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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Rachel. And I’m a yoga teacher and a
teacher trainer with YYOGA. And here are five tips for
your home yoga practice. Oftentimes it’s hard for us
to get to the mat at home. So here are five tips
to get you on your way. Number one, create
a practice space. Now it doesn’t have to be fancy. It could be on your
living room carpet. It could be anywhere. It’s just knowing that
that’s the space that you’re going to go to and practice. Now if you can, you could
spruce it up a little bit. You might put a little
candle there or just put your yoga mat there. But really, it’s
just a space for you to know to when I go to
practice that’s where I go to. Make it easy on yourself. Number two, use what you’ve got. You do not have to have
fancy props and mats even to do a home yoga practice. You can just do it on
your living room carpet. You don’t need blocks. You could use books. You don’t need a strap. You could use a towel. Use what you’ve got. Everything will work with yoga. That’s one of the
great things about it, is that you don’t need
a lot of fancy equipment to do your practice. Number three, schedule it in. If you’re a busy person,
and I know you probably are, then it’s good to put that yoga
practice time in your calendar. Even if you just
slide in a little 15 minutes or half an hour for
yourself, when you see it in your calendar you’re
more likely to make the time to do it. So commit to yourself. Put it in the
calendar, and then you can just show up on your mat. Now number four, that said– and this is a good one. This is important. Embrace the micro practice. Let your yoga practice fit into
your life when you can do it. Is it in the morning before
the kids have gotten up? Is it at night when
they’ve gone to bed? Can you grab five minutes
in the middle of the day? Your yoga practice doesn’t have
to be 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 40 minutes. Your yoga practice could
be three sun salutations. Your yoga practice could
be 10 mindful breaths. So don’t let the
fact that you’ve only got five minutes stop you. Get your micro practice in. Trust me, it’s enough. And finally tip number
five, find some friends. Get some allies. We live in a wonderful
world these days where you can put
on a YYOGA video class from our video library
and practice with us. So if you’re feeling a little
uninspired, then go online. Find a class. Start it off. Really, having
someone else there, even though they’re
virtual, is really going to help to motivate
you and get you on your mat and practicing. So there’s five tips
for your home practice. And we’ll see you on the mat.

Joseph Wolf

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