Yin Yoga for Hips & Back | 1 Hour Yin Yoga Full Class | Yin Yoga Deep Stretches | Spleen Meridian

Joseph Wolf


  1. Hi, yogi friends! I really hope you liked this 1 hour yin yoga class! This week was yin yoga themed on my channel because I wanted to let my YouTube friends in on my upcoming "Yinyasa" 10 Day Yoga Challenge that is happening over on Instagram later this month! We are choosing 3 lucky winners to win some really cool yoga accessories, so definitely follow me over on Instagram 👉 http://bit.ly/ChriskaYogaOnInstagram to get in on this one! 💕

  2. I love yin yoga and the only time I get to do it is at home, so thank you for this Christina. I haven't done the yin yang practice yet, been concentrating on more restorative practices the past week or so. Still start with cat cow, down dog, plank a few times then a couple of sun salutations to warm up xxx

  3. I cannot believe I am saying this but this class was very tough for me, I know all the poses but holding the poses require some real patience and effort…I could not complete this routine yesterday, but I will give it a try today too. Wanted to know is yin yoga as effective as the vinyasa yoga?

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