S2E14 Should I meditate before going to bed

Hey everyone, and
welcome to this episode of Sleep Like a Boss. So I’m super excited to talk to you about should I meditate before going to bed. And, the reason why I want
to approach this topic is that I did a consultation this week for a fellow professional,
a naturopathic doctor, and she is basically stuck
with one of her clients. And the more we talked about her patient, I realized that he’s
really the kind of person that I usually work with, and you know, a lot of my
clients are not necessarily the type of person who like to meditate. And even though you know, I
don’t criticize meditation at all, I think it’s amazing. I also think sometimes we’re
not quite ready for it, and you need to give
everyone their time to do so. So, in some cases, I actually found that I have people who make
their life more difficult when trying to meditate
because they tend to be so perfectionist that they
put themselves under stress. So they beat themselves up because they you know, they say I can’t
think, or I can’t not think, I’m really bad at mediation because I have all these
thoughts popping up, and you know explaining to them
that, that is actually okay. That at first a meditation
is just about realizing what you’re thinking about,
just becoming aware of that, and that is totally fine. And then just, you know, taking it, putting it into a
bubble, and put it aside, that is your job when you’re
meditating takes a little bit. And I find that if I have
a very anxious person sometimes it can wind them up even more. So here’s an alternative that I suggest to a lot of my clients, that
works really well for them, and it actually really
works well for me too, and that is walking. Taking a walk. And, ideally actually,
is an evening stroll. So I love going and having
a quick walk in the evening. So around eight, nine,
if I don’t have anything on my schedule. Especially now, it’s getting summer here, the days are longer, going
and having just a walk through the neighborhood or
if you’re in the countryside just a little country road. I’m close to woods, so once
it’s getting really light out I love going out, in the
woods, seeing the sundown, being close to my car obviously. I don’t wanna be stuck
there when it’s dark. But It brings wonders, and
you can’t do anything wrong. You just walk and the
thoughts will pop up, you will deal with them, and I find, for a lot of my clients,
that it is the first step to become mindful, to process things that we’ve talked about,
to become okay with your thinking process. And then, after a while, you can have them try meditating again. So when I ask a question,
should I meditate before going to bed, I would ask you, is it creating anxiety in
you, are you one of the people who says I’m really bad at meditation. I can’t make it right; I
can’t meditate correctly. Then, I would actually,
and if you’re someone who just doesn’t like it, if
you’re just someone who how should I say, who
digests their thoughts better through movement, then take a walk. Then really just enjoy
that movement in your body. We all move, not enough. A lot of us don’t exercise regularly, and so just having that
even just 15 minute stroll in the evening, after dinner, it is going to change wonders. Trust me on this. So that is just my little
piece of advice today, for those of you who like movement, who want to try meditation
who aren’t quite ready, who are too harsh on
themselves, perfectionists. Walking is amazing. Conscious walking, just taking a stroll. It’s wonderful. Even when it’s raining,
even that can be amazing. The cold, the wetness, there’s
a certain smell in the air when it’s raining, even then
it can be pretty amazing. So try it out. Let me know how it goes. Try it out with your clients. Let me know how they react to it. And I’m looking forward to
seeing you again next week. Bye-bye for now.

Joseph Wolf

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