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– Hey everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have
yoga for the future. Mysterious. Hop in a something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my darling friends, let’s begin today
in Mountain Pose. Let’s bring the
feet hip width apart, arrive here on your mat. So the trick about yoga for the future is it’s all about being in the present moment. Go ahead and take a look down
your feet as you get settled in, lift the toes, spread them, press firmly in all four
corners of the foot. And then start to just
press away from the mat. Draw little energy
up from the arches. And come into your best and
most beautiful Mountain Pose. For those of you doing this in
real time it’s Earth Day today. Happened to fall right on a
Yoga With Adriene Sunday so feel the ground beneath you, feel your feet pressing
into the earth and close your eyes. You can direct energy
down through the fingertips and position in your hands,
your wrists, your arms in a
way that feels good. So you make that choice. Then when you’re ready, again, close your eyes
if you’re feeling brave. If that’s not great for you, you
can just soften your gaze and look past your nose here. And you’re gonna start
to breathe a little deeper, little more fully and just
notice where your thoughts go here right away. The hardest part is over,
showing up, pressing play, landing here. So you can start to
breathe a little easier now knowing that
the hard part’s over. And today’s practice really asks
how can we take responsibility or take more responsibility for our future, the future by being really present
and really conscious and doing our best today. When you’re ready, slowly
bring the hands to the heart. Tap into a little inner smile
and find a soft, easy bend in the knees. When you’re ready big
inhale to reach for the sky. On an exhale, waterfall today,
so we went from the mountain to the waterfall all the way
down to your Forward Fold. If you’re in the
center of your mat like me, you can walk to the front. Some of you will
already be there. Just take a
second to hang loose, bend the knees, find a softness and start to deepen your breath a little more here. Maybe you find a version of this standing extended Forward Fold
that feels awesome. Maybe you clasp the elbows,
maybe you shake the head and you pet your dog. So find what
brings you joy here, we’re gonna begin soon with
some Sun Salutations but take a little moment to
set an intention. That’s really what this practice
is all about and just a reminder that by simply
showing up on your mat, your carving out most valuable time and space for yourself so that you can have
the energy that you need to help make the
world a better place. Alright, release the hands if
you have them clasped or if you’re still petting
your dog. Or cat. Or lizard, or bunny,
or hedgehog. Bend the knees, tuck the chin
into the chest and roll all the way up to your Mountain Pose. Big inhale in. Long exhale out. Inhale to reach for the sky. Exhale to waterfall it down,
Forward Fold. This time you’re
gonna inhale, halfway lift, send the fingertips behind you. Soft bend in the knees. Try to create a nice, long
line from the crown to the tail. Lift your heart space up
between your shoulder blades, take a deep breath
in and then exhale, fold. Inhale to reach for the sky and waterfall all
the way back down, moving with your breath.
Wiggle the fingertips. Nice, inhale,
airplane arms, halfway lift. Lengthen through the crown,
the neck and then exhale, fold. Great, this time bring
your fingertips to the earth. You’re gonna take
just your right foot back. Pivot on the back foot,
strong legs here, so engage your right inner
thigh and then from here reverse waterfall all the
way up towards the sky, reach the fingertips up high. Give yourself lots
of spaciousness here. If you’re feeling a little
off-balance or tired you might keep the hands on the waistline. Everyone breathe deep, send some
nice full loving breath down into your belly and
the bowl of your pelvis. Front knee is bent. Nice strong Warrior I
or Virabhadrasana I. Feel the strength, the power,
grounding in that back leg. Then inhale to lift your chest
up towards the sky and then exhale to lift the back heel and
you’re gonna slowly waterfall it all the way
back down your lunge. Yes, beautiful. From here, inhale,
open the chest, find length, feel that great big
stretch in front of the right hip crease and then exhale,
plant the palms, you’re gonna step
the left toes back. You can lower the knees
here for a little Half Plank or keep the knees lifted,
nice, strong Plank. Now, see a Plank from
crown to tail then from sits bones to heels. Create one nice
long line in the spine. We’re here for five,
breathe deep. Four, you got it. Three, awesome work.
Two and one, beautiful. Send the hips up high and back,
Downward Facing Dog. Now take your dog for a
beautiful nature walk here. Close your eyes smile, I know
I’m being goofy but come on, stretch it out. Get out of your
head and in to my car. No, and into a vibe that feels supported
and good where you can really just let loose and be in
the moment for this practice. Great, when you’re
ready inhale to look forward. Exhale, ragdoll, step
to the top of your mat. We’re gonna keep the
feet hip width apart here. Forward Fold,
then inhale halfway lift, airplane, arms anyway. Send your gaze forward,
looking forward. Lift your heart space up so
shoulder blades go left to right here little bit yes and then exhale release
everything, awesome work. Slide the left toes back now. Pivot on the back foot. Reverse waterfall,
reach of the sky, Warrior I on the opposite side. You should be able to
feel the root of this posture in this back leg. If not, turn the left toes in,
engage the left inner thigh and don’t worry about crunching
your hips towards the front. Remember our Ahimsa practice, just work from the ground up and in time you’ll be able to create
space and length so that we can dial this in and
find that shape, maybe. It’s not for everyone’s body. It’s kind of ridiculous right to
think that every body shape was going to look the same
or feel the same or have the same structure. That just doesn’t
make any sense. So drop that and
focus on the sensation so Find What Feels Good
is not like a free-for-all. It actually requires more
discipline to listen to your body,
your structure, honor that, and really do the
work from the ground up. Hands on the waistline or
fingertips reaching up towards the sky, take
one more breath here. Inhale, Warrior I, nice and then
exhale lift the back heel. Waterfall all the
way down to your lunge. Front knee over front ankle. Big stretch here as you inhale,
spiral the shoulders open, open the chest forward. Feel that stretch
in the left hip crease. Nice, then here we go, big
breath out as you plant the palms and step
the right toes back. Again, you can lower the knees
here but in Plank we’re gonna press away from the yoga mat. So find that resistance,
that pressing away. Lift your figurative
heart space up towards the sky, create a little doming sensation
in the upper back body. Really reach the heels towards
the back edge of the mat. Really extend the crown
towards the front and then find your breath. For five, four, strong core. Three, two, and up and
back Downward Facing Dog. This time I invite you to
find stillness in your dog. So set yourself
up for greatness, upper arm bones rotate out. Inner thighs slight rotation in. Claw through the fingertips to
relieve pressure on the wrists and then find your breath. Find your Drishti, your focus. Great, then bend
the knees generously. Inhale to look forward
and exhale to make your way to the top. You can step, dance, float, hop. This time we’re gonna
bring the feet together, really together. Zip ’em up and inhale,
halfway lift, fingertips reach back. Strong and steady, exhale, fold. Inhale to reach for the sky. Catch a wave
here and then exhale, waterfall it all
the way down, nice. Inhale, halfway lift, catch
a wave here with the breath. Exhale, Forward Fold. Plant the palms,
slide the right toes back, pivot on the back foot. Warrior I, reach for the sky. Big stretch. Inhale, lift the chest,
lift the heart. Exhale, lift the back heel,
waterfall it all the way down. Nice, adding a twist here. Inhale, left fingertips
up towards the sky. Exhale all the way back down. Plant the palms,
step it back, Plank Pose. Inhale in deeply. Exhale, belly to cobra
or Chaturanga to Up Dog. Moving with your breath,
inhale to open the chest, take it nice and easy. And then exhale to release. We’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog. Hips up high, find a cycle of
breath nice and still. Let the breath move you. After a beautiful
cycle of breath in Down Dog, you’ll bend the knees,
inhale to look forward. Moving with the breath,
exhale, all the way to the top. Feet together, really together. As you’re ready,
again with your breath, inhale, halfway lift. Send the fingertips back. Find that balance
between the push and the pull, the reach and stretch. Nice and then exhale
to release back down. Gorgeous,
fingertips come to the mat. We’re gonna slide
the left toes back. This time pivot on
the back foot, strong legs. Inhale, rise up. Reach up, Warrior I.
Big stretch. Big breath with your sternum,
your heart towards the sky. And then exhale to rain it
down, pivot on the back foot. Coming into your twist,
you got it. Inhale, right fingertips
reach towards the sky. Lean back,
lift your heart, full breath and then exhale all
the way back down. Plant the palms,
step the right toes back, strong and steady, inhale. Exhale, belly to cobra
or Chaturanga to Up Dog. Move with your breath. Stay focused on the breath. Meet us in Downward Facing Dog. We’re all in this together,
hips up high. This time take a deep
breath in through the nose and an exhale out
through the mouth. Sigh it out.
(exhales loudly) One more like that,
big inhale, case you missed the first round. In case, not case. Case you missed the first round! Just in case you missed
the first cleansing breath, here we go, big
inhale in through the nose. Come on now,
don’t be shy, exhale, let something go.
(exhales loudly) Awesome, inhale to look
forward, bend the knees. Exhale, to step
or hop to the top. Feet together, really together. This time we’re
gonna inhale, halfway lift. Fingertips reach back,
you got it. Activate the upper back body. Then exhale, check it out,
bend the knees, send the hips back. Fingertips are
gonna go down to come up. Utkatasana, gather some
energy here in your center. Send the hips back. Breathe deep. Great, one more breath. Maybe open the
palms a little bit here. You got the whole
world in your hands. And then on an exhale,
let everything go, awesome. Forward Fold. Beautiful, from here
we’re gonna plant the palms, we’re gonna step
it to Plank Pose. Press away from your yoga mat. So we need you to be strong in (clears throat) all parts. I felt a dirty
joke coming on there. Need you to be strong. The world needs
you at your best. So here we go. Actually, let’s come
on to our elbows for this. So come on to your forearms. You can bring
the hands together. Some of you know
what’s coming, here we go. Dip the hips to the right. Strong and steady. Come back up through center,
dip the hips to the left. Back up through center,
keep it going. Now, listen to your song,
the sound of your breath here. You’re gonna do as many as
possible and then we’ll come to a Downward Facing Dog. Many as possible and
we’ll come to a Down Dog. If you’re already going
to Down Dog, awesome. Keep it going if
you’re still going, you’re doing awesome. Listen to your body. When you feel like you’ve
hit your as many hip dips as possible, you’re gonna
come to Downward Facing Dog. And that’s where you’ll
take that big sigh of relief. We’ll get a second to
let everyone catch up. Control your breath. Nice, and then nice
and slow and steady, you’re gonna send
your gaze forward, bend your knees,
and as you’re ready, slow and soft landing
descend ofthe knees down. You’ll bring the
big toes to touch, knees nice and wide,
inhale to look forward, smile. Exhale, empty the breath out
as you send the hips back. Fingertips still
actively reaching forward. Extended Child’s Pose. Press in to the
tops of the feet, lift your palms so that just the fingertips are
pressing into the earth. Nice and active
in the arms here, (clears throat) excuse me, as you continue to breathe
deep and close your eyes. Feel that slight pressure on the
forehead if the head is coming to the ground here. Tug the shoulders back away
from the ears so you have a little resistance of the
fingertips on the earth and the shoulders tugging back. Now breathe into all four
sides the torso deeply, fully. Now I invite you to consider,
once again, just this invitation,
this idea, this question, “How can we be more
responsible for the future “by the choices we make today? “How can we be more
responsible for the future “by the choices we make today?” Go ahead and release
the hands into the earth, take a cycle of
breath or two with the arms, the hands, the wrist
relaxed and easy. Start to feel the
wave of the breath and then when you’re ready,
lift the head back up. We’re gonna
come on to all fours. Keep the knees and
toes where they are. And when you’re ready we’re just
gonna thread the needle here. Right fingertips are gonna go in
and underneath the bridge of the left arm and then you
can make choices here. You can use the
left hand to press and find a little deeper stretch. You can reach left
fingertips up and around to find a little bind. Anything else, maybe
overhead also feels good. So the choices you create now
have an impact on the future and if we are not empowered to make
choices that feel good and that are conscious, you know, it’s
a bit of an impossible task. So may seem small but the
work you do on your mat matters. It’s a great tool bag. What’d you call me? Okay, come back to center and
we’re just gonna take it on the other side in your own time. And again, I invite you
to thread the needle and then make a choice. Breathe deep. And then take one more breath. Really sending some awareness to the upper back body right
behind your heart space. And then we’ll come
all the way back to center. Beautiful, walk the knees
underneath the hip points and you’re gonna swing the legs to
one side and come all the way through to Butterfly
Position or Cobbler’s Pose. Baddha Konasana, we bring the
soles of the feet together. Think Butterfly might be
little more fitting today. Bit of a hip opener here. And then you’re gonna take your
thumbs to your arches and just give yourself a
little foot massage. If this is super weird for you,
you’re not alone but trust me just like everything in yoga
with regular practice becomes more second nature. More kindness and self-love. It’s allergy season
here in Austin, Texas so usually at some point
in the day I end up sounding a little bit like ScarJo. (clears throat) After you’ve taken a
moment to give yourself a little foot massage,
let it go. Grab the ankles,
loop the shoulders, sit up nice and tall. If you want a deeper stretch
you can draw the heels in towards your center. If you’re finding that there’s a
magnet in your spine pulling you (chuckles) towards the back,
you’re not alone here. So give yourself a little more
room by pulling the heels out, creating a bigger diamond here
and then everyone engage the muscles of the pelvic
floor to sit up nice and tall. Just do your best. That’s all we can do. A lot of people think they
can’t do yoga ’cause they’re not flexible, they’re not strong,
they’re not good at it. These are all the reasons
why we should do yoga so that we can
look in the mirror, come up against whatever
it is we’re dealing with and then hopefully
with regular practice walk off the mat feeling empowered to
make choices that are meaningful and
that contribute, meaningfully, to the world and to the earth. We are the world. Keep breathing here. Let the quads get
really, really heavy. Maybe take a couple moments to
work out some kinks in the head, the neck, not the
head but the neck. Whatever. And then taking it from
a butterfly to a flower. This one’s gonna
be great for the kids but also for the
kid in all of us. So with the hands on the ankles
still you’re gonna draw the naval in and up so find, we
call this Uddiyana Bandha, but really you’re just
waking up your center a bit which is also good. We need to have access to this
part of the body if we want to find our meaningful contribution
in life and if you don’t know what that is yet,
you are not alone. It’s all good. But at least by
committing to the journey, we can go to bed at
night knowing we did our best. That and also ditching
all single use plastic guys. Let’s do it.
More on that in the letter. Okay, so lean back, way back. Get laid back and then slowly
we’re gonna lift the toes up. You still have your
diamond going on here if you’ve already fallen, if you’ve fallen and
farted and giggled, it’s all good, this takes time. So you’ll wake up
these muscles eventually. Give it a go if you did fall,
come back to give it another go. And then we’re gonna send the
fingertips through and around we spread the toes
like crazy people, (chuckles) crazy good and
spread the fingertips and lift up through the chest. You’re gonna want to collapse
here and you’re gonna go all the way back if you do
so lift the chest up, spread the fingers,
spread the toes, awareness
throughout the entire body. Conscious, alive,
ready to rock ‘n’ roll. Breathe deep. We’re here for a couple
more cycles of breaths. You might as
well find that cycle. That ebb and flow. If you want to take
another variation here you can. Maybe, I don’t want to do
that one on camera but take it away,
brothers and sisters. And then we’ll
take one more breath, inhale in, exhale
stay in control here. You’re gonna come
from your flower to a low boat, low boat. Ooh, I’m sore
too so this is tough. Low boat, low boat, low boat,
low boat and then to the ground. Release, come on
down to the ground. Spill your guts. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale
just relax everything. Let everything go, soften. So we need to be active, we
need to be fighting for what we believe in but we also need to
take time to soften and balance out the energy so the ritual
of yoga practice especially Hatha yoga practice
is such a great tool for learning how to balance. So basically don’t shortchange
yourself these moments. Sometimes a 15 minute
workout is awesome. Sometimes do
a 10 minute Shavasana and a 5 minute workout. Maybe in the
opposite order though. (laughs) Okay, we’re gonna
hug the knees into the chest. Great, big bear hug. You can move around here, close
your eyes and imagine you’re a little bear cub
for big bear cub. Whatever your vibin’ on. Scratching or rubbing his back
on the tree so you might draw the shoulder blades
in and together and down a little bit here. Feel supported
because you are supported. If you’re doing this video,
you have a friend in me. You likely have a ton of friends
you haven’t met yet through the community so get involved. It’s not hard. We’ve made it really
easy and you’re not alone. We’re all in this together and
we should go to bed at night and wake up in the morning
feeling that because it’s true. Alright, release the legs. You’re gonna windshield wiper
the knees just to one side and then the other naturally until
the legs go all the way down back to extended. When you get there
come into a Shavasana. Relaxed throughout
the entire body, through the feet, the hands,
the ankles, the wrist. Then close your eyes,
take a deep breath in. And as you exhale, relax. The weight of
your body completely and fully into the mat.
A total surrender. An offering, a symbol. Surrender, just kind of letting
go that which is beyond your control and I love
it because it’s also, to me in this day and age, a way
of acknowledging that there are things that are within your
control and the more we practice surrendering to the things
that are not in our control, the more aware we
become of the things that are, that we can do to contribute. Okay, I’ll shut up now. Take a deep
breath in one more time. Just take a quiet
moment or two just relaxing, softening, letting go. If you’re falling into a really
nice place and you have the time and can afford to be
here a little longer, practice like a little
modern dance and reach, pause the video and
then stay here for longer. Otherwise, I invite you to start
bringing a little energy back to the body by wiggling
the fingers and toes. Moving the tongue
around in your mouth. Gently begin to
deepen the breath again. And find movement in
the body that feels awesome, eventually coming to
one side, fetal position. That little seedling, ‘kay? Take a moment to
just rest your heart in this little seedling posture. And then quietly to yourself whisper, “I can. “I choose. “I will.” Yes, and then bat the eyelashes
open and let’s slowly press into the earth and grow up into a
nice cross-legged seat where we’ll bring our hands together. Rub them together,
really together. The ultimate sign of
respect for each other, the world and all things, a reverent bow so bring the thumbs up to the sternum
here. Take a deep breath in. A long breath out. Deep breath in. And exhale to bow. Thank you everyone. Be well. Do good. Spread the love and the light.
I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)

Joseph Wolf


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