Total Body Yoga Burn Workout – Vinyasa Flow

Joseph Wolf


  1. Amazing and just strong enough for a perfect Saturday morning full body yoga workout! Thank you guys! <3

  2. Part of what I feel is missing is the consideration for your yogini Janna. You don't give any more than a she is going to be doing the poses, and then at the end, thank you Janna, for coming out. 
    The reason I feel this is problematic is that throughout media and in the history of media women's roles are underdeveloped, they are portrayed as objects. I think this yoga video extends the same message. She is beautiful, a picture perfect yogini, yet we know nothing about her. A short introduction, a joke from her, any comments or questions to her after or before would help deepen her as a woman character in this yoga story, although it is only a one hour class, all the same, this is how we develop our definitions and identities of the female and male roles in our society. 
    I come from a very grateful place for you as a teacher, a mentor, a guide in this youtube yoga world. I appreciate the videos you share the graceful, peaceful energy you always exude. Just some food for thought from a communications scholar. Many blessings, power to you.

  3. Very tough video.
    Somewhat new to yoga so i will definitely be coming back to this video to track my progress. Especially with balance on crow pose, warrior 3, and the pose at 41:10. (If anyone can tell me the name of that pose that would be awesome.)
    Love the length of the video and you instructing with someone else demonstrating.
    Thank you and great job 👍

  4. Also, any tips for getting my legs more flexible?
    Mostly being able to touch my toes with my knees straight and bringing my legs farther up to the side.
    Any tips would be appreciated and maybe a suggestion for videos would be awesome

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  6. Hey guys if yogas your thing then you might like this both myself and my partner have tried it and found it to be absolutely fantastichttps://tinyurl.com/y82v2ysv

  7. Thank you so much for making this video. It has helped me fix my shoulders many times after long hours of studying. The meditation practice at the ends makes me feel gratitude as well. Thank you.

  8. Janna is crazy strong! These long poses were killer. Thanks to you both, great video!

  9. Tim you are amazing, you both are amazing! I was so sore from my previous practices. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it halfway through, but I did and I feel wonderful and open and happy. Thank you so much! I love your videos, your goofy little chuckles make my day 😀 <3 <3 <3

  10. Thank you so much for yet another wonderful class, Tim. I use your videos at least 3 times a week and they are a real life saver. Keep up the good work!

  11. Amazing and intense! Hardest video that I have done thus far. Great job! The way you explain how to balance and get the most out of the pose really helps.

  12. Oh my, this is insane! One of the best practices I've ever done, thank you Tim and Jana! Those new transitions and eagle/w3 sequence really got me 🙂

  13. The breath cues, alignment reminders, and pace combine to make this an exceptional at-home practice. Thank you so much and please keep more like this coming!

  14. Dude! Best detailed instruction ever on yoga YouTube! Thank you. I appreciate your work.

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  16. Loved it! Feels like attending a live yoga class, and the detailed way you teach is very unique and awesome. Thanks for the vid ❤️

  17. And now we know how Tim stays in such great shape! Phew! Thank you for this Patreon preview, Tim. It's an amazing challenge.


  18. Love this sequence. Janet's great, such a calming, zen – like look!

  19. That was amazing! This was my first time practicing with you. I will definitely join you again!

  20. Awesome., I loved it- I am 74 Years – but I managed. Greatings from Norway.

  21. A bit challenging but as usual great flow Tim. Thanks Dana for beautifying this workout

  22. This was really great! I love flowing through vinyasas that are challenging but feel good, so sometimes I get annoyed when they start out really slowly with a bunch of child's pose, etc. This was a good warm up though, even though it took a while – I can't remember the last time I did sun salutation C; it was nice. I got a good burn but also was very mentally with it, which is kind of weird since I'm in a dorm room with four noisy people. Maybe I'm just all the more determined to focus despite them. In any case, thank you both of you for the class! I love hour-long ones and I love Tim's very nuanced instruction about muscles/joints I didn't know I had. Great work!

  23. Wow Tim & Janet- awesome team. I loved that so much. The longer the better. It really was so great. I really did a great workout & my body feels awesome……now I go garden – until the next time. XXXX

  24. I just found you and so far your videos are amazing! I started with Franceska on the dock and I loved it so much I've done it almost every day for a week. I'm trying different ones every other day, this was killer. I was doing a search for hour long classes and here you are!

  25. Great practice Tim, thank you so much! I especially liked the additional core work =)

  26. You are both beautiful inside and out. I did this session this morning and felt warmed up physically and mentally. Thank you so much! Keep up touching people with your great work and personality! 💞🧘‍♀️🙏

  27. Tim,What should i do if my shoulders keep hurting after each session? It s like a stabbing pain in both sholders when i try to lift my arms or rotate my arms

  28. This is what I didn’t after a weeks workout, great way to start a Sunday. Thank you.

  29. Loving the hour long videos. Such challenge! Thank you Tim!! Warrior 3 is super challenging for me so when you do that I'm in warrior 2 for the twist so I'm in alignment. These videos are so great! Thank you for concentrating on technique and not rushing the finer details.

  30. Hi Tim, This is the second yoga routine I practiced and simply love it. I am on vacation and was looking for some hour long strength and surrender or fierce flow routine which I usually practice at my CHHRC in NJ. It gives me great feeling of being in my yoga class the one I am used to of practicing. Thank you so much for guiding and posting these videos. Very helpful…:). And big thanks to Dana as well….!!

  31. I love this so much, especially the focus on the breath! Takes me back to my first yoga class. Brings so much peace to my mind, strength to my body and love to my heart. Thank you so much Tim and Jana for sharing your practice! Namaste! 🙏🏼✨

  32. Love the hour long videos! thank you Tim. Cheers from Ecuador. Namaste

  33. At the beginning I was like screw this "Burn Workout"; this is going to be easy. Dude, you destroyed me. Your client is super-human and I hate her. She's just sitting there smiling while I'm crying. Please do more. Thank you.

  34. The cues are so transformational to my practice. Just little things like where the head/pelvis tilts during warrior two made it so easy to drop into the pose, I felt like it was effortless and the break down of warrior one in the beginning really made my energy more controlled and precise. Loved the ankle to head line emphasis of this video!

  35. I love the one hour video classes, thank you for sharing them on youtube! I keep looking to see if more of those get posted… but still I only see three. I keep doing them faithfully! Thank you! They make me feel so great and relaxed!
    And thank you for describing with such precision how to do postures correctly.

  36. Tim, Thank you. Great practice, excellent guided instruction. Thanks to your lovely assistant yogi Jen.

  37. thank you soo much was a bit lost with my practice thanks to this i know i just needed more challenge 🙂

  38. Thank you a lot Tim and Dana for this great session. The hour long format is perfect for a global workout. Amazing job, best yoga channel on Youtube 🙂

  39. Great session. Really working strength and balance. I'll keep it as my daily routine.

  40. she was so stunning, distracting and mezmerizing to watch! hard for me to concentrate because shes so beautiful and with two people in the video lol.

  41. I normally am a long distance runner and life a lot of weights, but got trapped inside with the Artic Vortex in MN that caused -55 temps…..did this instead and found I could barely hold some of the poses. Looks like i've got work to do and going to be adding yoga into my workout routine for sure. Can't believe how well it works the entire body.

  42. Wow wow wow!!!!! I have been practicing for a few years now and just had one of the most life giving classes of my life. Thank you Tim & Jana!!! The time you took explaining placement in the poses was akin to having a one on one yoga intensive. My back and hips typically cause me discomfort in quite a few poses, so I followed along with your descriptions and felt solid in each pose. Thank you!

  43. tim m jannet you both are love, this practice was awesome. it felt like i was there with you instead of my room. Thank you & much love.

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  45. I loved every minute 😍 nice & easy 🙏🏻 thank you guys 🙌🏻

  46. Very Good Practice………thank you for sharing your energy and practice. This is a good pace. Noticed Instant sculpting.

  47. This is my favorite yoga channel! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.

  48. Just did this yoga practise, great video, great class! Not too difficult yet challenging! I'll be doing the next one tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!

  49. Great video, thanks. I really prefer when the instructor is not doing the poses but instead focuses on the teaching. I prefer the camera to stay still and cover the whole body. A few times I was trying to look at different parts of the girl's body but the camera was focusing at her face or so. Thanks again, namaste!

  50. That was so good… Balance pose still kick my butt, but I have been doing yoga with Tim for about 12 weeks and definitely feeling stronger!!

  51. This smashed me! I could only do half of it but I'm really looking forward to building up my strength so I can do the full hour. Thanks so much – great instructions and demonstration 🙂

  52. Very challenging but I loved the flow. . I did break into baby pose once or twice but felt good to stretch my limitations a bit when I was able. Instructions were clear and precise. My only comment for improvement would be that the camera show us the entire pose she was doing and not just the upper or lower half. I found that a bit unhelpful when I needed to see what the asana should look like. Overall, really enjoyed and look forward to more classes. I would be happy for an even longer one which incorporates also pranayama yogi breathing. Thanks again

  53. Great video! Thank you very much for your precise instructions.
    Since I found out your channel, I work with your videos every day.
    Namaste 🙏.

  54. Hi have loved it! challenging poses and i learnt alot of things! Thanks Tim!!

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