Trump can’t stop talking about the Nobel Peace Prize

Joseph Wolf


  1. If Donald Trump gets a Nobel Prize of any kind, that will delegitimize the Nobel Prize, therefore making it meaningless from that moment on. REALTALK

  2. "I think I'm going to get an orange jumpsuit for a lot of things" There fixed it for ya…

  3. Oh please, Nobel Committee, add the category 'Douche' and make Trump the first recipient… he's such a narcissist he'd accept it!

  4. Trump hasn't earned or done anything to get awards of any kind!
    He's a criminal that's the only reward he's earned is a jail cell ! Without the fake gold !

  5. What has this president done to help our country? Seriously , help me get a grasp on why he still has followers. ?

  6. I hear by nominate President Donald J. Trump for the "Biggest Whack Job in the Universe" Prize. Will anyone second my nomination?

  7. Dream on trump. Can you spell – J E A L O U S ? You will never achieve a FRACTION of what OBAMA has accomplished! Despite your best efforts to destroy his legacy – IT ENDURES! Every time you attack Obama, it just makes his legacy STRONGER. Your too stupid to figure that out. My 10th grader knows more about the world and life than trump. I DO NOT capitalize his name – NOT WORTHY.

  8. He is confused – he only wants one because he is confusing the word 'peace' with 'piece'. As in something to be grabbed.

  9. Hey Dementia 45, the Noble comes out of Europe. What the hell chance do you think you have to even make the short list? You delusional old fool.

  10. The Nobel Peace Prize is obsolete because it takes everyone working together to bring world peace. No one can be left out. The Nobel Prize is counter-productive because it unempowers people.

  11. Trump can only get a Nobel peace prize for the Lieing president of all times..

  12. trump can only talk about it because, he will never see one unless they give them for lying. Now, Greta Thunberg is going to get one for her stance on Climate Change.

  13. Trump's voice is high-pitched and womanly, and he calls himself an "alpha" male. Pathetic.

  14. If there is a Nobel prize for being a dopey bastard, I would say you would be favourite to win it.

  15. "They probably will never give it to me. You know why? Because they don't want to."

    That's generally how it works, yes. If they don't want to give it to you, they won't give it to you.

    PS: The Nobel PEACE Prize is given out in a different country to all the other Nobel Prizes. Our neighbours give out the other prizes, but my country awards the Peace Prize.

  16. He’ll get the runner up prize: punishable by death

    Treasonous rat. Make that execution LIVE ON CSPAN

  17. Trump is so jealous of Obama. Trump is even more jealous of Obama than Melania is jealous of every woman who is not married to Donald Trump.

  18. The Honorable President Obama might not know why he got the Nobel Prize but the American people know why you'll never get it

  19. Apparently the people that give out Nobel prizes are the same ones that give out Emmys. "Fake prize givers, Sad." 😡

  20. Aaaaawww, poor diaper Donny can't always have what he wants? Throw a toddler's tantrum, that's mighty relieving!

  21. Maybe the colour of piss prize for his piss coloured skin. And label it to the tandoori turd.

  22. How do u expect to get it when half the time you are lighting the same fires u are trying to douse

  23. While trump keeps arming saudis, to blow up yemen, with war crimes. Trump sits around speaking about a prize.

  24. Lord of the Lies with a "God complex"; An unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. "The Chosen One," with a dash of Dementia, resentful Envy, childish Entitlement, unbridled Corruption and a Swamp of Greed.

  25. Trumps want it, because Obama earned it. Also there is money involved that he can personally benefit by

  26. What he did in Korea? The only thing that accomplished is I learned the definition of the word DOTARD.

  27. I don't know who the next US President is going to be, but whoever they are, they'll be doing a lot of apologising for the behaviour of their predecessor.

  28. Yes he should get it… only if the Central Park five ex-wives unpaid contractors presenting him with it..😇

  29. U don't deserve it U damn hater and u caused so much hatred and division and it started in your campaign and as president you reject

  30. Nobel peace price for destroying the working and middle class. Yep that's the price he deserves.

  31. It's called Jealousy, all these years and he still can't take the fact that Obama got one

  32. President Obama deserved the Nobel peace prize. He is a very good man. You
    Crump are a rat. You deserve the rat prize.🐀

  33. could someone give him a lollipop prize..so he stops whining… at least a sticker , maybe?

  34. Abé was jerking your chain, fool. Obama, on the other hand, RECEIVED it. Jealous much?

  35. Trump never deserved any kind of humanitarian award such as the Nobel Peace Prize, that's why he will never get one.

  36. The very funniest Trump scandal ever,

    Trump better awards himself, The Trump Peace prize

  37. This erratic and delusional man thinks he is once again deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize! He just can't stand the fact that Mr. Obama got what he deserved! Trump is not a peacemaker, he wreaks havoc wherever he goes and whatever he does. North Korea did not denuclearize and now have no intentions of doing so! According to NK he's a Dotard !😂

  38. First things first. He's not noble.
    He deserves a pair of handcuffs and a muzzle and a empty jail cell.

  39. My prediction is,He will get one day after yesterday. Watching him and people who surrounded him is like watching Geico commercial.

  40. Awkward. Embarrassing…
    🤦 That behavior. 🤦 That severely delayed mental development. His parents did horrible awful job. Now he harasses the world

  41. I don’t hear fox talking about this looks like even they know when to shut up

  42. I actually hope this jealousy motivates him enough to contribute to peace in the world. He can make a big impact given his position. Somebody should start a rumor that he is the potential nominee for the prize in 2020 🙂

  43. TRUMP can,t identify Ethiopia and Japan Dr. Abiy Ahmed is the prime minister of Ethiopia!

  44. Obama is the one that prevented wars and further conflict. He inherited your country's previous presidents mess and tried to fix it with the Iran nuke deal. You come along and dismantle it. No wonder. Lol!
    Those people are off their freaking insane minds

  45. U make peace between Iran and Amrica instead off war and u will gets one. Jules . Jules. And clueless Trump.

  46. I'm not Trump's supporter by any means, but honestly Trump deserves the noble prize more than that war criminal Barack DroneAttacks and babieskiller Obama

  47. Please tell this for president trump stop working for price work piece maybe noble piece price community the will select you

  48. Prime Minister Abey of Japan? OMG not even the same continent and he is our president? Wow

  49. Wait till he starts badmouthing Greta. Putin has started. So the donald will have to catch up.

  50. what did that greta girl do to be nominated for peace. lol stupid its a scam price.

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