Yoga For Flexibility | Upper Back Release | 9 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today we are getting specific and focusing on the
upper back so we’re gonna do a bunch of poses to help us just open up and
release anything that’s going on through the upper back so find a little bit of
space to move let’s get started and just remember to subscribe to my channel if
you haven’t already so let’s begin today by just finding a
nice comfortable seated position and then you can take your hands and place
them on your knees and we’re just gonna do a little seated cat and cow so with
you with an inhale start to kind of push your chest towards the front of the room
and pull your shoulders back and at the same time lift your chin up and as you
exhale push the back to the back wall as you pull the shoulders forward and drop
the chin to the collarbone take another inhale bring that chest forward pull the
shoulders back and exhale kind of round the spine pull those shoulders forward
drop the chin inhale and exhale just keep kind of moving with your own breath
at your own pace and you can hang out in each position for a little longer than a
breath if you’d like we can just keep moving but really get those shoulders
involved open that chest pull the shoulders back and then round Palou
shoulders for it open up that upper back one more you
guys let’s do one more forward and exhale some work you guys alright
finding a nice long spine interlace your fingers in front of you and turn your
palms to face the front of the room really push those pumps forward start to
straighten the arms and now I want you to round through that upper back
dropping the chin to the collarbone but imagine you’re pulling your shoulder
blades away from each other so kind of like we just were in our seated cat but
we’re gonna hang out here for a little bit longer
keep pushing the palms forwards drop the chin so good finding that breath let’s
take one more inhale and exhale start to relax come back take a breath and sit
tall exhale to release awesome you guys we’re gonna move on to our hands and our
knees so finding tabletop position spread the fingers nice and wide we’re
gonna tuck our toes under take an inhale and exhale lift the knees
off of the mat and find your downward-facing dog so we’re just gonna
be here for a few breaths you can move however you want to move
but I want you to think about less about the legs more about the shoulders and
the spine so you can bend the knees a lot here and think about just letting
the shoulders the chest come back towards the bottom of your mat let your
head be nice and heavy awesome work you guys use an inhale and
start to look between your hands as you exhale walk your feet nice and
slow all the way up to the top of your mat you can keep your feet out wide here
but take an inhale lift your upper body about halfway up and as you exhale fold
and let that upper body be nice and heavy let your head be nice and heavy
and your arms just dangle down towards the floor if you want you can hang on to
your opposite elbows with your hands and just fold forward letting that head be
even heavier than it already is maybe rocking your body weight from side
to side and then let your arms also be extremely heavy take all that weight all
that pressure out of the back nice work you guys if you have your elbows you can
release your hands back towards the floor take a nice big inhale lift your
upper body half way up exhale let’s fold plant the hands and step your feet all
the way back into downward facing dog with an inhale we’re gonna shift our
weight forwards and as you exhale lower yourself all the way down onto your
stomach so bring the hand’s underneath the shoulders and we’re just gonna do a
few shoulder rolls so just very small movements or however much you can roll
those shoulders back and down just keep rolling the shoulder
is you guys alright with your next inhale
we’re just going to hold that chest up a little bit so you can push into your
hands you can lift the chest a little bit more but think about dropping the
shoulders down away from the ears pull the shoulders back let the hips
just be heavy into the mat take another inhale and exhale start to lower your
chest back down if you did lift it up a lot and we’re just gonna do a few more
shoulder rules as we loosen the shoulders we loosen the upper back as
well beautiful you guys do another shoulder roll and then take an inhale
let’s lift that chest again either holding it just down low or
straightening the arms a little bit more but drop those shoulders roll them back
and down soften your gluts take another inhale and exhale let’s lower all the
way back down and then we’re going to push ourselves up onto our hands and
knees so just use an inhale push into your hands come back onto your hands and
onto your knees great we’re gonna find our tabletop again and really get into
our cat and cow movement so we did it seated already but now we’re on our
hands and knees so as you inhale start to drop your belly lift your chest and
lift the chin so we’re just gonna hang out here with the back arching the butt
sticking out lift your chest lift your chin as much as feels right and then
just breathe keep arching through the back feel free to close your eyes we’re
gonna stay for another inhale and then as you exhale really start to round that
spine push into your palms open up for those shoulders so imagine you’re
pulling the shoulder blades away from each other drawing the chin in towards
the collar bone and holding it here round the spine you can pull that belly
button in but push push push into the palms and round through the upper back
nice you guys using an inhale drop your belly again
lift the chin chest hold it here read one more inhale and exhale holding it
here and your capos push into those palms pull those shoulder blades away
from each other so good awesome work you guys using an inhale
come back to a nice flat back we’re just gonna cross our feet bringing our legs
out in front so finding well finding a seated position
I guess so cross-legged on your knees we’re just gonna do a few more shoulder
rolls except this time I want you to roll your shoulders forward so usually
we roll them back I don’t even want at a time right now it just feels right in
this moment but you can do both I’m gonna switch to both actually so just
think about sitting up nice and tall roll your shoulders all the way up to
your ears and I’m pulling for words as we loosen the shoulders we release the
upper back as well everything’s connected
awesome work you guys bring your hands to the floor beside you with an inhale
start to reach your arms all the way up interlace the fingers lift the chin sit
tall and exhale releasing your arms back to your lap or to your knees closing the
eyes stay for another big breath in and big breath out
awesome work today you guys I hope you’re feeling some release all through
that upper back I sure I’m so good you can keep doing these moves I feel like
my body just wants me to keep going but if you got time you can keep going to
have a great day you guys and until next time namaste

Joseph Wolf


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