Total Body Yoga Workout (Sunrise Morning Vinyasa)

– Good morning. You are about to start your day off right with a Sunrise Vinyasa Flow. – Total body Vinyasa
workout strengthens you, gets you ready for your
day, let’s do this. – Subscribe, Fightmaster Yogi. – [Instructor] Welcome
to Fightmaster Yoga, where it’s not just about the pose, and you don’t have to be perfect. Hi, I’m Leslie Fightmaster. This is Sunrise Morning Vinyasa. Sit up tall, with your hands
in front of your heart center, close your eyes, and breathe. I honor you. You have light, love, beauty,
truth and peace within you. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one. Make your way back to an
extended Child’s Pose. Spread your fingers nice and wide, and just feel your hips
stretch back towards your heels to lengthen through your spine. And now breathe into that freedom. Keeping the hands where they are, come up on to the knees,
tuck the toes, Downward Dog. Keep your knees nice and soft. And then just slowly begin to
bend one knee and the other as you start to stretch. Keep your fingers spread, and
your breath nice and steady. Connecting to your breath and yourself. Ripple your spine
forward and out to Plank, pull in through your lower belly. Knees can be up or down. Always do what is best
for you in the moment. Exhale, stretch back again, Downward Dog. Spread through your fingers, again glide forward into Plank. Knees up or down,
connecting to your strength, your personal power center. Shift forward slowly, lower
all the way to your belly, and take your hands behind you, interlace fingers or thumbs. Roll your shoulders away,
picking everything up, and stretch your heart
forward, let it open. Breathing here, lengthen
sitting bones to backs of knees. Relax, take a break and rest a moment. Then re-interlace with
your other pinky on top, rolling the shoulders up first, and lifting everything up. Inner thighs lift, keep breathing, but let your pubic bone press down. Lengthen, and then release, rest. Bring your hands by your
low ribs for a Cobra, or an Upward Dog. Thighs and knees up if you’re in Up Dog. And then exhale, glide
yourself back into Down Dog. Relaxing your head, your neck. Reconnect with your breath. Bend your knees, and just
walk your feet to the hands as you inhale, bring your heart forward. As you exhale, fold soften
the knees as much as you like. Press firmly through the feet, rise up, look up, lengthen up. Exhale, bring your hands to heart. Saluting the sun, Surya Namaskar A. Inhale, reach up, look up. Exhale, bowing forward,
hinge from your hips, bowing in gratitude for this day. Inhale, lengthen your heart forward. Exhale, come into Plank
Pose, knees up or down, slowly lower, Chaturanga. Shoulders no lower than the elbows. Inhale, break open the knot
in your heart, let it shine, and then exhale, glide
yourself back into Down Dog. Reconnecting with your breath. Draw in through your lower belly. Pull up all the muscles
in the pelvic floor, bend the knees, lightly
step or hop forward, inhale, halfway lift, fold as you exhale, your head heavy. Inhale, sweep the arms
up to this beautiful day. Exhale, hands to heart. Again, inhale, gather all
the energy out around and up. As you exhale, hinge forward
from the hips, and fold in. Inhale, offer your heart. Exhale, step or float
back to find Chaturanga. If you float, land with the elbows bent. Inhale, Upward-Facing Dog. Exhale, gliding back,
stretching back, Downward Dog. Remember, if your hamstrings, backs of your legs are a bit tight, then just keep your knees bent. Keep your hips high and
stretch out your spine. Think of Down Dog as a spine-stretcher. Evening your breath. Connecting to how you’re feeling. Bend the knees, inhale,
lightly step or float, come halfway up, fold as you exhale. Press through your feet as you inhale, reach all the way up. Exhale, bring your hands
to your heart, Samasthithi. Again, inhale, circle the arms up, and your palms together, bringing
the energy to your heart, and then fold in. Inhale, lengthen halfway. Exhale, step or float, Chaturanga. Inhale, press through the hands and feet, stretch the front of the body open. Exhale, make your way back to Down Dog, then inhale, lift your right leg up. This time, let your hip
open and stretch it up, straight or bent. Now, square off the hips, step
it right between your hands, spinning back heel down,
inhale, Warrior Two Pose. Make sure line up front heel
and back arch, knee over ankle. Feel the strength in your legs. Reach through your arms like
they’re playing tug-of-war. Then take your left hand behind your back, reverse your Warrior. Inhale, come up, take your
right arm around your belly, reach your left arm in line with the ear. Press into that front heel. Once again, inhale, left
hand behind, right arm back, stretching the side body. Next, inhale, right arm around belly, exhale, left arm in line with the ear. Press another front heel
Warrior Two, inhale. As you exhale, windmill the arms down, and move through Chaturanga. On your inhale, press
through your hands and feet. As you exhale, glide back into Down Dog. On the inhale, left leg
lifts, now open up the hip. We did this every once in awhile. Leg can be bent or straight, press evenly through arms and shoulders. And now square off the hips
and set it between the hands. Spin the back heel down,
lining heel to arch as you bring your arms up, stretching out through the fingertips, lifting your chest, widening that place where your heart resides. Keep pressing into the front heel, firming your legs, you’re so strong. Now take your right hand
behind you and reverse, take an exhale, and then
inhale, left arm around belly, exhale, right arm in line with the ear. Again, inhale, come up,
right hand behind you, reversing your Warrior. Next, inhale, lean forward,
left hand around belly, exhale, right arm in line with the ear. Press the front heel down,
come up on your inhale. Exhale, take the hands
down, pick up the back heel, moving through Chaturanga, or don’t, you can make your way
right into Down Dog instead. Otherwise, it’s inhale for an Up Dog, and then exhale, lift the
hips, stretching for Down Dog. Breathe. You always have the option
to push pause and rest. Inhale, right leg floats
up, this time level hips. Exhale, bring the thigh toward the belly. Press away from the floor,
engaging belly muscles. Spin the back heel
down, Warrior Two again. Knees over ankle. Now, left hand down, reverse. Keep reversing, but this time
straighten the front leg. Inhale, come up for Triangle, shorten the stance if you like. Hinge from your front hip
crease, reach as far as you can, take your right hand
down wherever it goes. Then reach the left arm
forward in line with the ear, exhale, make a big circle. Inhale, stretch it up, exhale, reach it forward and
move it around in a circle. Reach the arm up, now bring it forward in line with the left ear. Option to also pick up the right arm as if you’re holding a big beach ball. Press into the big toe
mound of the right foot, keep the front knee a little soft. Now left hand to hip, walk
your right hand forward so it’s under the shoulder, Half Moon. Reach the left arm, and then
option to bend the left knee, looking for the little
toe side of the foot, if you happen to find it,
grab it and press back. That’s an option, do what’s best for you. Release it if you have the foot, and then slowly Warrior Two. Shoulders are above
hips, take a breath in, exhale, windmill the arms
down, through your Chaturanga, or right into Down Dog. Inhale, shoulders above wrists
in Up Dog, nice, open heart. Exhale, stretch to Down Dog. Take a breath here, cinch
in through the waist, and lift your left leg up. Keep the hips level this time. Exhale, thigh toward belly,
shoulders above wrists, press away from the floor,
pulling in ribs and belly. Lightly step the foot between the hands, spin the back heel down, Warrior Two. Stretch through those arms like you’re getting
pulled in a tug-of-war. Dropping the right arm, reverse, keep the knee over the ankle now, straighten the front leg, stretching the side body a little more. Come on up, shorten the stance
for Triangle if you like to, hinge from your hip
crease, reach, reach reach, take your left hand down,
shin, foot, floor or block. Stretch up through the right arm. Now, inhale, right arm forward, and then exhale, big circle around, we’ll make some movement in the shoulders. So stretch it up,
inhale, reach it forward. Exhale, circle it around. So you can reach the
crown of the head forward if that’s okay with your neck. Option two, take the left arm up and stretch both arms forward. You can also let your head go,
if your neck doesn’t like it. Now right hand to hip, left hand down. Bend the knee, bring your
left hand in front of you so it’s under your shoulders, you float your right leg up. And then once you’re steady, you can reach the right
arm up toward the sky, or reach for your foot
if you have the foot, stretch it back. Ardha Chandrasana Chapasana, Half Moon. Slowly make your way back to Warrior Two. Take a breath, and then
exhale, windmill the arms down. Moving through Chaturanga,
inhaling to Up Dog, exhale, gliding back
all the way to Down Dog. Arms shoulders distance, feet hips-width, and just breathe, feeling
the sensations in your body. Bend the knees, step or hop forward, inhale, heart forward, lengthen. Exhale, folding in. Now take your feet hips-width
apart, and stay folding. Grab your elbows, or you can
keep the hands on the floor and gently rock side-to-side,
let your head go. Keep a little softness in your knees, and allow this to be
nurturing and comfortable. So do whatever you need
to to make that happen. Now take the feet together
if they normally are, or hip socket distance apart, sit back into Chair Pose, Utkatasana. Weight into the heels,
bring hands to heart, lean forward, hooking left arm across. Now, if your left knee
goes ahead of the right, pull your left hip back. You can keep hands at heart center, or left hand down, reaching
right arm up, options. Widen the collar bones, bring
your hands back to your heart if you took them apart,
shifting the weight into the right foot, step the left foot back for a high lunge, or drop that knee down to the floor for a low lunge, either way. Keep the right knee above the ankle. Option to take left
hand down, right arm up, or, option to take right hand behind you, and left hand underneath the right thigh, to interlock or to clasp,
or to hold your shirt. Turning your chest and rib cage, bring yourself back to Prayer Twist, look forward, stepping your left foot to meet the right in Chair, and then, come to center and fold. Take a long breath. Come halfway up, inhale, fold in, exhale. Start to sit back again into Chair Pose, weight again in the heels. Reach up through Arrow, straight arms, relax around your neck. Bring hands to heart, lean forward, take your right arm across
for your Prayer Twist. Now if that right knee
goes ahead of the left, pull your right hip back. Stay in your Prayer,
or right hand to floor, left arm up, options. Keep your breath as steady as you can, feeling the breath move through the body. If you took your arms apart,
bring your hands at heart, picking up the right foot
and stepping it back. Make sure your left
knee is over your ankle, and keep pulling the left hip back. Option, right hand down, left hand up. Another option, left hand behind, right arm underneath the thigh to clasp. Rolling the top shoulder back. Whichever option you are in, take a moment to feel the breath move through you. Bring hands to heart center, step the right foot to meet the left, back into Chair, sitting back. And then fold forward
again, let your head go. Inhale, halfway lift off for your heart. Exhale, make your way back into Plank, knees up or down as you lower
all the way to your belly. Take your arms alongside your body, roll your shoulders away from the mat, lift everything up. Keep the back of your neck long. Send your heart forward and lengthen your sitting
bones toward the heels. Release and rest. Now you can do that same thing again. Rolling shoulders away
from mat and lifting up, staying here or bend the knees, reaching for the little
toe sides of the feet, press the feet back as you lift them up. Shift your gaze up
without lifting your chin. Breathe into your open heart center, believing in yourself and shining
your light for all to see. Let that go as you bring
your hands by low ribs, come to Up Dog, inhale. Glide yourself back to Down Dog, exhale. Connect again with your breath, and then slowly make your way to seated as you lie onto your back and hug your knees into your chest. Happy Baby, you can
hold on to your ankles, or grab the little toe sides of the feet. Option to rock side-to-side. Lengthen your sitting
bones toward the mat, stretching out your spine as your knees move toward your armpits. Now bring your thighs
in towards your belly with knees bent, slide your hands toward your feet, and straighten the legs
out as much as they will as the feet move toward
the Earth behind you. So it’s like a forward fold
in an upside-down position. Do what you can, because
it doesn’t really matter how deep you get into a pose. It doesn’t matter at all. Roll yourself down with your
knees bent, feet on the floor, slowly stretch yourself into
your final resting pose. Let your feet flop open, just
be yourself as you breathe, allowing natural breath to flow. Welcome any sensations to come in, and then allow them to float away. Releasing stress and tension. Our quote today comes from Golda Meir. “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to
live with all your life.” Quiet mind, quiet body, Shavasana. Rest. Take a deep breath in as you start to move your hands and your feet. Take your arms overhead
for a good morning stretch. Now bend your knees,
carefully roll to your right, and thank yourself for
showing up this morning, taking your practice. Excellent work today. Slowly make your way up
to a comfortable seat, bringing hands together. Hands to your forehead, reminding you to have clear and loving thoughts. Hands to your heart center, reminding you to have clear and loving intentions. And hands to your mouth, reminding you to have clear and loving communication, sending positive energy
to all beings everywhere. Namaste. Deep within your abdominals, your abs, and within your pelvic
floor are your core muscles, and strengthening them will hugely impact your yoga practice, and your entire life. Having stability there keeps your lower back
nice and safe, protected, and when you are strong there, your personal power
increases tenfold at least. And I want you to be as strong as you can, so I’ve created a special
class just for you. It’s in the link below,
just click the link, or pinned at the top of the comments, and I will see you on your mat. If you’re interested in more
Vinyasa Flow in the morning, and why wouldn’t you be, click the link right here.

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