Shoulder Workout Finisher (WORKS EVERY TIME!!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today I’m going to show you a perfectFfinisher
for a Shoulder Workout to help take you not just to the end of your workout but through
the end your workout. To that point where we create muscle overload.
And that’s the most important thing if you’re looking to add size. Now you don’t have to be a Seismologist to
understand this technique because we call this the tremors technique, and you don’t have to have a real background
in earthquakes to figure that out, but it actually works very similar to an earthquake
and how it affects your muscles. We know that with an earthquake there’s an
epicenter and that’s where all the action’s occurring, that’s where the brunt of the earthquake is
and then people will still feel tremors around the area of the earthquake usually a long
distance away. Well we can do the same thing here by actually
creating sort of the epicenter in the weakest area of our Shoulders. In this case it’s going to be most likely
for you your rear Delt, your Posterior Deltoids. So we’ll take the weight that we’d normally
fail in, in a 10 to 12 rep range for a Bentover Lateral Raise, ok. That is the guiding weight that we’ll use
for the rest of this set, this tremor set. And from there you move then up to a Side
Lateral Raise. Well we know that a properly executed Side
Lateral Raise will actually have your Arms traveling in a position here, because again I’ll actually put the whole
video out on this if I have to in the future, but the proper position is actually with our
thumbs a little higher than our pinkies, not the opposite way around, which will actually get a little bit of external
rotation in at the Shoulder and still keep some work going in those Posterior Deltoids. So you’re going to still feel a little bit
of that tremor in the back even though you’ve traveled a little bit forward to the Medial
Delt. Then of course once you go to failure there,
you’re going to now go up into the Front Raise. And now the Front Raise, we’ve moved the focus
now into the Front Deltoid, but we’re going to feel a little bit of that
tremor carrying through into the side Delt and of course all the way back to the rear
Delt because we haven’t rested between any of these
legs of this journey. And then finally we go the the all so simple,
Overhead Press, except at this point, fourth in line in our
exercises, it becomes pretty damn hard. And yes, guess what, when you do these you’ll
start to feel some of those tremors still going on in the back side, all the way back on the other side of your
Shoulder because of this cumulative fatigue. So I’ll actually demonstrate it for you, exactly
what this looks like in action. We’re going to take our Dumbbells again, I’m
going to use the ones that would allow me to fail in the 10 to 12 rep range on a Rear
Delt Fly. Ok, so I’ll position here so you can see what’s
going on. I’m just going to come up and back. I’m trying to make almost a ‘W’ here with
my arms so that this positioning here alright, so that I get a little bit of that external
rotation at the top as well. Let me go lay up now for the sides. Alright
from here and up. I can feel it in the back too. 10, 11, 12. And now up to the front, catch your breath. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, god 9, 10, 11, one
more 12. And now, got to finish them off with that
really light 20 pound Overhead Shoulder Dumbbell Press, but it’s already killing me to get them in
this position right here. And press up and I can already start to feel
that way back in the back of my shoulders as well. 6,7,8,9 ohhhh. And guess what, you rest about 30 seconds,
those were 20’s. I come back down here, I’ve got my 15’s and
then I repeat it all over again. And this is your finisher guys. You go until the last set. I’ve even performed some, where I take my
hands and I go through the motion with just as hard a squeeze as I can possibly get, through here and the Rear Delt, up here again
for the Sides, really trying to squeeze as hard as I possibly could right at the top. And then come up to the front here and try
to squeeze as hard as I possibly can. And then go back up to the Press one more
time and squeeze as hard as I possibly can. And I can tell you, right after a hard shoulder
workout, it doesn’t get any better than that. That is a great way to finish off a high intensity
Shoulder Workout capable of taking you to that next level, capable of producing growth
for you. Guys, if you’re looking for a way to train
intensely in a much shorter period of time, you’ve got to start being willing to trade
in some of that workout length for intensity. You can’t just keep coasting through your
workouts, thinking that doing the same thing over and over again is going to give you better
results. Unfortunately it’s going to give you the same
results that you’ve been getting. If you want that jolt and you’re looking for
me to coach you through every step of the way, I’ll do that. Head to ATHLEANX.COM, get our ATHLEANX Training
System, and I will walk you through every workout,
every technique I’ve got in the next 90 days. I hope you guys found this video valuable.
If you want more like, let me know. We’ve got finishers for other areas as well. I’ll make sure I can bring them back to you
here, right here on this channel. Alright guys, I’ll see you back here soon.

Joseph Wolf


  1. You are literally the most informative and knowledgeable person on YouTube! Thank you bro

  2. I been doing these for years ever since I watched Rocky vs. Drago

  3. Awesome! Also loved your Quad finisher! Can you share a glute/ham finisher?!

  4. Watching your videos motivated me to hit yhe gym again after about 15 years. I am 37 and weighed around 120kgs at 5ft8inches. I am down to 90kgs in around 6 months and now noticing a few positive shape changes in my physique. Thank you and your channel. Love and respect from Pakistan.

  5. My arms just arnt strong enough at the moment to do this using a weight where I fail at twelve reps.

  6. You were heavier back 15 it looks. Abs not as defined, but arms shoulders alot thicker. This is my fav Jeff 🤩lol

  7. Yesterday I did this and right after I finished my warmup one of the guys was asking me why I don't use the seated shoulder lift, I told him I'm following Athlean X's workout, he said I was just wasting my time and that Jeff's workouts are too complicated, so I ignored him and finished this workout and I literally felt my shoulders on fire for the first time and said to myself, without Jeff I am wasting my time 🙂 thanks Jeff.

  8. You've got bad form, that's Risky Business… you are dead lifting your laterals… that's bad for your lumbars, time for another hernia?

  9. Whenever I need a new/different exercise, I watch one of these videos the day before. When you're always putting something different in your workout, you can challenge your muscles to adapt and you don't have to rely on really heavy weights or 2 hr workouts.

  10. Now that's a bad ass "finisher" when you go down to no weights at all. No wonder I'm only almost a 60 year old version of Jeff.

  11. a finisher?! ..almost looks like a complete shoulder workout session to me..

  12. did this yesterday. wow! thanks for sharing your knowledge… i've been plateauing and have been trying to build a new program – will be including this for sure. wow! thank you! you're amazing.

  13. ive had too many Delt injuries to try this AFTER a delt workout, but it could be my ACTUAL WORKOUT !

  14. everywhere i´ve searched for lateral raises they say it should be done with the elbow pulling up and the hand facing down. you say exactly the opposite. why?

  15. Blasted my shoulders with your shoulder workouts. Uses this to finish them…..it kicked my arse! I can barely raise my arms. This is my shoulder closer for now on. Thanks!

  16. Tremors… You don’t have to be a seismologist to add size. -nice one Jeff

  17. So what do I do before this? The same exercises done separately 3 sets each? Thanks Jeff!

  18. I do this however in reverse, next shoulder day going to do your way. I know they work because my shoulders are on fire. In fact buds 20 years younger will not follow me. I give it about 2 minutes in between, will stop that. Thanks agian.

  19. Best shoulder routine i've found. I've only been able to build my sholders with pushups until now. BA man thx

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  21. Holly hell!! I never saw this video but that looks like an awesome shoulder workout! I'm trying it next gym session.

  22. Jeff's my friend, I check on him ever day!! This guy has COOL written all over him

  23. I used this drill at start of my shoulder session. Make sure to drop the weight down on shoulder press as it nearly injured me on the 2nd rep!

  24. Are you supposed to do this after a normal shoulder workout? You’ll be spending hours at the gym. No one has time for that. Or is this in place of?

  25. That doesn't work for me, I use way more weight on my rear delts flys that on my lateral or front raises…

  26. I know this is an old video, but I tried this today with 15's, 10's, 5's, than no weights (each with 30 second rests like Jeff teaches here and it was INTENSE!!! I didn't even get to my vertical trap work, I just left haha. I'm definitely doing this again, but maybe not every chest/shoulder day.

  27. keep in mind jeff, some of the intensity techniques you show arent for all age groups.

  28. O M G!!!! WTF. You should not see what wrecks of shoulders I have. After 30 years of construction, whew, to try to pull these things outta tha dump is HARD work. But, hard work it will be. Thanks Jeff!

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