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hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today our yoga practice is going to help us build some
strength through our arms and our abs and all the while being nice and
friendly to our wrists so we’re gonna spend very little time putting pressure
onto the wrists so I think that sounds awesome
and I know some of you out there are going to agree let’s find a little bit
of space to move and get started and just remember to subscribe to my channel
if you haven’t already so we’ll begin today by just finding a
nice comfy seat and well start today’s practice by closing the eyes and just
connecting with our breath so the key to a nice successful workout yoga practice
really anything in life is just finding the breath making that nice connection
between the body the mind and the breath so if you haven’t already closed your
eyes let them close just take your hands and place them on your knees well we’re
gonna turn the palms to face up and if you’d like to bring the first finger and
the thumb to lightly touch you can staying here for just a few moments I
want you to take a few nice big inhales through the nose next out your mouth and
do that again a nice big inhale and exhale to let it all go nice you guys
continue to breathe however feels good finding a bit of stillness in the body
maybe even slowing down now the mind all the thoughts that are coming and going
right now just come back to your breath for a little bit longer oh somewhere hey guys with your next
inhale I’m gonna start to open up your eyes and as you exhale let it all go
we’re gonna come onto our hands and our knees table top position I had mentioned
we’re gonna be nice and gentle nice and just nice
to our wrists today so we’re actually going to find our forearms instead of
being on the palms in tabletop position so finding the forearms spread the
fingers nice and wide see if you can bring the elbows right underneath the
shoulders they like to kind of flare out to the sides a bit but just tuck them
under the shoulders and then we’re gonna extend the right leg out behind us and
you’re just gonna encourage the heel towards the back wall or the back of the
room behind you wherever you might be pushing into the forearms pushing into
the ball of that right foot and then slightly slightly draw your belly button
back towards your spine start to wake up that core awesome you guys stay for an
inhale and then as you exhale slide that right knee back in and start to extend
the left leg back pushing the ball of the foot into the mat send that heel
back find that calf stretch push into the forearms push into the foot breathe
and then if you haven’t already draw that belly button back towards your
spine awesome work you guys stay for an inhale and exhale sliding that left knee
all the way back in so just scoot your knees out a little bit so they’re about
hip-width apart we’re going to tuck our toes under staying on the forearm so
spread the fingers nice and wide and we’re just gonna lift the knees off of
the mat a little bit a little bit push into the balls of the feet kind of
stretching through the toes and then you can start to straighten the legs a
little bit more but think about lifting the heels off of the mat so that on the
balls of those feet nice you guys let’s stay fern inhale the legs straight and
the heels lift it and then as you exhale we’re gonna lower the knees all the way
back down relax little break here with your next inhale
though start to lift the knees a little bit or maybe a lot nice you guys think
about letting the head kind of relax it can hang heavy or maybe you want to look
to the fingertips but find what’s comfortable with the neck a lot less
stress to the neck ideally let’s take an inhale and exhale
lower than knees back down relaxed awesome you guys one more here keep
those toes tucked inhale lift the knees maybe just a little bit maybe you’re
staying here or maybe you’re finding some more length through the legs nice
job you guys breathe take one more inhale and exhale
lower the knees all the way down come off of your forearms interlace your
fingers behind you or maybe just hang on to the hips and then just open up the
chest pull the shoulders back if you want to lift the chin lift the chin take
another inhale and exhale relax awesome you guys so we’re gonna bring our
forearms back down onto the mat and this time alright so we’re not gonna extend
that right leg out behind and then we’re also gonna extend the left leg out
behind so a full plank so I want you guys to still still still send the heels
to the back wall activating the quads a little bit pushing into the forearms
stay fren inhale exhale slowly lower the knees but keep hips low if you can half
plank using an inhale lift the knees push the heels to the back of the room
breathe nice you guys one more inhale and exhale lower the knees half plank
keep those hips I know you want to push back but resist one more inhale lift the
knees push the heels back and exhale bring the knees all the way
down so you can start to slide your knees out extra wide and send the hips
back towards the heels we’re gonna take child’s pose so you can reach your arms
all the way out in front just relax them onto the mat rest your forehead breathe
slow down on that breath summer he dies lovely eye nice work you guys using an
inhale we’re gonna start to lift up however if you’d like to stay a little
longer you can but we’re gonna move on to our butt so have a seat bring your
legs out in front and then we’re just gonna give our forearms and our
shoulders a little bit of a break here so hanging on to the back of the legs to
start leaning back a little bit to take some weight out of the feet I want you
to have a nice long spine though so see if you can keep that chest proud really
find the length of this spine and then really engage your core I want you to
feel this through the core so the longer you make your spine the more you’re
gonna feel that because you got to work to keep that nice long spine so you can
keep the feet nice and low or you can lift them up a little bit more breathe
start to settle into your boat pose you can also hang on to the legs or you can
let go of the legs you have find that breath draw the belly button in breathe
nice job you guys all right whatever height you have your feet at keep them
there but we’re just gonna lightly lightly bring the right foot all the way
down tap your big toe and then pick it back up
left foot tap the big toe nice you guys lift it up reset find that nice long
spine and then let’s tap the right toe pick it up and left side beautiful you
guys lift it up one more each side her right to and left
awesome job you guys hang on to the legs lower the feet all the way down
let the soles of the feet come together and your knees come out wide for a
butterfly if you want to rock from side to side a little bit release those hip
flexors sometimes those hip flexors feel a little work in boat pose or a lot of
work in boat pose so just kind of relax the hips awesome you guys all righty
so bringing your knees back together we’re gonna come onto our forearms
alright so the hands are gonna be beside of the hips we’re on our forearms our
elbows are down and we’re going to well I’m just gonna slide up my mat a little
bit we’re going to lift our hips off of the mat some of you might know this as a
reverse tabletop it’s just a little modified because we’re on our forearms
today but who doesn’t love giving the wrist
a nice break it’s actually a really good workout so let’s try and pick the hips
up off of the mat you can lift them a little bit you’re enough to push into
those forearms you can lift them like a little little little bit or you can try
and lift them all the way up so there might be a little bit of tension coming
into the neck here try to lift the chin and relax a little bit you’re gonna feel
this all to those shoulders a lot of work I know let’s take another inhale
and exhale lower the hips down you can tuck your chin all the way to your
collarbone if you need to take a break and come out of this position you can
lay down or go wherever you need to go but we’re gonna be coming back up for
another set if you want it inhale let’s pick the hips up maybe the chin hold it
hover feel those shoulders one more inhale and X
awesome you guys bring that chin to the collarbone maybe even let your head turn
side to side nice you guys alright we’re gonna go out with a bang we’re gonna try
this one more time but we’re gonna try with the legs straight only if you want
it only if you want another option reverse plank reverse forearm plank so
the legs can be straight or the legs can be bent up to you same thing though
we’re gonna lift the hips off the mat maybe the chin breathe nice you guys
check in feel those shoulders nice you guys one more inhale and exhale bring
the hips legs all the way down we’re just gonna rock forward or come forward
a little bit you can keep your legs out nice and long
but using inhale sit nice and tall and as you exhale come for a nice forward
fold just a few moments a nice little break so don’t worry about stretching or
lengthening the legs completely just find a place that feels nice a nice
break all right lovely lovely so we’re
exploring all kinds of forearm planks today what haven’t we done yet we
haven’t done our side plank so we’re targeting all four areas of the body of
the core the back of the core the front of the core the obliques
I think that’s four maybe it’s three but you guys all right side plank but let’s
start on our forums both forearms are gonna plant we’re gonna extend our legs
out behind so you can find your knees or you can find the balls of the feet here
but we’re gonna be turning over to the right side and by that I mean you’re
gonna try and bring the outside of the right foot to the mat and then the
inside of the left foot to the mats it’s like you want to bring the hips that
right hip towards the floor nice you guys so just have one foot in from the
other I realize we are in a twist right now because we haven’t picked that left
form up yet and that’s fine because I freaking love this form plank twists but
we’re not gonna stay here too much longer we’re gonna start to lift that
left forearm up if you’re right form wants to turn a bit at Ken but think
about keeping that elbow under the shoulder all right you can lift that
left arm up or bring it to your hip and then breathe nice job you guys let’s
take another inhale and as you exhale bring that left forearm down pivot back
on to both of your feet onto the balls of the feet or the knees reset both
forms are planted we’re just gonna turn to the other side so the left foot but
outside of that foots gonna find the mats the inside of the right foot is
going to find the mat and we’re going to start with that nice
crazy form twist nice Rickey guys just a few breath here twist and then with an
inhale you can start to lift that right form up maybe reach up or find your hip
but find the balance and breathe a lot of work today yes I agree let’s take
another inhale and exhale bring that right four I’m back down lower your
knees lower your hips whew walking your hands out in front I rest a cheap rested
chin whatever you prefer slow down so I didn’t even give you guys a warning
that we were ending off with a forearm plank or maybe maybe I did I can’t
remember but good news is we are all done so take your time stay here or
either turn over onto your back for shavasana or whatever your heart desires
I have an awesome day you guys and until next time namaste

Joseph Wolf

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