Simple Landscape from Dots|Rainbow Painting For Beginners|Relaxing Abstract Demonstration #103

Hi. I’m Serena. I hope you enjoy my video!
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Joseph Wolf


  1. Very good you do good work to work and good things you do you have good work good you work good work you good and good very good you do yyy was good and good very good work and good work to work you do you have a good work and good you work good things good you do you have good things good you work and good things good work

  2. That is amazing like asome you sooooooooo coool are you a art teacher wow how can you do that.

  3. Yo boy a clases de arte y estoy en un corcurso pero no tenia ni idea pero me ispiro

  4. Que bello casi lloro de lo hermoso que es chara que no se puede dar muchos likes si vas a ser pintora vas a triunfar mucho

  5. This is the most beautiful painting I, ( or anyone else ) has ever seen! So, simple, but beautiful!

  6. So relaxing to watch and I have to try this with my kids they will love it but u have talent well done my love. Follow for follow on ig : @yade.hdez oh and just subscribed 😘

  7. Ogala pudiera hacer tu arte porque el tuyo es lindo relajante Y creativo

    Mereces Miles de suscriptores gracias por darme ideas👍👍👍👍😁

  8. Hermoso ganarias millones de billetes si lo vendieras pero no es que sea abogada es darte ejemplo aunque hables ingles

  9. The background music was so relaxing and your works is so beautiful 😍❤️

  10. Wow this turned out spectacular

    Is what I keep saying to myself as I look down at my blob of brown

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