
breath. Spread awareness through all four corners of your feet. Begin to draw energy
up from the soles of your feet. Let it travel up through the arches of your feet. The kneecaps.
The lift. Tailbone grows heavy and we lift up through the heart. Then find softness in
the knees. And on an inhale we’ll drop the fingertips down to come up. Big full body
stretch here. Stretch. Reach for the sky. And then exhale. Down we go. Forward fold.
Inhale. Halfway lift. Exhale bow. Inhale step or hop it back to Plank. Stick with me. Hang
with me. We don’t have a very long practice today so give it our all. We’re going to work
through it. We’re going to pedal the knees here in Plank. We’re going to press away from
the yoga mat. Kind of domed through the upper back body. So just stimulating the lines of
energy. The lines of energy. Work it out. If this brings on a breath that’s new to you,
let’s hear it. Now we’ll slowly lower the knees down. Hug
the elbows into the side body. And come on to the belly. Big breath in as you lift up
Cobra. And you might take a second here to find length and work it out. Use an exhale
to slowly release with control. Curl the toes under, back up to that plank. You got it.
Ready? Inhale in. Exhale. Press up. Rock front. Rock back. Rock front and then take it to
Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in through the nostrils. Exhale blowing air through your
ankles. Inhale in. Exhale. Let something go. Blow it out through your lips. Inhale in.
Exhale out. Awesome. Repeat the slow walk from before up towards the front edge or bend
your knees generously and practice hopping up towards the front edge on an exhale. Forward fold. Inhale. Halfway lift. Exhale.
Bow. Inhale. Reach the fingertips all the way up. Reach for the stars! Exhale. Hands
at the heart. Interlace the fingertips. Press the palms forward. Up and back. Feet are together
here. Climbing up, up, up. Stretching the side body. Then inhale looking up towards
the thumbs. Exhale. Take it to the right. Inhale to center. Take it to the left. Inhale.
Center. To the right. Inhale center. To the left. Blood’s flowing the opposite direction
as we release the hands. Reach for the sky one more time. Big breath in. And then exhale.
Let it all go. Feels awesome. Cool. So from here I’m going to bring the
feet hip-width apart. I’m going to go into a little balancing sequence. But it’s not
going to be too challenging, so we’ll work at different levels. First level is big toe. Come onto your right
big toe and hang out here. Palms together at the heart here. Lifting the sternum to
the thumbs. Maybe you begin to lift the big toe up. Maybe not. Just playing here. Working
on hugging into the midline. We’re going into Tree so taking a step further. You might grab
that right ankle. Maybe you bring that right heel up towards your center here. Maybe it
presses into the left thigh. And the left thigh presses back. Everyone, tuck your pelvis.
Tailbone grows heavy. We can also practice this below the knee.
Or if you’re on the big toe here you can begin to turn out through the hip and practice here.
So the great thing about balancing poses is that they require our attention. They require
our focus which can be great if you’re having a bad day because you anchor your attention
on your breath and you have to focus on your gaze. Focus on what’s going on in the body
and support yourself. If you’re feeling adventurous, if you’re feeling
a little freedom maybe you take Mudra in the hands and maybe you take it a different variation
with the arms. If you’re feeling really frisky you might even take a forward fold here. You
never know. Beginners maybe hold off on that. So we’re taking variations. We’re holding
on to our balance. We’re remembering the importance of taking responsibility of our own happiness
in balancing postures and in life. And however you want we’ll slowly release. You can either
let it go today. Normally I say, ‘Come out with control and grace’. Sometimes it’s just
good to let it go. Or maybe you come out with more control pace.
Same thing on the other side. So one thing I love about the channel is we’re so diverse,
right? We’re all different levels. We have many different age groups, body types, cultures
practicing. So all the more reason for us to all just give ourselves permission to even
have a tree pose here. Lifting the big toe up and down. Kind of working on not collapsing
that hip or whatever it is that you’re working on. And then, when you’re ready come into
the shape. Maybe it’s not today. Tailbone grows heavy. We press the right thigh back
into the left foot. Top of the left thigh bone melds down in a way that we find that
rotation. We begin to open up through here. Lift your heart everyone. Take a mantra or
an arm variation if that feels good. And we focus back in on the breath. When you feel
satisfied we’ll come out of the pose and we’ll come back to the head of the mat, if you weren’t
there already. Take a big sweeping breath in. Inhale and reach it up. Exhale. Down you
go. Step it or hop it back to plank. Slowly lower down to your Cobra or Chaturanga to
Upnward Facing Dog. Inhale. Open your heart. Exhale. Downward Facing Dog. Big breath in.
Big breath out. Drop the left heel. Lift the right leg high. Bend your right knee. Squeeze
it up and in. Come to a nice lunge. Pivoting on the back foot, we’ll rise up strong. Warrior
one. Inhale in. Exhale. Relax your shoulders down. Inhale in. Exhale. Charge your left
inner thigh. Strong foundation here. Big breath in. Then on an exhale we’ll open out Warrior two.
Big breath in. Big breath out. Big breath in. Big breath out. Dropping the left fingertips
down, we carve a line through space. Pivot on the back foot. Come to a nice, strong,
high lunge. We’re only going to do one high lunge on each side so dig deep. Breathe deep.
Lengthen tailbone down. Navel in. Pull the right hip crease back. Smile. Strong warrior
and then exhale down you go. Great. Step the right toes back. Come straight
to your Downward Dog. Drop the right heel. Lift the right leg. . . excuse me, left leg
high. Hello. Bend the left knee, squeeze it up and into your lunge. Nice low lunge here.
Then when you’re ready pivot on the back foot. Reach the finger tips up. We come to a Warrior
One. You know that phrase ‘Be a warrior, not a
worrier’? We can apply that here. I like it. It’s cheesy but I like it. Inhale. Warrior
One. Big breath in. Stretch. Exhale. Dig into your foundation. Draw energy up from this
center line. Find your breath. So important. And when you’re ready take it out to Warrior
Two. Pull the pinkies back. Find your breath. Our practice is almost done and we’re going
to flip our burgers and take it down anyway. Breathing deep. Okay. Here we go. Dropping the right fingertips
down, pivot on the right toes. Strong high lunge. Eventually you’ll want to get this
left hammy parallel to the mat, but maybe not today, right? So just a place to work
towards. You might bend your right knee. Scoop the tailbone under here if it feels right.
Inhale in. Hug everything to the midline. Remember you are responsible for your own
happiness and that is a tough thing sometimes. But it is also a beautiful thing. So one more
breath here as you spread your fingertips in celebration of just that. Big breath in.
And exhale. Release down. Awesome. Plant the palms. Step the left toes back.
If you want to sneak in a Vinyasa here you can. Otherwise lower the knees walk the big
toes. . . excuse me, the knees together. Big toes to touch. And we come into a full Child’s
Pose. Swimming the arms around. Forehead to the mat. Balasana. Take about five awesome,
quiet breaths here to just be. Soften through the fingertips. Use your breath
to stretch the back body. Awesome. Rad. Bring the palms up. Slowly we’ll rise up. Bring
the knees as wide as the mat. Big toes still together. Just like we were at the beginning
of our practice. And if you know me you know where I’m headed. Nothing will change your
day around or piss you off. . . just kidding, like a Lion’s Breath. We’re actually going
to do full Lion’s Pose today. So knees are wide. Toes are together. I’m not just loose-y
goose-y with my legs. That’s how we have knee issues. I’m a little bit engaged in my legs.
Pelvis tilts out. I’m conscious still of what’s going on down below. Great advice, Adriene! Okay. Turn the fingers towards you. Stretch
the arms. And if you’re new to the practice you might be like ‘Woah! Can’t do that.’ So
you can stay on your fingertips here like this. Loop the shoulders forward up and back.
Find length. Nice tilt through the pelvis. And here we go. We’re going to do three Lion’s
Breaths. Don’t you dare just sit there and watch me do it. Do it with me. Here we go.
Big breath in through the nostrils. Exhale. Lion’s Breath. Tongue out. Full Lion’s Pose.
Go for it. Let it go. Awesome. Slowly release the wrists. Counter pose here
as we come to thriller arms or zombie arms here. Stretch. Great. And we’ll come to all fours. Walk the
knees together. Swing the legs to one side and slowly come through to seated.
Awesome work, my friends. If you’re new to the Lion’s Breath we have
a whole video on Lion’s Pose that’s quite embarrassing for me and hopefully quite fun
for you. Okay. So bring the hands behind the thighs here. Then with control, might as well
enjoy this, slow roll down just engaging the core. Engaging your center. Massaging the
booty. If the legs come up, no worries. Slowly we roll down and eventually we’ll hug the
knees into the chest. Give yourself a big old hug. Never was there a more important
day than doing this yoga if you’re in a bad mood than to give yourself a nice big hug
here. Draw the shoulder blades down the back body. Also release the soles of the feet to the
mat. Interlace the fingertips behind the right thigh so the left. . . I don’t know what’s
wrong with me today, left heel up. . . I just did it again, right heel up towards the sky.
Every yoga teacher is human and makes mistakes but I usually don’t make so many left and
right mistakes. I think I have allergy brain. Thank you, Austin allergies. At least the
sun is out. Okay. Pressing the right hamstring into the
palms. If you have a block it’s super awesome to press the block into your hamstring and
press the hamstring into the block. So I have this definite push-and-pull going on here.
So I’m not just hanging out. Really engaging. You can point and flex your right foot. You
can keep the left foot on the ground or next step is to extend the left leg out long and
I’m going to find that same supporting heel connection here. So you might be here. If
you have a strap you might want to be here. Might be here. Stay here. Our last layer to
this is I’m going to slowly anchor navel to spine and peel the nose up towards the top
of the thigh bone or the knee. Again you might be here or you might be here or you might
be here. All these options. Notice how your yoga matt is supporting you.
Your yoga practice has your back in this moment. See where I’m going with that. Big breath
in. Use an exhale to release everything down. Full body stretch. Exhale. Big bear hug. Hug
your knees in towards your heart. Same thing on the other side. Right foot to the earth.
Interlace behind the left hamstring. Extend the left leg high. Begin to breath deep. If
you know where you’re going you can go ahead and go there. Closing the eyes. Trusting yourself.
Listening to your breath. I might extend the right leg out. Next layer is you might begin to peel the
nose up towards the knee. Wherever you are take one more big breath in here, feel your
lower back supported, your core engaged. Stretching the legs nice and long. Exhale. Full body
stretch. Big breath in. And then once again we’ll hug the knees. This time we’ll grab
the inner arches of the feet for Stirrup Posture. Feel your back supported. Lengthen your tailbone
down and towards the front edge of your mat. You can hang out here or you can grab the
outer edges of your feet. Never was there a day where maybe a little
Happy Baby Playtime would feel nurturing or good. Maybe even a little playful or silly
for some. And I think that’s good in terms of turning our moods around or our days around.
And it’s from this Happy Baby that then I will ask you if there’s anything else in your
body that you want to do before we head into Shavasana. So maybe it’s a Bridge Pose. Maybe
it’s a Supported Bridge Pose if you have a block. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana which we also
have a video for. Maybe you’re ready for Shavasana so you head straight there. Maybe you do some
Reclined Pigeon. Reclined One-Legged Pigeon on both sides. Maybe you take a nice, juicy
twist to let go of any other B.S. that maybe you’re carrying in your body. Okay. I’m going to end with Reclined Twist
because I know I need to detox a little more. I’m still feeling a little frustrated or whatever.
So I’m kind of getting in the habit, definitely in my public classes, but a little bit of
the channel too, of inviting you to ask yourself ‘What do I need and what am I going to do
to fulfill that?’ Because for me that’s the yoga. And that’s really what makes this experience
yoga to me different from a lot of other yoga experiences. Just in my opinion. So ask yourself ‘What do I need?’ Maybe, I
mean, let’s be honest. Maybe you’re feeling a little bloated. Take that twist or maybe
come for a couple yogi bicycles. So to each his own. And then, when you’re done working
I invite you to either pause the video or get up really fast and go find a pillow or
blanket or something that makes you feel good. And if you’re hot and it’s nothing that’s
fair too. And we’re going to set ourselves up for some extra TLC and Shavasana. And I
have bolsters and we have blocks and stuff, but I’m just going to use a basic pillow and
blanket because I feel like that’s something we all have. Maybe. And if you do, give thanks
that you do because plenty of people don’t have pillows and blankets actually. And we’re
just going to get comfy! Okay. So I have a pillow here and a blankey,
a soft one. I’m going to cover myself up. I’m going to allow my arms to rest gently
at my sides. If you’re still working you can just let this video roll out. There’s no outro
on the video today so that you can hopefully move from your yoga practice into a little
meditation. Even if you don’t meditate you might surprise yourself.
Just a couple moments or maybe longer. Maybe fifteen minutes of stillness. Of allowing
yourself to be with your breath, its natural rhythm. So hopefully by now you’re getting
a little comfy and as you do so I just invite you take a nice, conscious big breath in.
And then together we’ll choose to let it go. Close your eyes. You might practice the mantra
‘Allow. Release. Let go.’ I totally hear the windchimes on my front
porch. It’s awesome. Soften through the fingertips. Soften through the toes. You might even let
your lips part. Your lips open. A little bit of yoga goes a long way. A little bit of conscious
breath fuels the system. A little bit of awareness really nurtures the heart. Allows us to take
a break from the thinking mind that is so awesome and wonderful but just gives it a
little break. There’s a whole crazy world of thoughts that when manifested can really
take control. So if we allow negative thoughts or bad thoughts to take control it’s easy
to get swallowed in that bad mood. And that’s totally okay but if you’re here with me now
listening to this, I think you’ve made the right choice to use your awareness and the
power of awareness to think thoughts and move in a way that supports you. Doesn’t harm you.
Move and think in a way that doesn’t sabotage you but that makes it feel good. Thank you for sharing your time, your breath,
and your practice. Please stay here as long as time allows. We’ll let the video roll on
a little bit with you, to support you in this quiet time. Take good care. Namaste.

Joseph Wolf


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