WHAT IS IN A NAME? – Identity Shifting Exercise by Kevin Trudeau

Each letter in every alphabet contains a vibration. Every letter has “power”. Words have even more power. Every word has a unique vibration. That vibration and frequency is the combination
of: – each letter in the word – the original intended meaning of the word
from the original language the word came from – all the additional meanings that have
been attached to the word – the user’s current intended meaning
of the word when it is used Thus all words are creative. They take “static” energy, and get it
“moving”. Names therefore are also creative. The name given something or someone attaches
an energy vibration and frequency to that thing or person. The name used will hold that person or thing
in a certain vibration. This means that person or thing will be manifesting
and “expressing itself” in a certain “fixed” way. This “expression” will be based in part
by the name used to identify the thing or person.. If a person is named “Police Chief”, then
that person has the energy attached to them as “Police Chief”. They thus are in a constant state of manifesting
or expressing themselves as “Police Chief” in their thoughts, words, and actions. They also take on the “vibration” of “Police
Chief” and thus attract into their life those things that are congruent with “Police
Chief”. If a person is named “Convict”, or “Maestro”
or “Master”, then that person holds the energy attached to the name “Convict”,
or “Maestro”, or “Master” and acts out accordingly. A name will hold a person in the energy field
of vibration and frequency of that name. This creates an “attractor field” consisting
of the vibration of the name used to identify the person. Thus, when a person is held in an energy field
of vibration and frequency, and the “attractor field” is created, there is a “solidifying”
of that person as that name and what the name implies energetically. The person therefore attracts into their life
people, events, circumstances, and situations that match this frequency. Think about the powerful implications to this. Imagine a woman has a name “Jane Smith”. She then marries and changes her last name
to that of her husband. She is now “Jane Jones”. This means the vibration and frequency that
she is holding is now changed. Thus she will change. Things in her life will change because the
attractor field has changed. When you have a new or different attractor
field, you attract different things. When it comes to spiritual leaders and all
those you “listen to” and follow, this information is very important. There are those that can help you raise your
vibration. There are those that can help liberate you
from all that “binds you”, all that keeps you blind to the truth, everything that is
keeping you in a trance, and all the things that are keeping you “asleep”. These people can help you attain “Freedom”
on all levels and all dimensions. The label you give to such a person, the label
given to them by others, and the label they call themselves are all extremely important. Each label has a different energy, a different
vibration and a different frequency. This is why when someone joins a religious
order they usually change their name or take on a “title”. Priests, monks, swamis, and Gurus all take
on new names and titles. This is not a new concept. This has been done for thousands of years,
and with good reason as you can now understand. Titles that have been used to describe people
at various stages of Enlightenment and spiritual development include: Avatar Saint Paramahamsa Guru; Perfected Master; Grand Master; Enlightened;
SELF Realized; God Realized; Fully Conscious; Oneness Sage Master Apostle Seer; Mystic; Shaman Sir (as in the title given by royalty); Sri;
Sai; Baba; Baghavan Minister Evangelist Pastor; Rabbi; Oman Teacher; Sifu; Sensei Mentor Coach Devotee Initiate Follower Disciple This is not a list of all the names that have
been used, but rather, this represents just a few to give you an example. Look at that list, pick a name and and read
it out loud. Feel the energy. Notice that some names feel like they are
of a higher frequency than others. Some may feel like they have more “power”. If you looked up each word and “activated
and illuminated” the word first by reading the definitions, knowing the origin of the
word and using the word in a few sentences, then you would be able to sense even more
subtle energies and frequencies in those “titles”. Try this before you go on. Activate and illuminate a word first, then
say the word out loud (such as Saint or Avatar, or Master) and see how the resonance of the
word is much clearer to you and more profound. Do this with a few of those titles now before
going on. Welcome back. Now let’s talk about you! What names have you called yourself? Say them out loud or write them down before
you go on. Thank you. What names have others called you? Say them out loud or write them down before
you go on. Thank you. What titles do you use when you introduce
yourself, or are on your business card (such as “I am Doctor so and so; or Special Agent
so and so; or Plumber; or Sales Executive; or CEO)? Say them out loud or write them down before
you go on. Thank you. What nicknames have you used or been called? Say them out loud or write them down before
you go on. Thank you. Now, read some of those names, titles and
nicknames out loud and notice the energy of each. Notice that many of them feel “negative”
and others neutral and others “positive”. Do this now before going on. Welcome back. This is important. The name or names you call yourself, and the
names others call you all have energy and will “hold you in that vibration”. This will thus keep you “being”, living,
and experiencing what that particular vibration attracts. Over my life I have been called various names
by others, in this order, starting from when I was very young: Kevin Kevinucci (by my Italian grandmother) Kev The Magic Man and The Magician (I was a magician
when I was young) Trudeau Mr. Trudeau KT Uncle Kevin ( I was called this by people
around the world as a “title” given someone who was to them “family” and could teach
or mentor them) GuruKev (I was shocked and initially dismayed
when people started spontaneously calling me this over the last few years) As you can now understand, each of those names
carries with it a different vibration. I did not initially call myself any of the
names mentioned. I simply called myself “Kevin” with the
intention behind that name as “the person standing before you”. However, I was in fact “called these names”
by others spontaneously by them without prompting. This means the frequency that I was putting
out at that time reflected the name people who choose on their own to call me. The same thing happens to you. When I was called KT, I had a fun “business
mode” tycoon type vibration, as many wealthy tycoons used their initials as their “names”. When I am called “Uncle Kevin”, I am broadcasting
the frequency of a family member, a “sage” who can “read” you, teach you, and mentor
you with love and kindness, someone who is wise and cares about you as family. When people call me GuruKev, I am putting
out a frequency mostly of love and light, and someone that can “transform” and totally
plug into the “ether” thus being a total conduit of knowingness (and much more that
I will not reveal here). Now, there is an important distinction you
need to know. There is a difference between what you are
called by others (this is the vibration being picked up by others), and what you call yourself
(this is how you “see” yourself, your self imagine, your self worth, how you identify
as “you”). Think about this. What words have you used to describe yourself
or identify yourself as (maybe words that you have only said to yourself in private
or silently)? Say some of them out loud or write them down
before you go on. Thank you. Maybe you used to call yourself things like
“Dummy”, “Idiot”, “Stupid”, “Loser”, “Clumsy” etc. Notice that your list contains negative, neutral
and positive “names” you have called yourself. What should you call yourself? That depends on you. It depends on who you want to be, and what
you are aware that you are. I know who you are. You are the pure expression and extension
of God’s love and light. Just as God is love and light, so are you. You are love and light. You are eternal. You are Divine. You are not your body, not your profession,
and not your past. You are an aspect of God and one with God,
never separate from God. You are worthy, entitled and deserve all that
you desire. You are pure consciousness. You are infinite. Maybe you would refer to yourself (to yourself,
not how you introduce yourself to others) as: -champion, or champ -winner -an extension of God’s love and light -love and light -an expression of God -an aspect of God -energy -vibration -a great husband (or wife), or dad or mom -artist -businessman or businesswoman -successful person -prosperous person -spiritual -aware -awake The list could go on and on and on. The word or words you use to “label” or
call yourself, when you talk to yourself is key. The word or words you used to identify yourself
when you talk to yourself is vital. The same holds true with the word or words
you use to label and call yourself when you present yourself to others. The word or words you use to identify yourself
when you present yourself to others is so important as it sets everything in motion. So choose the word or words you use to introduce
yourself with wisely, and more importantly, make sure the “intention” you have in
the word as to its meaning to YOU, is very positive and clear. Also note that the word or words others use
to label you, call you, or identify you is the vibration they are picking up from you. This tells the tale! This is the tip of the iceberg on this powerful
knowledge, known in the East as Matrika Shakti. It is an ancient teaching. The axiom says: Knowledge is power, but only
if it is used. I suggest you use this “strong magic”. Because it does, work like magic. Much love. Your friend, GuruKev

Joseph Wolf


  1. both powerful and informative video

    Thank you for sharing this video.

  2. both powerful and informative video

    Thank you for sharing this video.

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