“What are the Yugas?” with Joseph Selbie, co-author of “The Yugas”

hello my name is jessica alba and high
and the co-author of a book called the you guys is a uh… exploration of a fascinating historical cycle the last twenty four thousand years handy here at this fascinating because by looking through the lands of ascending and then a descending cycle of
human development in the development of civilization many things that don’t have that product
past uh… suddenly fayette and things about our president make more
sense business cycle uh… indicates that mankind is on anna’s sent right now that we have risen from a period roughly five hundred a_d_ to are present time from that that indeed here at the cycle
as you can see on this chart behind me five hundred a_d_ represents the low
point of the cycle twelve thousand years before that eleven
thousand five hundred b_c_ mankind was at the height of development handy when we look particularly in this segment of our past uh… what’s called to our party about forty fretting about
for such a you that there many interesting things in this
period from seven hundred b_c_ two thirty one hundred b_c_ thirty one hundred bc two sixty seven
hundred b_c_ and on back to eleven thousand five hundred b_c_ it simply indicate too much knowledge too much and dance to use of that
knowledge in those times it simply doesn’t fit the current linear darwinian view of development for example hinder talk to you that this period from
sixty seven hundred thirty one hundred b_c_ in all likelihood but this was women the and uh… scriptures of india the ancient
datas were written hand imbedded in those scriptures har hole have collins of scientific truths that
have been proven and reprogrammed in our damage well indicate that there was an understanding
of things like the structure of the adam the size of the adam the uh… that so i just want case shannon motion
of planets mathematical formulae such as pate and five hi there hai aspects five is that in terms of that current were not discovered intel the renaissance for uh… the early part of the scientific
revolution it also explains the this cycle widely would suddenly terms of the development of civilization have gone from seventeen hundred baby to our president in such a spectacular fashion of uh… of development while car as he knelt is energy and according to the cycle of the year guys women find
interest talk argue that along with that uh… cycle constantine herrick knowledge have
energy both howling manifested in atomic energy in all the myriad uh… inventions that have come forth in
then nineteenth and twenty th century but also gary energy and sense of how our own uh… place in it our with our uh… inner abilities for focusing in using life force for using psychic abilities. A lot of these
capabilities of com more strongly to the fore in the last hundred years especially but in
the last three hundred years since we can turn to up our handy speed with which this came was astonishing in 1900 the very beginning of what we would call
them up our proper amazing number of discoveries were made
and signs: a theory which put forth that matter is nothing more than condensed
energy was put forward freud’s whole conception of there being
a sub conscious anything he sort of potential reservoir of energy within the
human psyche came forward at that time and there’s been just a veritable
explosion of knowledge since nineteen hundred to today all of
which is explained it extremely well by this sudden change of energy change of understanding that comes with the you this cycle it’s also a fascinating glance the
overalls cycle into the potentials of man i’ve already mentioned a a creator tune into our life force and two uh… the inner man well that will continue poured into this
cycle as we go forward into the future and included mental telepathy clued include attainment too uh… our spiritual nature will get deeper and deeper into the
subtle aspects of who we are i think you’ll find it at fascinating
subject and fascinating read regardless of what the point you’re already coming
from uh… it it needs to gather so many different
things uh… that are anomalies from the past strong experience is that the president hope for the future

Joseph Wolf


  1. I hope you guys give proper credit to Sri Yukteswar, from whom you've obviously gleaned this material. I've been a longtime student of his little red book on this subject so don't take too much credit, fellows!

  2. @goodboybuddy1 Sri Yukteswar is the wisdom behind this book, but David Steinmetz has been researching and writing this book for 30 years or so. He and Joseph did a lot of work on this book. Jai Yukteswar!

  3. @AnandaWorldwide Yes, I understand that, but it would certainly be appropriate to mention the saint who was commended to spread this knowledge in the West. Perhaps you gentlemen require more credit than you deserve! You would not be writing this if not for him, and I think the public should know this. They might be advised to read the original, The Holy Science, available from Self Realization Fellowship. You should be concerned with complete transparency in matters like this.

  4. @goodboybuddy1 Please, read the book. You can get it at Crystal Clarity Publishers. Here is some copy from the back of the book: "Paramhansa Yogananda (author of the classic Autobiography of a Yogi) and his teacher, Sri Yukteswar, offered key insights into this subject. …Over one hundred years ago Yukteswar predicted that we would live in a time of extraordinary change, and that much that we believe to be fixed and true . . ."

  5. @goodboybuddy1 We have a series of videos we filmed on The Yugas book. I just put up a new one where David Steinmetz acknowledges The Holy Science, and Sri Yukteshwar's central role in this new book. I hope this satisfies you.

  6. Dude, have you read the book written by the authors? Or are you trying show-off that you've read the Holy Science by Sri Yukteshwar? I am reading "The Yugas" currently and could see that at author's introduce the yuga concept by honouring Sri Yukteshwar's "Holy Science". They are not stealing his work, but rather reinforcing the Yuga theory with solid facts and figures – and that's the meat of the book. What is wrong with taking credit when they have done all the research?

  7. This book is a brilliant work of scholarship filled with inspiring insights. I finished reading it and immediately began again at the beginning.

  8. tell that to the eskimos. The last ice age does not mean that the people that lived during it were suffering. It may well have been a time of great abundance where hunting and gathering was a very simple life which allowed for other pursuits.

  9. It is probable that the higher ages will be more simple than the time we are living in now. Are lived are far from simple now.

  10. There are two belief systems of the yugas . One is the widely accepted Puranic Belief system , which is taken from the ancient scriptures "Puranas" and was followed by Prabhupada and now by his disciples and all krishna devotees and most of the world … and the other belief system is Sri Yukteshwar's which has ascending and descending yugas . 
    . . . Please note the puranic belief systems mentions no ascending or descending yugas . In the puranic belief sytem , first comes Satya , then Treta , then Dwapara , then Kali and at the end of Kali , Lord Vishnu or Krishna will incarnate as Kalki avatara and get rid of all evil and bring the age of Satya .
    . . . But according to Sri Yukteshwar , after Kali comes Dwapara , then Treta and so on , which is kinda hard to accept coz Yukteshwar's views are not taken from any scriptures like Puranas or Vedas which contains knowledge given to our sages by the Gods .
    So the question is , what's the source of Yukteshwar's views ??

  11. I have read on a few other websites that after Kali yuga comes the Satya yuga (and we are currently in the beginning of the Kali yuga). But you have shown that after Kali yuga comes the Dwapar yuga. Can someone please explain ?

  12. Thanks to India for giving the wonderful veda, Sanskrit, ayurveda, yoga, Pranayama, meditation (dhyanam), chakras (healing), Mudras, astrology, palmistry, thoppukaranam (super brain yoga), mantra chanting, vaastu shastra, Turmeric, Neem, Ashwagandha etc., to the world. They have been an integral part of Indian hindu culture for thousands of years.

  13. Yes, we are in the Dwapara Yuga! Many people in India are under the wrong impression that we are in Kali Yuga.. Here is another great video that explains the math behind the yugas..
    Here is the explanation.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqb_UxLrwUI

  14. I thought we were in the satya yuga were is the golden age most people are very tired of this cycle we are in its terrible

  15. I just ordered the book by this author: The Yugas: by Selfie …I do not understand what the commenters are speaking about. Just beginning to explore this. BUT I saw a comment about the calculations are wrong.Is this true? I wish to invest the time I have for study in accurate information. Would someone please advise me how to begin understanding this? Thank you!

  16. Nice lecture, but we're in Kali-Yuga! Sri Suka said: Then, O King, religion, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance, mercy, duration of life, physical strength and memory will all diminish day by day because of the powerful influence of the Age of Kali. In Kali-yuga, wealth alone will be considered the sign of a man’s good birth, proper behavior and fine qualities. And law and justice will be applied only on the basis of one’s power… SB 12.2.1-2… As the earth thus becomes crowded with a corrupt population, whoever among any of the social classes shows himself/herself to be the strongest will gain political power. SB 12.2.7

  17. The Yugas must follow Astrology. The precessional cycle takes 25,920 years which is in line with Sri Yekteswar's work in the Holy Science. It must be clear given the advancement in knowledge and technology that we are in the Dwapara Yuga. This would not be possible in Kali Yuga.

  18. Wrong calculation of years denoted to Yugas. Why do you stick to few thousands of years? Coz of your Western belief system or you don't want to hurt the western holy books?

  19. HI, harsh truth but kalyuga is actually 4,32,000 years long and we are right now living in GOLDEN PERIOD (it start in begining of each yuga) of kalyuga, which is 5000 years long… almost everyone is able fullfil their desire… people are having luxuary, space exploration and new discoveries, etc… after 5000 years… you can read kalki puran… There is no shortcut to it… 🙁

  20. I think YUGA's decides by super sun (not our sun).

    More closer to super sun it is better SAT YUGA.
    Longest we are it is Kali yuga.

  21. if the yugas are in a circle.. then why kalki will born in Kal yuga? to run the cycle from Kal yuga to dwapar yuga?

  22. According to Sadhguru we are at the end of Dwapara yuga today. According to Sri Yukteswar we are at the begining of Dwapara yuga.

    WHO IS RIGHT???????????


  23. This astronomical analysis of surya sidhanta has many updated & correct versions. Which indicates that it's eventually get more precise. & The most precise calculations says that we've just 70 years left to cross dwrapar yuga & enter treyta yuga.

  24. I am living in 318 years in ascending Dwapar Yuga according to Swami Sri Yukteswarji and Harivans Purana. SHIVOHUM SHIVOHAM.

  25. Those who want to live in ignorance and are not following the Passage of life as stipulated in the Vedas and Scriptures as Solah Sanskar are lost Souls, Lord give them educated and divine Parents.
    I am living in 318 years in ascending Dwapar Yuga all are welcome to join the path of Liberation or Nirvana. Sadgurujis blessing on us all. SHIVOHUM SHIVOHAM.

  26. Hi Joseph, thx for helping to spread this authentic information. You are one of the rare stewarts of authentic info on yugas today, where everyone unfortunately thinks we are still in Kali Yuga.

    Q for you: Are you aware of how to calculate the exact date of Dwapara if you would like to write the date of today:

    e.g. today is October 22, 2018, which would be somewhere in 318 ascending Dwapara – But how do you calculate the the exact date?

    Are you aware of this formula? How do you calculate it?
    I would greatly appreciate your response.

  27. why do you think we haven't found previous civilizations' attempts at space exploration on the moon or mars?

  28. 2012 was the year we are ascending very fast to next age …The new civilization will appear in 3000AD …People will be able to talk with telepathy ..Which now only Yogis can do …People will do meditation regularly…

  29. "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" (13) Nuevo Orden Secular Cósmico de las eras, siglos o tiempos en gran ciclo solar de 26000 años platónicos, literalmente significa el advenimiento o señal de dios en el planeta tierra donde el éter o espíritu es mas transcendental y sublime un estado mas elevado de la cosnciencia cósmica universal. (Neo-alquimia) Kent007: For your eye only (KryptoS-CIA) The New Acrópolis or New Atlantis of Francis Bacon in United State of América (FISH-AMORC)

  30. Wrong. We are in kali yuga and how can we identify this is because of its characteristics. We are in an age of quarrel and hypocrisy and that is what we see everyday, and its increasing by passing of each day. Also yugas are for millions of years, not mere thousands to go from BCE to AD. the smallest of them kali yuga itself is 432000 years. These are on a cosmic scale not just from perception of earth years.


  32. Thanks for your analysis and book on Indian culture. We are in Kali Yuga now and it will continue for several thousand years now.

    We are not in Dwapar Yuga as our life expectancy not increased beyond 100. THREE parts of DHARMA not been established yet other than TRUTH.

    The apocalypse yet to come as human being are still loving themselves and what they own. They are not connect with eternal energy but different faiths, religion etc.

    As per Bharat's history, every Yuga has unique personality who brings the changes. I have not seen one till date.

    We are not even at transaction period either.

  33. Respectfully I disagree with this short count and without a shadow of doubt believe in the long count original version of the yugas. It is so obvious to me that we are in the heart of Kali Yuga. I would suggest the end of the descending kali yuga being in 2027. With WW3 and a mass extinction happening to wipe out most of us, with only a few indigenous tribes surviving to pass on the rumours of an existing advanced civilisation. This happens every time at the end of each kalpa. It's no big deal as we all reincarnate anyway…..except for the lucky ones who escape this matrix simulation.

  34. This is all wrong! Assumption of Binary Star System is wrong and hence elliptical rotational motion of our Sun about the imaginary star is again a imaginary. Our Hindu scriptures are only true saying the Kali Yug of 4,32,000, Dwapar Yug of 8,64,000, Treta Yuga of 12,96,000 years and Satya Yug of 17,28,000 is the only truth. All this imaginary and airy knowledge has nothing to do with reality. This is the Kali Yug when people come for diverting common masses, don’t come in their catch.

  35. Dwapar yuga held in past like 5000 year ago now ksl yug has the age of 5000 year presently

  36. precession of the equinox is 25920 years (nasa 25772) according to nasa one revolution around the black hole in the milky way takes 230.000.000 years. according to hermes this era we live in is the era of enlightenment. all babas swamies yogis moenies and avatari are in the dark. Hail India the mecca of the spiritual industrial complex.

  37. Most of us were born aware, no matter what was pushed we could see beyond that. Didn't understand it till now.😸🐾🐾🐾🐾💕

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