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Hey guys welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy. I got a lot of requests for people asking
if I could give them some really cool daily exercises to get warmed up. So, absolutely! Let’s get started on an “A” vowel, and
it’s just a simple triad, we’ll start off slow, and we’ll build gradually as we go,
okay? Ladies, you’ll be up the octave, so it’s
going to be like this: Lay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay… Okay? Next one… Okay, this one’s a little more expansive,
it’s Lay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah,
ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… All right, now, ideally, eventually, I’d
like to get it up to speed like this, so you can kind of play with this on your own, but… Lay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay,
ay, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… Right? But for our purposes here, we’re going to
slow it down a little bit. Lay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay,
ay, ay, ay, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah… Now, I’m going to do a couple more of these. If you guys can’t do them all, don’t worry
about it. Or if you can’t do them back to back because
you don’t have enough breath, don’t worry about it. But I just want to, you know, give you permission
to maybe only do half or something, and then wait until the next time the next one comes
up. Let’s do another one. Okay. This next scale is a little more long-tailed,
and is going to require a little more breath and breath control, and it toggles between
Aye and Ah. So, I’ll go ahead and do it first, and then
we’ll continue. Here we go. Lay, ay,ay,ay,ay,ay,ay,ay,ay… Ah. Lay… Ah… Okay. One more. Okay, this scale is a little similar, but
it has a little different ending, and it’s on the EE vowel, so it’s going to go like
this. EE, EE, EE, EE… All right. This should help you guys get warmed up, and
we have more on your way!

Joseph Wolf


  1. Here are some exercises you can do every day to grow your voice. Keep your throat open as you go up the scale and come back down. Use these to warm up before performances and to keep your voice limbered-up! Let me know what other help with your voice you would like to see in future tutorials, and don't forget to make your requests for vocal song demonstrations!

  2. the ending of this video always makes my ear bleed. volume difference from talking to screaming geezus

  3. There's no doubts sir you are the best vocal coach…
    Sir I used to be a really good singer but I can't sing well as I used to do before..i used to sing everyday like 1 hour before.. but I had to come abroad for work,and I didn't practice singing for like 1 year ,after that I totally lost my voice…now it's been 7 years I can't sing any song…sir plz help me any exercises for vocal recovery..😰😰
    Is there is anything that I regret then that's my vocal sir …plz help me get my vocal back… sorry sir for my bad english..

  4. I m from India and also I m learning Indian classical and also follow Ur exercises it's really helpful for me

  5. Thanks for these warm-ups😁 I do them everyday. How long should I repeat these per day?

  6. Sir my voice is cracking that time i worl come ( I ) ई word,,,,so i will prectice i ,,,,? my voice will good ?

  7. Kwn..Please make a very detailed video on the perfect training exercises for creating the Whistle Register…. I know some but I want to see a professional video from you on THAT SPECIFICALLY….

  8. How high could you sing comfortably without warming up? And does time needed for warming up our voice become shorter after practising this every day?

  9. Hello Mr. Tamplin! So I'm singing for my graduation on June 7th and have to sing a song that goes all the way up to a high B4! Generally, I'm a tenor. How long should I practice everyday until then and how should I practice on the day of the performance? Thanks! c:

  10. Wow, thank you for this, Ken! I got your email with this video just when I was about to commit to a 15 minute daily vocal workout – it's been going well so far. Interestingly, it was only when I accidentally sped up the video 2x and heard you do those exercises, that I could appreciate how natural, effortless and even all your notes are.

  11. Wow, first time I've come across some fun and interesting vocal warmups! Love it! (these definitely shined a light on how much my breathing needs to improve though, haha!) Thank you for posting.

  12. Sir thanks very much for this video.God bless you….lots of love from India

  13. Dude I could sample these scales and make a beat with it! Lol that would actually sound pretty cool lmao.

  14. Even professional musician said your singing tutorial is useful and great for new singers to practice and watch your videos.

  15. Hi Ken, I see lots of good links to info but I'm looking for your how to sing better course ? I maybe over looking the link but could you point me in the right direction. Thank you

  16. I have been singing for 25 yrs in bands and as a solo artist. These are very good scales. Even though for a singer with experience. so new singers should not be surprised or discouraged doing these exercises.Keep at it. It will come in time. thanks Ken

  17. i have questions haw can i improve by whistle tone i search on but their is no video of your whistle tone warm ups pls tell me what can i do to improve my white tone..

  18. Hye ken.. mmm i think want do this again but not today but next time.. i ask primision to use this.. i thiking something but i can do it today… i want open again this range but i want try to do in clear vocal in this rock range vocal wormup in my speacial tool for me…almost 6month…last year when i have high key not clear that vocal i quit because have some reason… i want sambngkn balik satelkan ape yg sepatut nya..

  19. i do this warm up every day. i really love Ken's work. Thanks!

  20. Sir…how i go through my voice into chest voice to head voice in a flow?

  21. Ken. I love videos and your method. I'm a baritone and since watching and applying so many helpful practices my range and strength have increase unknowingly. Very inspiring. Rock On!

  22. I’m currently prepping for leading Sunday service using this video and I couldn’t help but notice that at this point in time you have 666 K followers roughly speaking.

    All I’m saying is “TO HELL WITH THE DEVIL”

    *cover request 🙏🏻

  23. being forthright here…this is my very first time all the way thru this…I can hear the diff when my 'cords' are warmed up! Thanks Ken!

  24. Wow i want to learn singing 🎤 when can i start? Do u do online lessons. Im in Germany 🇩🇪

  25. I watch this video every day. It’s the perfect way to feel warmed up . Thanks Ken

  26. He's like iiii and then 1 octave higher thunderstorm 😂😍😍😍😍💖

  27. I'm doing these all the time that I've learnt by heart what you say in some parts

  28. I have been working with Ken's courses and lessons for about a couple of months now, Ken is the man, I feel very fortunate to have his instruction, I only wish I could have studied with him years ago or could now, but for now, I will keep working with his DVD's Thank you ken also your stories and commentaries are fun and interesting.

  29. Ken i am a brutal singer my wife is a pro i sing a few songs to give her a break when we play Ee are full time musicians and bought our house doing music. I recently lost my voice barely able to talk after for last 4 months i watched your vids after 20 min of watching your videos i cant believe i am easily singing stuff i struggled with Thanks you are a great teacher I finnaly het it nobody has ever showed or explained it this way to me Thanks A Million

  30. I never tried anything like this. Thank you for sharing!!!! I subbed your channel:)

  31. I love this videos of learning to sing with you. Do you have breath exercises? To hold long tones with breath and other stuff 🙂

  32. Hi Master Ken,

    I just finished reading one of your emails.

    I feel this burst of energy and excitement every time I understand more and more the mysteries and miracles of good singing.

    Just dropped by to say thank you.

    Ps: that note about slapping your wrist and saying “Bad MICHAEL” made me laugh.

  33. Love the way you use your eyes to help me do these exercises!! I started doing it and sounds better already. thanks

  34. I really want to buy your course, but I'm saving for tuition 😭😭
    One day I'll buy it


  36. I've got to laugh when these fake singing coaches put ads on Ken's channel. There is nobody who teaches like Ken. He is a master singer with decades of study.

  37. Full of expression…i will surely add this to my daily vocal exercises….as a matter a fact I am just going to go ahead and sub

  38. You said ladies… but I'm higher singer so I can do the higher notes somewhat I am trying to learn to belt instead of being a loser soft singer.. So tired of people making fun of me for singing the songs that I do.

  39. Sometime, before going on the stage is not time for warm up. My method is simply. As an first 2 songs (or even 3) I sing easier songs which are on the lower notes. Is it some wrong? For example: manager said: You go from 19:00… In 19:00 he said again: You go from 19:45. This problem is pretty often. …Thanks for reply…..👀

  40. Hi ken, i want to ask if exercises will be enough if I do them on regular basis fore like one hour to develop a nice chest voice and I also follow 'How to rock your chest voice' video of yours
    And once again thanks for this amazing content

  41. I have a recorded track of “Hello” by Evanescence that I did a cover on. I think you’ll like it. Can I email it to you? I promise it won’t make you cringe. If so, what email can I send it to?

  42. Day 42 of daily exercises

    I have memorised the intro.

    Hey guys welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. I got a lot of requests from people asking if I could give them some really cool daily exercises to get warmed up and… absolutely! So let's start in an "A" vowel, just a simple triad. We'll start out slow and we'll build up as we go. Ladies, you'll be up the octave and it will be like this:

  43. Awesome! Love that you have this Vid. Because I do not have a vocal coach and after days an days of doing the same warm ups Im like now what else do I do… lol 💕

  44. I'm a self taught punk singer always been against lessons, but your videos helped the past week hurt my throat a few weeks ago starting to get my range back. I like that you sing rock music videos from a choir style singer doesn't really give me much I can use singing the music I do lol.

    Appreciate all these videos you put up you're actually fun to watch and listen to, even with things I already know and can do I enjoy watching.

  45. Thank you! I just do this everytime before I do my death metal vocals 😀

  46. I love singing and my biggest dream is to become an artist. I've been trying for a while but nothing has really worked. I'm hoping your videos will help, I will come back to this comment to update for a few weeks and probably months. Thank you.

  47. Not only voice excercise but face excercises to erase age expresion lines.

  48. Thank you Ken. If it’s ok to ask, what is a good duration for practice daily? Rock on and thanks 🙏

  49. Hi Ken, when I do lip trills exercise, I sometimes don't hit the right note in the scale. Is hitting the right notes crucial for beginners or is it more important to get the feel for the exercise first? Thanks

  50. I use this exerise a lot, and everytime I crap my pants with the "THUNDERSTRUCK.."

  51. What a great example of a Christian let your light shine Ken… Thank you for sharing all the tools you have learned all these years for free to help beginners like myself. Thank you so much

  52. I have tried a few other warm ups by different YouTube teachers, some long, some short, but I found that none of them warms up my voice daily better than this video. I was actually surprised, no offense, because I thought that to get a good warm up I would have to use other combinations, but time and time again this video leaves me more prepared to actually sing than whatever else is out there.

  53. These very simple exercises have proven to be absolutely indispensable to my singing journey! I cannot thank you enough Ken.♥️🤘♥️

  54. It's been a years of practice, time dedication, now I can sing better, how can I thank you man?
    I'm so happy!!!

  55. I love how my voice sounds when I do these warm ups. It sounds as if I'm taking a meat tenderizer to my voice, but far less severe. It even feels as if I'm lightly stretching the muscles to make them sound more tender. Thank you! This video has been very useful many times over.

  56. You guys are so funny, and yes, I think those are the crazy Italian eyes. I do the same thing, lol, and I am a shower singer, hahaha. So, do we have to also do the eyes Ken or can we skip those? wink~~~ Thank you, this is very helpful. I just want to use singing for Healing so that's why I am into this and who doesn't want want to belt it out sometimes eh!

  57. Hey ken. What's the title of the song at the end of the video? Did you uploaded it? I want to watch that cover of yours

  58. Hi Ken
    Before I even get to the point of doing warm up exercises, do you have a ground zero rock bottom beginner's singing video? Something that discusses the anatomy and physiology of singing, finding my range, where my break point would be to move into falsetto etc. I play guitar and ukulele and can sing more ballad style songs which don't trash my throat. If I tried to hit a high Bruce Dickinson note, my head would blow up. So I guess as an untrained singer / camp fire strummer, I'd just like to get back to basics and start right. Though I wonder if I'm better off just finding a singing coach here (in Australia) to work in person. Cheers mate

  59. I dream of one day taking your full course Ken. This exercise alone has helped me to improve in measurable leap and bounds!

  60. say what you want about the dudes intense facial expressions but, the lack of facial tension and eyebrow raising makes a complete difference in your ability to hit certain notes!

  61. Ken…. you changed my life!!! Now I started singing! Soon I will get yout course!

  62. Its really awesome. I am practicing this warm up & i am feeling that i am improving. Love ken👌

  63. Ken, Im getting myself all messed up with this. First, I cant figure out exactly where the tongue is supposed to be. I have watched other videos on it and im struggling. In this video I feel like you are being Specific in that this is more than just the scale; it is the way at which we are approaching the scale with tongue placement/open throat.

    Second, Ive not developed my own sound And have never had lessons and recently identified that I imitate when I sing.

    I think im struggling partly bc im trying to sound like you sound in this exercise. Then wondering… if I knew where to put my tongue, would it sound more like you.
    Pls feedback!

  64. Hey Ken . Is this just a warmup or can this be considered a vocal exercise to strengthen the chest voice as well ? P.S thank you so much for this

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