Simple Techniques to Cope with Stress and Anxiety | Relaxation Techniques

Hello it’s Elizabeth Dandenell from East
Bay Center for Anxiety where we provide relief and prevention from highly
stressful situations and things that create anxiety, get our hearts racing
fast, and our breathing hyperventilating or it feels like we
might pass out. And you know this often can happen during family situations
during the holidays when we’re celebrating our usual rituals and trying
to have a good time, and somehow someone might say something that kind of pushes
our buttons, or we’re racing around, and making sure we get just the exact gift
for the right person. And so this is my second strategy that I’d like you to
experiment with and see what you think. And this one’s a tension relieving
strategy. And you can do this without anybody knowing. You could simply just
put your hands behind your back or just have them in your lap or by your sides,
and you just squeeze your hands and you take a deep breath in and you imagine
you let all the tension and stress– squeezing those hands very very hard– clutching them kind of like this– but imagine in your lap, squeezing them
hard and letting all the tension gather. There in your hands and then you just
exhale and open your hands. and just let all that tension just
release. It shifts the focus and just helps all that stress and tension release.
Try it again. Squeezing your hands as hard as you can and then just let it go.
And you can do this while you’re taking a walk. You can do this while you’re
sitting there and just maybe put your hands under the table and no one will
know. And I know that your heart rate and your body will relax a bit. So experiment
with this little tool and see how it works. And give us some feedback on our
Facebook page or LinkedIn or wherever you see this video. Thanks very much and
Happy Holidays.

Joseph Wolf

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