TRUE – Day 16 – SELF LOVE | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello everyone
and welcome to True, your 30-day yoga journey. It’s day 16, sweet 16. And today, we’re returning
to the topic of self love. Let’s get started. (uplifting music) Alrighty, everyone,
let’s begin seated. So come on down to the ground. Take your time. And as you ease in today’s
practice, think of our theme. Self love. So even as you come into
your seat, just kind of soften. We’re building
upon our other practices so keep the things that have
resonated in mind, perhaps. And then when you
finally get down here, you’re gonna
take the left heel in and nice and easy,
take the right leg and you’re gonna keep the toes
away ’cause it’s always good to just be
overprotective of the knees. And you’re gonna bring
it around and behind you. So you have one
leg in and one leg out. Then ground
through your sit bones. So, take a second to adjust. And then if you’re
feeling a great big stretch here in the right hip
already in that hip socket, sit up nice and tall. So take some pressure out of it by drawing some
energy up through the spine. Again, building on
our previous practices. And then bringing
the hands together. All right, Benji’s
getting really vocal, wow. Bring the hands
together for a moment to just connect to each other. We are over the halfway mark. Amazing. It really is amazing. In our world today,
this type of practice at home is just so important and it’s so awesome. Just cheers to you. Namaste, it’s so
awesome that we’re here and we’re doing this together. So, take a deep breath in. And as you exhale,
relax your shoulders and just feel that sentiment. I’m awesome,
you’re awesome, we’re awesome for showing up here. And then close your eyes and gently begin
to deepen your breath. And again, see if you
can sit up a little taller so if you’re kind of
collapsing in this pose, it might even hurt a little bit. That good hurt. Just kidding, no pain. So start to lift
up from the earth. Let the legs remain heavy and
gently deepen your breath. Today’s practice is
one of my favorite topics if not my favorite topic and it’s gonna be
the topic of the year. You’ll often hear me
say make it cool again. Self love. An ongoing regular practice. Not something we tap
into when we’re down and out or when we’re in that kind
of fight-or-flight mode but rather a regular practice. Make sure you’re taking at least one nice full loving
breath in and out here. And then just let one
breath evolve into the next. So in other words,
go easy on yourself but make sure that
you’re breathing deep that you keep
returning to the breath. So the mind will wander,
thoughts will wander, you’ll be distracted but keep
coming back to your breath because for me, that is the
ultimate act of self love. Returning to
conscious breath every time you feel like you
get away from yourself. Alright, inhale. Exhale, then open
eyes if you haven’t already and we’re gonna
release the fingertips and we’re gonna
take them to the left. So we’re gonna
slowly shift over on to the left glute, left hip. Fingertips are
gonna come to the ground. And check it out. Take an active moment
here to open the shoulders, rotate them out, elbow creases towards the
left side of your mat or left side of your room. And here we are. And you’re gonna start to feel
a stretch in the front body. Think Cobra or Pigeon Pose here. And of course, if you
feel any sensation that doesn’t feel
good in the lower back, you’re just gonna come up and maybe take
one hand to the knee instead of going
all the way out. And I kinda like this pose. We can have a
little fun you know. Self love isn’t
just again, this like, oh, I’ve hit rock bottom. I have to tap
into loving myself now. How about we
practice it regularly so it’s easier to access? So making it fun helps. So give yourself an image here. Ariel on the rock or
just like hey, girl, hey or whatever, whatever. Creativity. Breathe deep,
one more big inhale. And then exhale, release. We’re gonna come into a twist. So you can lift the
arms, elbows for fun and find a
little finessing here. We’re gonna
talk about that later and then oh,
here we go, a twist. Nice twist as you lift up
from the pelvic floor again. Lift your sternum,
lift your heart and continue to connect with
your breath, your song. So we’ll use this practice
today to find moments, areas where we feel like
we’re kind of resistant. Resisting to love. Because if
you’re resisting to love in moments or areas on your mat, I guarantee you,
there are moments and areas off the mat in your life
where you’re probably also resisting to love. And so we’re gonna
try to find those places. Identify them so that we can not fight take in the love, tend to our
most important relationship. Inhale in, exhale, release. Check it out. Brighten or awaken. Give energy to
the right toes, again, to protect the right knee and you’re gonna bring
this foot all the way in. Cross the ankles,
sit up nice and tall. Inhale, and exhale,
relax the shoulders. And then switch,
right heel in, left leg out. Keep the toes awake. That’s a good general rule if
you’re new to the practice. Just to keep the toes awake whenever you’re dealing with rotation of the hip and the knee. Notice how this
side feels different. And then when you feel grounded,
bring the palms together. And again, let’s
return to the breath. Inhaling lots of love in. And exhaling lots of love out. And I highly suggest
you close your eyes here just so you can feel and kind
of get into that sensation in the hip socket in a
way that’s just different if you have your eyes open and
you’re watching the screen. So close your eyes
and just feel it out here. Start to lift up from
the base of the spine again. Keep the toes a little active. You got this, inhaling
deeply and then extending, elongating that exhale. Notice where your thoughts go. This is challenging work. I mean it’s a lot
easier to just kind of jump in and do the vinyasa and find
all the functional movement and then call it a day
but this is the good stuff so breathe deep. You’re doing great. It’s not all always comfortable and if we exercise the
same muscles over and over, we’re never really evolving
or unlocking new spaces. The places that are resisting
love just stay that way. ♪ And you will not
reach your full potential ♪ That was a new tune. Inhale. Exhale, release
that moment, done. Fingertips are
now come to the right. And again, if you start
to find your rotation here and lift up through the chest
and feel that long puppy belly and you feel it in your
lower back, just ease up. Back up the truck a
little bit and stay here. Make sure you take a moment to
actively rotate the shoulders so you can find that
lift up through the chest and through the crown. Back toes are staying nice and
active here breathing deep. Imagine yourself in
Cobra or Up Dog here. Maybe even One-Legged Pigeon. Shoulders tugged
down away from the ears. You’re breathing, you’re
settling into today’s practice with love in your heart,
a kindness towards yourself, a willingness to yes, see the places where
you’re resisting love and release that. Inhale. Exhale to come
through to the center. Let’s lift the elbows,
lift the arms, just have a little fun. Oh, yes. And twist. Breathe deep. No offense here, guys
but take a moment to go am I jamming into my twist? Am I trying to like do the pose? Do the pose or can
you really experience what’s going on in your belly
and the base your spine and the middle of your spine? The upper back body. Your thoughts,
your breath, your toes. And then take a deep breath in. Stay here, long breath out. And one more deep breath in. And long breath out
to release, awesome. Catch the left ankle,
cross it in. Sukhasana. Open the palms, lift your heart,
relax your shoulders down. Inhale in and exhale
out through the mouth. Two more like that. Inhale, lots of love in. And cleansing breath,
out through the mouth. Inhale, fill your
belly with air. Exhale, hah. Awesome, palms come together and we’re gonna come
forward onto all fours. Take your time getting there. Set yourself up for greatness. So how you plant
the palms and the knees and the tops of
the feet is everything. Not because, check mark,
that’s the right alignment but because this is
an act of self love here, paying attention to
every handprint, footprint and the way you move your body. Let’s go, let’s giddy up. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. Move nice and
slow here to start. Exhale round through,
chin to chest, breathe out. Inhale, drop the belly. Really integrate the movement
with your breath best you can and then exhale, release. Now close your eyes and do this. Great, wherever
you are, do one more. Lift the corners
of the mouth slightly, press away from
your yoga mat even more. Notice how you feel today. Accept exactly how you’re
feeling today, it’s all good. The important part
is that you showed up. And then inhale,
come back to neutral spine and then exhale, you’re
gonna just start to move the hips a little left to right. Check in with the shoulders. If you want to come back through
to a Child’s Pose, you can. But for five cycles of breath, you’re gonna break free
the structure of Cat-Cow and find what feels good. So warm up through the spine. Stretch the skin of your body. Maybe curl the toes under. And just in case
there’s anything on your mind, particularly hairy or
fuzzy or heavy on your heart, take these five breath cycles to kind of
choose to let that go. Shed that weight so
that when we come up into our Downward Dog,
you feel a little bit lighter. Less resistant, maybe,
to the love that you deserve and love that you
definitely are capable of cultivating
on your mat’s magic. I was just talking
to a friend this morning about how this stuff works. Okay, you’re
gonna take this dance, this weird, strange dance
that you’ve cultivated and you’re gonna make
your way to Downward Dog and just notice
the way you go there. And how you go
there is everything because how you go there has
everything to do with how, oh! You end up
feeling when you get here. And then this present moment
now bleeds into the next. Each moment, a window,
a doorway to the next. When you get there,
why stop now? As the hips go up high
and the heart melts back, you claw through the fingertips and continue to
find what feels good here stretching through
the body, loving yourself and being kind to your body
with every breath and movement. I mean again, we’re
past this halfway mark here, it’s incredible. Let’s keep going. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, make
your way to the top. A little bit lighter
here today as we inhale. Halfway lift, find a lightness. And then exhale to fold. Clasp the elbows, soften
your gaze or close your eyes as you bend your knees and we’re gonna
inhale deeply here and exhale out
through the mouth. Sweet! Release the arms,
fingertips down, let the head be nice and heavy and then when you’re ready,
begin to slowly roll it up. Stack up through the spine. And if you can,
really just try to make this Mountain Pose count. Whatever that means to you. Feel your feet. Draw energy up from the earth. Breathe a little deeper
like you love yourself. And when you’re ready, bring those palms
together at your heart. Consider the pelvis here,
lengthen the tailbone down. Just feel that support
as you cultivate awareness throughout your whole body. And then notice
any place in your body where you might
be holding tension or that resistance,
perhaps, and then tend to it. Soften, relax, shake it out,
whatever you need to do. Then we’re gonna inhale, lift the heart up to
the thumbs a little more. And as you exhale,
bend your knees. And then we’re
gonna inhale in again and as you exhale,
big open twist to the left. As you feel the
expansion, open your heart ♪ To the love that you deserve ♪ Feel that stretch through
the pecs and the shoulders and then slowly
bring it back to center, straighten the legs. Inhale, exhale, bend the knees. And again, big open
twist this time to the right. Feel the expansion. So you wanna pay attention to what’s going
on in the pelvis here so you can lift
up through the spine and then bring it back in. Straighten the legs. One cycle of breath, inhale. And exhale. Let’s do one more to each side. Nice and easy. Open, twist to the left,
lift your chest, lift your chin and then come back to center and big open twist to the right. Great, come back to center,
straighten the legs and here we go. Big inhale to reach for the sky and exhale,
soften all the way down. On your next
inhale, lift halfway. Keep it soft and easy,
catch a wave and then exhale to fold. Nice, inhale, step the right
foot back then the left foot. You’re gonna into
Plank or Half Plank. So lower the
knees for Half Plank. If they’re lifted,
really reach the heels back, lift the knees up high,
catch some air. And then everyone,
press away from your yoga mat. We’ll look forward
and then on an exhale, so breathe in here. Slowly lower down
as you breathe out. Hi, Benji boy. Hug the elbows in,
press into your pubic bone, press into the tops
of the feet and inhale. Cobra, nice and easy. And then exhale to release,
come back down. curl the toes under. Inhale to Plank or Half Plank. Strong and steady. And then exhale
to your Downward Dog. Inhale in. Exhale out. Beautiful. Inhale to lift
the right leg up high. Exhale to bring it
all the way up and in. You’re gonna lower
the left knee down. Inhale, hands to heart. Press into that
front leg, come up. So, I don’t know about you but you’re probably feeling
some soreness in your obliques which is really awesome. So we’re gonna inhale. Keep the hands together today,
interlace the fingertips so you have the
steeple grip here and take it up towards the sky. Squeeze inner
thighs for stability. You’re gonna start
to feel a nice stretch through the front
of the left hip crease all up through the psoas. And then nice and easy,
yep, you guessed it, you’re gonna tilt
to the right here. Feel this awesome stretch. These muscles you’ve
been working so hard. It’s gonna be
yummy so breathe deep and enjoy as you
pull the thumbs back. Back toes can stay curled under. You can press them at
the top of that back foot to find a little more. Inhale, squeeze
the right knee in. You don’t want
it to come out here but keep it
stacked over the ankle and then maybe you look up. Nice loving breaths here. And then slowly
bring it back to center. Break free, open up
to big beach ball here, inhale and then
exhale to rain it down. Beautiful. Curl the back toes under,
lift the back knee. Plant the palms,
step the right toes back. Plank or Half Plank. Aw Benji, you’re so cute. Then inhale, look forward. Exhale, hug the elbows in and slowly lower all
the way down to the belly. Inhale, Cobra, your version. Exhale to release. Inhale, press up to
Plank or Half Plank. And then exhale
to your Downward Dog. Inhale, lots of love in, exhale lots of love out. Start to really focus and
refocus on your breath here. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward,
step it all the way up. Lower the right knee,
you got this. Squeeze the inner
thighs to the midline or hug energy in and up so that you feel
supported when you rise. So we kinda drop
the struggle a bit when we find places to support
in the poses energetically. That sounded like
a Star Wars comment. Anyway, okay. Lift the sternum to the
thumbs, check it out here. I know, oh, should be really
feeling in the hip crease and the side body already. Been working hard. Find your foundation here first and then send the
fingertips up high, interlace, steeple grip. Pull the elbows back,
shoulders wrapped down. So instead of here, we’re wrapping the
shoulder blades around, pulling back, finding that
lift through the front body, grounding through the back body and then you’re gonna slowly
tilt it over to the left. Big stretch in your
side body, your obliques. Again, they’ve
been working hard. Breathing deep here,
down directional breath and then maybe
you lift the chin. Maybe you pull the thumbs back. Working to keep that
front knee over the front ankle. Then press into
the top of that back foot if you want a little more here for one last cycle
of breath, you got it. Great, and then
mindfully, with control, come back to center, we’ll
break free, big beach ball, maybe sink the hips a
little forward, inhale and then exhale to rain it down. Go ahead and
wiggle the fingertips. We’re creating a
full-body experience. Yeah, that’s right Benji. Plant the palms, curl the
back toes under, step it back. Strong Plank or
Half Plank, deep breath in. And then exhale, belly to Cobra or now maybe a chaturanga to
Up Dog or knees-chest-chin. Take a deep breath in here
and then exhale, Child’s Pose. Yogi’s choice,
knees together or wide apart. Then relax everything but
keep a nice conscious breath. Take a moment to close
your eyes and go inward. This self love
practice is so important because it kinda allows
you to hold up a mirror. Mirror, not a mirror. That was a Texas thing there. Mirror. And you hold up the mirror and you get this
opportunity to see yourself and then you have a choice. And I’m suggesting
that we choose love. Take a deep breath in. As you exhale, open your eyes,
carve a line with your nose, look forward,
plant the palms once again and we’re gonna make
our way to Downward Dog. Take your time getting there. Move like you love yourself,
breathe like you love yourself. Find the places where
you feel a little resistant. Maybe it’s in your mind today or maybe it’s in the tired
body and then breathe deep. From your Down Dog,
take a couple breaths and then when you’re ready,
bend the knees. Inhale to look forward and
exhale to make your way there. So you’re in
charge of how you move. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and bow. Root to rise as you inhale. Reach for the sky,
take up space here and then exhale, hands to heart. Inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out. Close your eyes. And think of one thing
you love about yourself. It can be anything. And this can be challenging
because it can be emotional because sometimes you
can’t think of anything. But I’m here. I know it’s strange,
I’m on a video but I’m here and I feel like I’ve been brought here today to invite you to think of one
thing you love about yourself. Now, when you feel
like you have something, anything, anything at all. Any little thing, big thing. If you got a long list,
you go, I love you. You’re on the right track. And if this is the beginning
of this practice for you and you’ve just barely
can’t find anything. Tears are coming down your eyes. I know that as well. You’ll get to the point
in your self love practice where the list
gets long and beautiful. Alright, thank you for
those who are being patient while other people
think of their one thing. You can just keep
letting your list stack up. But when you feel like
you have found that one thing, we’ll start to move again and see if you can
build upon that feeling of finding that one thing. Here we go, inhale. Exhale, big open twist so left. And if you’re just
like I have no idea what this girls talking about. That’s okay,
just inhale and exhale and stretch and move
in a way that feels good. Come back to center,
big open twist to the right, bend your knees. Back to center, big inhale
to reach for the sky. Catch something,
bring it down to your heart and then take it all
the way down to the earth. Inhale, halfway lift. Awesome, exhale, fold. Plant the palms, step it back. Move through a vinyasa here. Slow and steady, mindful,
moving with your breath. You can also take
it straight to Down Dog without doing a
Cobra or an Up Dog. That is where I’ll meet ya. We’ll take an inhale in and an exhale out. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose. Squeeze and lift, you got it. Then step it up all the way. Optional, you can lower the
back knee or keep it lifted. As you inhale,
hands to the heart. Big breath in. Exhale, balanced, steady. Here we go, inhale. Check it out, you’re
gonna take the fingertips up, big breath in and then exhale. Big open twist to the right. Beautiful. Bend that back
knee a little bit. Get your center
right underneath you then you can straighten it here. Great. Right fingertips go down. So if you’re on the knee
or just here, it’s all good. Right fingertips go down
on your next breath in. Inhale, lift the left
fingertips to the sky. Maybe the right hand grabs the
outer edge of the left leg. Big stretch, big twist, inhale. And then exhale,
beautiful, release. Hands come back to
the heart, you got it. Squeeze the
thighs together, inhale. And then exhale, oh yes! Pivot on the
back foot, nice work. Find your
footing for Warrior II. And then own it. Take up space,
send the fingertips out. Sink deep, big breath in. Long breath out. Peaceful Warrior, inhale, reach the right
fingertips up and back. And then exhale for
your Extended Side Angle. Nice and easy. No need to force or
struggle here, nice and easy. Great, inhale in here,
then check it out. Exhale, left fingertips
are gonna come down. I’m gonna pivot
on the back foot. Come back to a nice low lunge. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, step the
back foot up halfway. We’re in that Pyramid variation. And when you feel good here, we’re gonna slowly
walk the fingertips forward. I’m gonna walk back
just because of Benji but walk the fingertips forward, bend that front knee and you’re
gonna lift the back foot up. Little standing split. Maybe it’s here,
maybe it’s here, maybe it’s here,
maybe it’s here. It’s all good. And then since we’re
over the halfway mark, we’ll bend the right knee, bring the left hand
to the left waistline and maybe we start to open
up into a little Half Moon. Ardha Chandrasana. And if you’re like
girl, you’re crazy. Yes, I am. Crazy in love,
come on, let’s do this. We’re past the halfway mark. Half Moon. And then maybe we start
to grow the pose from here depending on where you
are today in your practice. Maybe you lift the left
fingertips up to the sky, breathing deep,
using that expansion of all this open twist. Big breath in
and long breath out. And then wherever you are, come back to your
version of half split. Even if it’s big toe on
the ground, that’s amazing. Great, and then from half split, inhale, look forward,
bend the front knee. Shoot that left foot back, come
back to your nice low lunge. Awesome, then plant the palms,
step it back, take a flow or go straight to
Downward Facing Dog. Deep breath in, long breath out. Then on your next inhale,
lift the left leg up high. Exhale, squeeze,
knee to nose, shift forward. And step it up,
back knee can lower. Option is there
for you at all times or keep it lifted this time. And then strong legs and
connection to your center as you bring hands
to heart, lift it up. And when you feel like
you have your foundation, breathe a little deeper. And then on an inhale,
we’ll reach the fingertips all the way up. Exhale, big open
twist to the left. Breathing deep. Then here we go, big move here. So breath syncs up, inhale, right fingertips
reach all the way up. Feel that amazing stretch in
your side body, your obliques and then we maybe
bring the left fingertips to the right thigh. We just keep that
bend in the front knee and we lift the chest
and the chin and the crown and we take a deep breath in. Nice, and then
exhale from your center, guys, all the way back,
hands together. Namaste. Steady. Stay focused,
deep breath in, you got it. Strong legs,
I know they’re shaking. And then pivoting
onto that back foot. So we often bypass all the
awareness in that back foot and we have to be reminded but when we come into it like
that, now you’re so grateful. Right? To have that support that
you use it, you press down. And then you own Warrior II. And then again, just like the
beginning of this practice, use your imagination
to take up the space, to be, I should talk
about a shapeshifter, to be a superhero, a warrior in this pose, in this shape. Fully embody the energy of that. And then we’ll flip the
script, Peaceful Warrior, left fingertips reach
up and over, big stretch, should feel awesome. Inhale, exhale, soft and easy. Opening the right side now,
Extended Side Angle. Inhale in, reach up, up, up, up and then on an exhale,
nice and slow, check it out. We come all the way down,
pivot on the back foot. Come back to the nice
low lunge, soft landing. And then we’ll rock
that back foot up half way. A little Pyramid variation. And then we’re pulling up
through the left hip crease here in Pyramid so that
when we bend the knees and find a little
liftoff for our half split which could be here,
here or here. We’re not
crashing into these joints, we’re pulling up
there the left hip crease. So just take a second to
find it on the other side. Fingertips on the earth
or you can always grab a prop to help lift the earth
up to you a little bit. And then remember,
it’s not about the pose, it’s kinda about how
you’re processing the journey. So breathe deep,
be kind and loving. And if you wanna bring the
right hand now to the waistline and start to open up, you’re gonna keep
the right toes turned in. Soft bend in that standing leg. Maybe we play with
Half Moon on this side. It’s hard to do while talking
and not breathing properly. Breathe deep. Maybe you open right
fingertips to the sky. Remember your spine,
that energetic superhighway. Find places to lengthen. Inhale, reach the right
fingertips up a little higher and then exhale
wherever you are. Come all the way
back to half split. So again, it can be a
big toe on the ground. And then inhale in,
spread your right toes and then exhale,
bend your front knee. You shoot your right leg back, come back to
your nice low lunge. Nice work, amazing, amazing. Inhale to look forward, smile. Exhale to plant the palms,
go straight to Down Dog or take a vinyasa. Down Dog is where we’ll meet. Take a deep breath in and a
long, long, long breath out. Then slowly allow your
knees to come to the earth, soft landing. Child’s Pose. Close your eyes and take
a moment to relax your body while still keeping
your breath active and conscious. And we’re gonna
stay here for a sec so if it’s not
comfortable to you, you can sit up in a nice
comfortable seat of your choice and close your eyes. I’m just gonna see
if you can be still here in your comfortable
seat or in Child’s Pose and keep the
cycles of breath going and notice where
there might be places where after a couple breaths,
things relax or soften. We stop resisting to
the love is the idea. Think of yourself in your own
private little love cave. At your age, enjoy it, listen to the
sound of your breath. Let go. And slowly, we’ll
begin to lift the head. Nice and slow. Slow, slow, slow. Come back to all fours. We’re gonna
swing the legs around and then come all
the way to our backs. Take your time. And when you come to lie down, go ahead and hug the
knees into the chest. And we create space,
of course, between the vertebra and we feel the back supported. But even more so today,
can you feel this hug? And if the knees
aren’t comfortable, you can just hug the shoulders. Close your eyes and
just feel this embrace and notice what it feels like. And allow your
breath to keep moving you. And every time you
feel like you’re spiraling out of control, you can stop and remember this
moment and spiral back in towards your breath. Return to your breath. And remember that is a great act of self love, returning to the breath. You know, your
life force returning to that which keeps you moving. Hold on to the right knee
and send the left leg out. Take a deep breath in
and exhale, supine twist. Right knee goes towards
the left side of your mat. You open up
through your right arm. Inhale in, nice
refreshing breath. Exhale to bring
it back to center and then you’re gonna switch, left leg comes in,
right leg goes out. Big breath, squeeze. Exhale, supine twist. Left knee goes to the right, we open up through the left arm. Nice loving inhale in here. Should feel awesome. And then exhale
to bring it back in. Great. ♪ Let’s take a Happy Baby Pose ♪ Half the thousands of
people doing this with you are like yay! And then the rest of
them are like, oh gosh. So you’re gonna reach and grab
the outer edges of the feet. Inner arches are also an
option if that feels awesome. And bend the knees,
make them nice and wide and then from there, you’re gonna kick the soles of
the feet up towards the sky. And if you’re
doing this with a buddy, go ahead and turn to
them and smile and laugh and go yeah, we’re
amazing that we’re doing this. And if you’re alone,
close your eyes and lengthen your tailbone and
forward and say I’m amazing. I can’t believe I’m doing this. You know, 10 years
from now, it’s my goal, my hope that this
is just normalized. Yeah, I’m like
doing my daily yoga. There’s no other way to live. But for now, we understand that it isn’t easy to show up everyday for yoga. And here you are
beyond the halfway mark. Kicking butt, taking names. Release, you’re gonna
bring the knees together, palms come to the knees. Just a little
neutralization here so kick the knees out,
straighten the arms. You don’t have
to do anything here. In fact, you can
kick through the feet to just make sure they soften. Inhale. Exhale, drop the
feet to the ground. Windshield wiper
the legs to the left, keep the feet where they are and then to the right. And then to the left,
maybe bring the feet wider. And then to the right. And then bring it back to
center, send the legs out long. Bring your left
hand to your heart, your right hand to your belly. Let your elbows and
shoulders be heavy and soft. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale,
close your eyes and relax the
weight of your body completely and
fully into your mat. Epic practice today, you guys. Just take a quiet
moment here to relax. Trust that it’s working. Sweet, then we’ll slowly
bring the hands together and we’ll seal our practice
by kissing the palms together. Holy Palmer’s Kiss. Here we go, thumbs up to the
third eye, deep breath in. Long breath out. Make it cool again. Great work, everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow. Namaste. (uplifting music)

Joseph Wolf

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