Yoga, Dancing Warrior Sequence

hi everyone welcome to Ekhart Yoga, my name is Esther i’m going to take you through a quick sequence of standing poses called the
Dancing Warrior uh… it’s just a flow to help
strengthen the body open the body and energize the body so we’re going to start at the top of
our mat bring the hands palms together in front
of the heart i’d like you to come to your breathing and if you know the Ujjayi breath than come to your Ujjayi breath. otherwise breath regularly Ujjayi breath constricts the back of the throat a little and you make a sound as the wind going through the trees the air still passes through the nose, mouth closed, but you
feel it moving through the back of the throat stay with the breath, exhale release your arms, inhale arms out and up strong legs, exhale belly in and come down, knees can be bend inhale reach the heart forward expand to all sides exhale, step into a Downward Facing Dog pose stay with the breath inhale rock forward into
plank exhale knees chest chin Chaturanga inhale scoop through take a Cobra exhale, Downward Facing Dog pose, inhale lift the right leg up high exhale step it forward between the hands if
you don’t manage to do that you can help that foot
forwards drop the back heel walk your right foot a little over to
the right hand inhale come up Warrior 1 exhale sink into it keep your eyes steady, stay with the breath, inhale exhale, open it to the long side of the mat, keep the right knee out keep it over the ankle and sink into it inhale here exhale Side angle pose inhale open the heart to the ceiling exhale, take your Warrior and reverse it open the heart exhaling one more time, Side angle if you want to you can take it a bit deeper or fore arm to thigh again, inhale exhale, reverse Warrior once more inhale triangle pose first straighten both legs then extend over
the right leg, right arm down left arm up inhale here open the heart look at your hands and
exhaling both hands down step it back Downward Facing Dog pose and we do the other side, inhale lift the leg up high exhale and swing it through and drop the right heel, walk your left foot a little over to the left if your hips are tight, inhale draw the muscles to the bone, come up Warrior 1 exhale, sink into it feel the feet into the floor, inhale, lift the heart are you still with your breath, exhale,
open it up Warrior 2, walk your left foot over to the right a little inhale here, extend through the arms exhale, Side angle pose, fore arm to thigh,
right arm over inhale, open your heart exhale, take your Warrior, reverse it, right arm down, left reaches up inhale here exhale, again side angle pose, maybe your
hand goes to the floor now or back to your upper leg, inhale exhale one more time, reverse your Warrior inhale, straighten both legs, arms out exhale, take your Triangle pose, extend over
the left leg, left arm down right arm up exhale here, you can also be on the
leg somewhere or on the the block, inhale exhale, both hands down and step it back Downward Facing Dog pose inhale, rock forward exhale, come down Chaturanga knees chest chin in, inhale, scoop through, take an up dog or a Cobra again up Dog, our knees and hips are off the floor,
only your feet and hands are on the floor inhale, strong legs, open your heart up exhale take a downward facing dog pose again take a few breaths here really press your
hands down let your shoulders moved forward a
little bit towards the front of the mat and then melt the upper back take your sit bones up and back draw the shins together, wide in the inner thighs inhale exhale, knees to the floor and come to a seated position close your eyes for a moment be with your breath, still Ujjayi and observe how you feel now i hope you enjoyed this little sequence and
that it will improve the rest of your day, thank you for joining me, namaste

Joseph Wolf


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