What Happens When You Take a Few Minutes to Celebrate, Meditate, be Grateful and Positive

– I’m sitting in the
setting sun in Johannesburg, with Cliquot, that’s my
little Yorkie (laughs). Named after my favorite bubbly and I have a glass of bubbly because I’m celebrating with you. I’m celebrating the fact
that my parent’s home, the house that I grew
up in, has been sold, and there’s a story behind it. So I’ve been doing a
deep meditation journey, thanks to Angela Deutschmann
and Dr Joe Dispenza. Really, if you haven’t explored
meditation and mindfulness there’s so much out there and I’d be delighted to help you because there’s no one
that’s better than another. But there are different
types of meditation, depending on where you’re at
and what you want to achieve. So, I have some very clear
intentions that I wanted to set, and I’m convinced that
part of the meditations, I’ve been doing for several weeks now, have helped with the sale of this house. So, I had a clear vision of
what the number would be, and how it would happen and, it took some time, but it
unfolded exactly as it was so. And this video is most importantly, not just to talk about meditation, and to encourage you to explore that as a way to bring in some restoration and reprieve and reduce stress, but also that we should celebrate more. We shouldn’t wait for big
milestones like birthdays and anniversaries and
weddings, or even house sales. We should really find something, on a daily basis, to celebrate. Why? For a bunch of reasons. When you just spend even
just a minute or two in positivity, gratitude, celebration, you release feel good chemicals from endorphins to dopamine to oxytocin, and it just really helps your body, in terms of reducing the stress response. And, most people feel good, when we talk about
sparkly, and some bubbly. And, what I’d also like to talk about is, I would like to invite you to join me, on a Friday afternoon, I would like us to get
together, for half an hour. All you need to do is bring along a glass of anything sparkling. Can be sparkling water. I will be having a glass of champagne, ’cause as many of you know, my heritage stems from the
champagne region in France and, I also want to talk about how the champagne making process, can be a metaphor for your wellbeing. So, if you’re intrigued and
curious about how that works, I would like to share that with you, in a moment where we come together, with a glass of sparkly, where we bring back
some fizz to our Friday, rather than flat. It can help us feel more
calmer, more connected, more grounded to ourselves
as we go into the weekend and celebrate, or connect with loved ones. And also to acknowledge
the week that we’ve had. Life is fast paced, so many of us are stressed and busy. No matter where I go. I live in London, I travel a lot for work. I go to Europe often, I’m
currently in South Africa. Everywhere, it seems to
be a lot more bad news, and a lot more stress
and pressure and demands, and so, taking half an hour to connect, with like minded individuals, to stay curious about your wellbeing and how, in easy tiny steps, in a way that’s pleasurable and fun, we can help ourselves to
feel better, holistically. So we’ll take a look at mental wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, and we’ll even touch
on that woo-woo stuff, that some of us refer to
as spiritual wellbeing. So, let me know if you’re
celebrating anything. Let me know if you’re curious about joining me on a Friday afternoon, I’ll then share the link. We’ll start off with maybe
one or two Fridays a month and hopefully it becomes a regular thing. So that we can connect. We can celebrate, we can build a community and, above all, we can stay curious. We can stay curious. Let me know if you’re celebrating, no, let me know what
you’re celebrating today. Thank you for celebrating with me.

Joseph Wolf

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