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– Hello, I’m Tom Ellis. I play Lucifer on the show “Lucifer.” And I’m going to show you today, my training regime that
I use to get into shape, especially for Season Four of Lucifer. Hashtag, Devil Training. Lets give it a go. (powerful music) So before I do any lifting, I like to start by having
a good 20 minute warmup on the treadmill. So I’ll do five minutes of
an easy, nice paced jog, and then I’ll do intermittently
45 seconds of sprints. So I’ll crank it up to
about 12 miles an hour, for a sprint for 45 seconds
then take it back down to a walking pace of
about fours miles an hour. And I’ll do that until I hit 20 minutes. And then I’ve got my blood
pumping and I’m ready to go. When we were getting into shape
for “Lucifer” Season Four, I really wanted to gain some muscle mass. And so the best way to do that, was consult my trainer, Paolo, Paolo everybody. And basically Paolo suggested that we did, well we were gonna train six days a week, but we would do four days of it as an upper, lower body split, using big, compound movements. Get the big muscles going. So, an upper body day would
contain things like this, the bench press. So, when we’re doing the bench press, we’re working to try and
build that lean muscle mass. So, I’ll put a heavy weight on there, I’ll do somewhere between
eight to ten reps, and we’ll do that four times. So this is an oldie but a goodie, it’s the classic wide-grip pull up. Now I couldn’t do any of these
at the beginning of the year, but a lot of practice,
keep your core engaged, get over it nicely, and go for it. Always remember to
breathe out on the way up, and slow back down. As I said, I couldn’t do any
of these beginning of the year, so I’ve slowly built up to doing probably about ten reps on my first go, and then I’ve slowly come down to eight, six, and probably six again, I try and do four sets of those. Another great compound movement to get the shoulders fired up, I like to do this at the
start of my upper body days, is the overhead seated shoulder press. I’d like to try and start heavy so I’ve got 40 pounds on each arm. Paolo, he’s so good. If you have got a trainer and
you’re using heavy weights, it’s great to help you get into position without injuring yourself. So if you get them up with a swing, three, two, one, and you go in position. And then nice, get a good depth on them, and then try and explode upwards. The slow contracting is just as important for the muscle building as doing it for the exercises quickly. Let’s do one more. And then just to get them down safely, tuck them into your body. So if you really wanna
carve out those shoulders a great super set exercise to do with the overhead presses is the single cable lateral raise. So you get the cable, you don’t have to overload this weight, you’re going for good, clean reps. So, straight up, down, to the side. Down to the side, you super set this with the overhead presses, and you do four sets of each one, with minimal rest in between. And your shoulders will be on fiiiiiire! Okay, time to get the guns going. I’m gonna use the classic
single arm bicep curl, except without the heavy weights. People use heavy weights, and they often cheat by
swinging their bodies. I’m going for a flat surface on my back, flat against here, that’s it. And then you want to get your
elbows pinned in like this, and you want nice, slow contractions. And bring them both up like that, keep them together, and just lower slowly, one at a time, nice, long, controlled movement. Why am I talking so slowly? So in terms of reps and sets, we’re doing ten reps on each arm, which if you work it
out, that’s twenty reps. Back and forth, and you
want slow steady movements, and we do that four times. So, one of the best exercises you can do on leg day
is the classic squat. It fires up all the big muscles, you get a nice good heavy weight, good form, and go down, and open up. (straining noises) This is heavy. Actually, it’s not really, I haven’t put any weights on today. But normally I’d stack it
up with about 60-70 kilos, it’s all about form and
protecting your back. Oh, my bum feels nice! All right, well, that’s
just a few exercises from the devil training
that I do with Paolo. Always have a good 10-15
minute stretch afterwards. I have to these days
’cause I’m getting old. And I need loads of this stuff, keep hydrated, eat clean, and
you’ll see the difference. Laters. (powerful music)

Joseph Wolf


  1. 40lbs dumbbell shoulder press should be a medium warmup for his muscularity.
    And jesus christ why is his PT constantly holding his wrists as if they're extremely heavy.

  2. I love that Lucy actually explained it in more detail than most, this guy is the best.

  3. Well, he's playing an Archangel, the first Archangel, so he should be in very good shape.

  4. "Stretch afterwards" he's the devil indeed for that advice, cuz stretching after trainning can give u serious injury

  5. I've got all my equipment outside by the ocean, so when I'm done, I can just run right into the water. Best feeling ever.

  6. Tom is my 4th cousin , the queen married her 2nd cousin , lol , but he should do his ancestry , he will be shocked , we have so much royalty its shocking , oh and we are related to danny dyer

  7. I been repeating the "slow walk out of the pool and take a drink" routine for a few days now, not sure if it's doing anything

  8. what if Lucifer is just pretending to be Tom Ellis working out and his trainor is a demon since he got that bored-mean looks 😂

  9. Tom Ellis you never cease to amaze me, you could jab me with a pitchfork and I would go running for the hell of it.

  10. You can't call yourself a devil and then need a spotter for every workout while wearing lifting gloves lmao

  11. Show me the vid of “how to be 6’4” with a full head of hair in mid to late 30s” because that’s all he is. His build is actually average as fuk.

  12. As i can't imagine someone as Harry Potter other than Daniel Radcliffe similarly i can't imagine Lucifer as anyone else other than Tom Ellis

  13. Instructions unclear
    I fractured my arm and my crush rejected me because she saw that my peepee so big.

  14. Instructions unclear
    I fractured my arm and my crush rejected me because she saw that my peepee so big.

  15. The moment I realised I lift more than him and I'm still skinny with a bit of belly. Sad.

  16. Tom, you should do a joke version of this where you are like being chased by dogs, carrying old women accross the street, painting crosswalks, perhaps bury a body, etc.

  17. i would be carefull training this guy, he can explode all over you at any given moment, burning the whole joint down…

  18. Tom Ellis, the next James Bond for me. From France and God save the Queen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Watching this after I only stretched for three and a half minutes because I forgot to workout before showering and I don’t want to get sweaty.

  20. Everyone's saying his trainer is bad but uh have you seen the results of whatever he's been doing ??? Can't be that bad

  21. Did anyone else think from the thumbnail that he was that one guy from big time rush?

  22. How many people watching this are women/gay/bi men with NO interest in the workout itself?

  23. Oh you wanna help me train as my trainer
    Tom’s head: imma bout to end this mans whole career.

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