Revolution – Day 2 – Practice Intention – Yoga With Adriene

– Hello my sweet
friends and welcome. It is day two of
your yoga revolution. Today we’re gonna
practice moving with intention, building on
yesterday’s practice, so hop into something
comfy, and let’s get started. (light music) Alright my friends, let’s begin in a nice,
comfortable seat today. Sit up nice and
tall, and right away, draw the hands
together, Anjali Mudra at the heart, prayer position. And notice how
this makes you feel. You might even
close your eyes here. And then take a moment
to consider why you’re here. What led you to this moment? Set a little intention
for the next 30 days. Let it be kind. Let it be thoughtful. And it can just be simply, I want to get
through the 31 days. Just take a moment to connect to why you’re here basically. And then take a deep breath in. And exhale,
relax your shoulders. Then bat the eyelashes
open, and release the hands to the knees, so it’s not
really what you came up with, but it’s the act
of just connecting and allowing the mind and the
body to come together and say, “Yes, okay, I’m here.” So that awareness is key. So we inhale, press
the palms into the knees and lift the chest here. And exhale, chin to chest,
rounding through the spine. So today’s practice is
about moving with intention. As you inhale, lift the heart. And exhale,
round through the spine. So just explore
that in your body. For me, it’s about
slowing down and moving from a place of connect. So, we jerk ourselves
around plenty off the yoga mat, and we are rushed and rushed
and rushed off the yoga mat, and then we come on the yoga mat and then we do the same thing,
so can we slow it down here? And really set our
sights on moving from a place of connect for the next 30 days,
whatever that means to you. It could be really
moving from your center, maybe more
anatomically you consider really moving from
your core, from your middle. But maybe it’s
moving with a kindness. This idea of being
gentle and kind with yourself on the yoga mat, so
that you’re gentle and kind with yourself, and with
others, off the yoga mat. Do one more spinal flex
here, think Cat-Cow here, so really articulate
through the spine, as you inhale, lift your heart. And exhale, draw
your chin to your chest. (exhaling breath) Great, inhale, come
all the way back up. We’ll squeeze the
shoulders up to the ears with a big inhale. Then exhale, drop ’em down. Two more, inhale,
squeeze and lift. Exhale, drop it like it’s hot. And one more,
inhale, squeeze and lift. And exhale, relax. Beautiful, chin to chest here, we’re just gonna draw U’s, U’s (laughs), U
shapes with the nose, so drawing all the
way up to one side, and then down through center, and all the way
up to the other side. And down through center. And even here are you
just kind of mastering the task of
drawing U’s with the nose or can you really
move with intention? Feel it out. As I said yesterday, we
are really not here to do yoga. We’ll use the tools of
yoga, but we’ll use them to create an experience. Mmmmmm. Alright, we’ll
come back to center. Bring the head above the heart, the heart right
above the pelvis. Take a deep breath in. Then send the hands out long. Exhale, come
forward onto all fours. (exhaling breath) When you get there, really
set yourself up for greatness, so spread the fingertips,
wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly
underneath the hip points. Then we’re gonna
curl the toes under today, and come into that hovering
table to light a little fire in the belly, so here we go, press away from your yoga mat. Everyone really
lift up between the space in the upper back body
between your shoulder blades. So lift the back
body up towards the sky, so we’re not collapsed here. And here we go, inhale in,
gaze straight down. Exhale, lift the knees
and let them hover for five. Tops of the shoulders
draw away from the ears, four. Long, beautiful neck, three. Two, and one, beautiful. Slowly lower the knees down,
come to the tops of the feet. Elbows are gonna go
right where the hands are here for Heart to Earth Pose. So keep the fingerprints
firmly rooted on the mat, and then slowly begin
to walk the knees towards the back edge, keep
the elbows firmly planted, and slowly release
forehead to the earth. Tailbone and hip creases
reach up towards the sky, and then we melt the heart down. Now start to tap into
a buoyant breath here. See if you can
extend the inhalations and extend the
exhales as we start to open up through the
chest, the shoulders. Again, keep clawing into the
ground with your fingerprints. Take one more breath here. And then press into the
tops of the feet and again, move from a place of connect, so carve a line, look
forward, and rather than just hurling
yourself towards your belly, see if you can press
into the tops of the feet, press into your
elbows and the hands, and slide all the way through. Great, slide the hands
back in line with the rib cage. Then tuck the chin to the chest. As you inhale,
lift up, baby Cobra. Move with intention. Exhale to release. Two more. As you inhale, squeeze
the elbows into the side body, press into your
fingerprints, and exhale, take one more,
moving with your breath. And release,
gorgeous, curl the toes under. You can press up to
all fours or plank pose. Big breath lifts you up,
all fours, tabletop or plank. Great, fire up through the legs. Reach the heels towards
the back edge of your mat, press away from your yoga
mat, soft bend in the elbows here my friends. Alright we’re starting to
welcome some heat to the body. You might pedal out
the feet a little here. Take one more deep breath in. And then on the
exhale, make your way to Downward Facing Dog. (exhaling breath) Really root down through
that index finger and thumb, and shake the head
a little loose here. Pedal it out. And then going
for a nice, slow walk. Again, moving with intention. What does that look like? What does that feel like? Definitely gonna
up your yoga game here if you use today’s
practice to explore what it feels like
to move with intention. We’ll walk all the way up
to the front edge of the mat. And lots of
awareness in the feet as we bring them hip width
apart, toes pointing forward. And then bend
your knees generously, let your belly come to
the tops of the thighs. Arms relax down, and
again, shake the head loose. Allow any stress or
tension to melt off here. Any weight you’ve been carrying
on your back, let it go. We don’t need to carry
that extra weight with us on this yoga journey, so
starting to create some space, open up some fresh space. (exhaling breath) Some good space. Okay, here we go, big
inhale to lift you up halfway. Press into your feet,
slide the hands to the tops of the
thighs or the shins. Then pull the elbows
back and find length here. And then exhale
to soften and bow. Rolling all the
way up to Mountain, tuck the chin into the chest, take your time, breathe deeply. Take your time, draw
energy up from the earth, so press into your feet and
lift up through your arches. Eventually we’ll
meet in Mountain Pose. And when you get there,
take a couple moments to just feel it out. You might fix your pants,
fix your shirt, stretch the mouth,
lick your lips, maybe you repeat
the U shape with the nose, or take the shoulders
for a couple loops around. And for me, these
moments are really important, especially if
you’re in a public class, so that you are
connected and moving in a way that feels good for
you on any given day. So every practice is different. Each time you come to the
mat, you have an opportunity to listen in a new way,
create a new experience. Alright, and then
when you’re ready, when you feel satisfied,
we’ll open the palms out and lift up through the sternum. Stand up really tall here,
Tadasana, Mountain Pose, and we’re just gonna
take a second to rotate the thumbs in and then out. And then feel how
that’s connected to the tops of the shoulders,
or the tops of the arms, the upper arm bone
here and the shoulders. Again, in and out, in and out. And the next time you’re out,
really wrap the shoulder blades around, find that
lift through the sternum, and then from here,
we’re gonna inhale, lift the
fingertips at a flying V, so trying to keep that
wrap in the upper back body as you reach for the sky. Cool, big breath in here. Make the most of this,
stretch, stretch, stretch. And then exhale all
the way down, Forward Fold. Hmmmm. Inhale lifts you up halfway. Again, palms on the
shins or the thighs. The goal here is to use
this inhale to create length. Find length in
the back of the neck, this beautiful,
long line of the spine. And then exhale,
just soften and release. Back up towards
the sky, big flying V, as you send the fingertips,
thumbs are gonna pull all the way up and back. Reach for the sky, big full
body stretch here, Volcano Pose. Lift from the
arches of the feet, and exhale, hands to heart. Lift the sternum
up to the thumbs. Lengthen the tailbone down. Inhale in deeply here. And exhale completely. Alright, let’s rock and roll. Big inhale, thumbs lift you up. Keep that rotation
in the upper arm bones as you reach for the sky. Exhale, forward fold,
soft bend in the knees. Slowly lower down. Inhale, with control,
halfway lift. Your version, pull the
elbows back, shoulders back, create length, and then
exhale with your breath, soften and bow. Beautiful, bring your
fingertips to the yoga mat and walk the feet in. And then when you’re
ready, see if you can really move from
a place to connect, so we’re not just
tossing our leg back, but connect to your center. So draw the navel in
and up, and from your core, from your middle,
step the right foot back. Lower the right knee down,
and then loop the shoulders. Again, try to find
that openness in the chest, that lift in the sternum,
and maybe even play with that rotation of the
upper arm bones opening out, nice low lunge. Going to come onto the
top of the back foot here, and inhale, breathe in. Then exhale, send the hips back, flex the left
toes towards the sky, runner’s stretch,
breathing deep. So if you want a
little more of a stretch here, you can walk the
fingertips forward, and I encourage
everyone to bend that left knee so we can really get into
the belly of that hamstring there and not just over-
stretching where it attaches, so soft bend in the elbows,
soft bend in the knees is always a nice way
to go if you want to move from a place of connect. Move with intention. Alright, take
one more breath here. Perhaps you lift up from
the pelvic floor a little. And then exhale,
rolling through back to that nice, low lunge. This time, thumbs
lifting up, so fingertips at a flying V, we inhale,
reach the fingertips up towards the sky. And then come out of
your stretch a little bit, especially if
you’re really flexible, and find that lift
up through the midline. Then you can
slowly ease back into it, pressing into the top
of that back foot firmly. Inhale in,
maybe lift your heart. And then exhale,
cascade it down nice and easy. Right hand comes to the earth. Back knee stays
lowered for this one. As we inhale, open up
towards the left, big twist. Now imagine pulling
your left hip crease back, so left hip crease, top of
the left thighbone pulls back, and we inhale,
reach for the sky. Draw the right
shoulder away from the ear. Inhale in, again, smile. And then exhale with
control all the way back down. Beautiful, plant the palms,
root down through that index finger and thumb,
curl the back toes under. Inhale, look forward. Then exhale, move from
the middle, as you lift the back knee, try to
move as one moving part here, rather than a bunch
of disjointed parts. One full body experience,
we come to plank pose. Breathing deep. Inhale in. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Soft, easy movement here. So we take the idea
of Sukha, that softness, that easy movement here,
building on with day two, moving from a place of connect. From your Downward Dog,
take a deep inhale in through the nose. And nice, cleansing
breath out through the mouth. Repeat the slow walk
from before, nice and slow, stretching through
the Achilles, the ankles, the backs of the feet,
we come all the way up to that forward fold. Feet hip width apart. Big inhale lifts you
up halfway, find length. And then exhale to fold. Root down through the feet. Inhale, reach for the sky,
big breath, big stretch. And exhale, hands to heart,
lengthen the tailbone down, lift the sternum up. Take a deep breath in. And a big breath out. Inhale to reach for the sky. Exhale to fold. Slow it down, take your time. Move with your breath. As you inhale,
lift up halfway, your version. And exhale to
soften and release. Bring the fingertips to the mat, walk the feet together,
arch to arch, and then again, rather than
just slingin’ your left leg out, see if you can really
cultivate an awareness right here in the belly. Draw the navel
inward and upward, and from there,
step the left foot back. Maybe you step it lightly. Beautiful. Inhale, loop the shoulders,
lower the back knee. And reconnect with your breath. Pressing into the
top of the back foot, just feel it out, again,
we’re not here to do yoga. Quite the contrary, just allowing for
the story to unfold, the experience to happen. Staying present with the breath. Inhale, open the chest. And exhale, send the
right hip crease back this time, right toes towards
the sky, Runner’s Stretch. Again, if you want to intensify
this stretch a little bit, you’ll just walk
the fingertips forward. Otherwise, bring them
right underneath the shoulders. Breathing deep here. And then bend that
right knee just a bit, breathe a little deeper. Awesome, then rolling
through that right foot, so move with intention,
move from the middle here as you come all the way back. Front knee over front ankle. Lift up from the pelvic floor. Fingertips are
gonna go at that flying V, so find that rotation
in the upper arm bone as you reach for the sky. And then come up a little bit. Find that pulling back
of the right hip crease, that lift up
through the center channel. Press into the top of
the back foot for stability. Big breath in,
maybe slight backbend here as you lift the
sternum up and back. And then exhale,
soften and release back down. Keep the back knee where it is. Left hand comes to the ground. And when you’re ready,
big twist here. As we pull the
right hip crease back, press away from your
yoga mat, and inhale, right fingertips
reach up towards the sky. So focus on the
sensation rather than the shape, so you might even only
bring the hand out halfway. Might feel better
to just come halfway and really stay
connected than to push beyond. So just noticing,
accepting where you’re at today, and staying connected. So if you start to
restrict your breath, that’s a good
sign to change it up. Alright, inhale. Use an exhale to come back. Mmmm. Awesome, inhale to
look forward, find length. Exhale, plant both palms,
curl the back toes under, and again, draw
the navel in and up. Lift the back knee, Plank Pose. So really pressing down into
that index finger and thumb. This time really
reach the heels back. Find stillness here and
let the breath move you. Careful not to collapse in
the middle of the back body. So lift your back
body up towards the sky. Try to lift your heart
space all the way between your shoulder blades. Great, take one
more deep breath in here. And then slow and with control, you can lower
the knees here too. We’ll lower all the
way down to the belly. Press into your foundation. Slide the hands in line with
the rib cage, and here we go, moving in three breaths. We inhale,
Baby Cobra, open your heart. Exhale, release. Inhale, finding that
lift with the breath. And cascading
down with the exhale. One more, really press
into the tops of the feet, press into the pubic
bone here, hug the elbows in. And exhale. Gorgeous. Curl the toes under,
press up to plank, big breath in here. And exhale to your Downward Dog. Gorgeous. So bend the knees this
time and lift the hip creases all the way up. Feel a deeper stretch
as the heart melts back, and then find a
little containment by drawing the navel in,
hugging the lower ribs in. Fabulous. Heels grow heavy here,
doesn’t matter if they come close to touching
the ground at all. Alright, take one
more deep breath in. And then use your exhale
to slowly lower the knees back down all the way. Bring the knees together,
feet together, Child’s Pose. Swim the fingertips around,
and slow and with control, forehead comes to mat. So if this is not a comfortable
resting pose for you, you can adapt and choose
another shape that feels good. We’re gonna take three
breath cycles in and out, really seeing if you can
allow the breath to move you. (inhaling and exhaling) Beautiful, and then
slowly reaching the fingertips all the way up. Lift back to all fours. Beautiful. From here, bring the
knees as wide as your yoga mat. Keep the two big toes in. And we’re gonna slide the
right hand right underneath that center line,
so right into the middle of your yoga mat and right
underneath the right shoulder. Then we keep pressing
into the tops of the feet here. Again, moving from
a place of connect, so see if you can
really move as one part rather than swinging
your left arm up. See if you can take
the whole body and move as one continuous movement. As you inhale, reach the
left fingertips all the way up. Then exhale in and underneath
the bridge of the right arm. Then inhale, open. And exhale, twist. Shooooooooo. Inhale, open. And last one,
moving with the breath. And on this one, you’re
gonna rest on your left ear and send your right
fingertips all the way out towards the front edge. Keep awareness in the
tops of your feet, and again, just like we did in Down Dog, see if you can lift the
hip creases up towards the sky, tailbone up towards the sky. Beautiful. Then if you’d like to
take another variation with this top arm here, you
can, bringing the right hand to the small of the back,
or keeping it really active, and reaching up
towards the heavens. Take one more deep
breath in here wherever you are. And a long
exhale out with control. Great, move from your center. Draw the navel in and up,
and that’s what brings you all the way back. Left hand comes to the midline, and moving from
a place of connect. Move with intention. As you reach for the sky,
inhale, right hand up. And exhale in and underneath
the bridge of the left arm, so you have
awareness through every part, all your fingertips. Awareness through all your toes. And so this can be
a little challenging, so just try to
stick with it even though it seems like we’re
doing simple action. To really move with intention requires focus, and that can be hard work. Okay, do one more. And then the next time
your ear comes to the mat, send your left
fingertips up towards the sky. Big stretch for
the upper back body. Really great for the neck,
the shoulders, and the back. Breathing deep. Imagine lifting your hip
creases up towards the sky, tail towards the sky,
and then you can take any variation you
like with this top arm, continuing to breathe deep. (inhaling and exhaling) Inhale in. Exhale, allow your left hand
to come all the way back up, navel draws in and up,
we try to move from our center, and come all the
way back to all fours. Walk the knees
underneath the hips. Swing the legs to one side. So swing the toes to one side, and come all the way to a seat. We’re gonna bring the
soles of the feet together for Cobbler’s Pose. So grab the ankles, soles
of the feet come together. We loop the
shoulders and find this lift up from the pelvic floor. Now anchor some weight
down through the elbows, down through the shoulders,
and down through the tops of the thighs,
so basically you try to find places to lift and lengthen, and then places to ground. And that really
is the true nature of our Hatha Yoga Practice, balancing these
two opposing forces. This idea of finding a
sense of balance and ease between the sun and the moon. We’ll be talking more
about that as the days go on. Great, just take
one more breath here. And then we’ll
release the hands, bring them to the
outer edges of the thighs, and then nice and slow,
in one sweeping movement, we’re gonna close
’em in, lean back, and lift the shins parallel. So hands are on the
backs of the thighs, now lift the shins parallel,
excuse me, to the ceiling. Now you can hold on
here, breathing deep, and once again we’ll try to
lift up from the pelvic floor, find places to lift and lengthen and places to ground here. And then find places where
you can add a little Sukha, a little ease. And don’t add any tension. Soften. Fabulous. If you want to
stay here you can. Otherwise, I invite you to
reach the fingertips forward, find that rotation
in the upper arm bones by opening the palms. Great, inhale in. Exhale, we’re gonna lower. Slowly send the toes
forward, hands stay facing up towards the sky. Inhale, lift. Exhale, lower. (exhaling breath) Inhale, lift. And exhale, lower. Inhale, lift, last one. And exhale, this time,
send the legs out, arms out, big flying V. Great, catch yourself
and come all the way down on your back, awesome. Moving from a place
to connect even here, slowly lower down. Great, we’re gonna bring the
feet as wide as the yoga mat. Knees fall in together,
finding that internal rotation in the hip, take the
left hand to the heart, right hand to the belly. Take a deep breath in. And exhale, sigh it out. (sighing breath) Keep the feet where
they are, and nice and slow, we’re gonna allow both
knees to windshield wiper over towards the
right side of the mat. You can stay here or
for a deeper stretch, cross the right foot over
the top of the left thigh, right ankle on the left thigh. And breathe deep, nice,
long, smooth deep breaths here. You might even soften
your gaze or close your eyes. And then with control,
releasing the right foot down. Enjoying this nice,
little booty massage as you roll all
the way through center, and then take both
knees over towards the left. Reach the right knee down. And if you need a
little more, cross left ankle, left foot over the
top of the right thigh. Inhale in. And exhale,
release back to center. And we’ll walk the heels in. Prepare for Bridge Pose. Fingertips come down,
snuggle the shoulder blades underneath your heart space,
and when you’re ready, big inhale to
slowly peel the hips up, reaching the sits bones
towards the backs of the knees, so the shins stay
perpendicular to the mat. We imagine a block
between the thighs, so keep some energy
there, and slowly lift up. Interlace the
fingertips behind the tailbone. Walk the forearms in. And then allow your
breath to move you here. Lift the chest to the chin,
and the chin towards the sky. Again, chest to chin,
and chin towards the sky. Take one more breath. Then exhale, with control,
release all the way down. Really finding
that yummy articulation through the spine here. Mmm, awesome,
press up off the toes, hug the knees into the chest, and we’re gonna
take Happy Baby here, so you’ll grab the
outer edges of the feet and lengthen
the tailbone towards the front edge of the mat. If it’s too much to
do both legs at one time, you can just do one
foot up towards the sky, and then the other, alternating. So our last few
moments here on the mat, strike up the band. (laughs) Find a nice, active breath. And then we’ll release
the feet all the way down. Extend the legs out long. And inhale, reach for the
sky, big full body stretch here. And exhale, release,
hands come down at the sides. We relaxed the soles
of the feet, the ankles. We let go in the legs. Let the hips grow heavy. Open mind, open heart. Allow the weight of
the arms to rest gently, and just notice if
you’re tightly bound up here. See if you can
create a little more space and really set your Shavasana up today
with some intention. Decide what feels good. Palms face down, palms face up. Heels together or maybe
as wide as your yoga mat. Then inhale lots of
love in, give thanks. Exhale, lots of love out. So when we practice moving
with intention on the mat, it becomes easier for us to
move from a place of connect and move with intention
and awareness off the mat. So thank you so much
for sharing your time and your energy, and
your practice with me today. We’ll bring the palms together. Inhale in. And exhale to empty out. I’ll see you tomorrow,
day three. Nice work everyone. Namaste. (light music)

Joseph Wolf


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  21. I really enjoyed todays practice… a little soothing, a little challenging, and dare I say, a litle fun 😁. My intention for Revolution is to approach the matt each day with positivity… today was a success. Looking forward to day 3.

  22. Anyone know what the music at the end is? It's so nice and relaxing, but energetic at the same time, ya know?

  23. I enjoyed dedicate so much I’m finding excitement exploring your other video collections! Thanks so much Adriene ❤️🧘🏼‍♀️✨

  24. Revolution is the best (I really enjoyed Dedicate too, but Revolution is slightly more challenging physically (for me) so I like the extra push 😉). Doing it for the third time in 2019.
    Thank you so much Adriene, I love you.
    Namaste 🙏

  25. It’s day tow, and today is my birthday 🎊I’m thankful for you Adriene I have been in this community for 2 years u are the reason for this commitment and I’m truly happy. From my heart to your namaste 🙏🏼

  26. Kids were fighting during this. They still are. I had to go out twice and handle them. I was peaceful and I did not yell. I tried to explain peaceully that mommy needs this time to get her mind and body right. I finished! In parts I just lost focus so I did what felt good until I was back on track.

  27. It’s April 2019! I’m starting this challenge a couple years late. The beauty of YWA is the resource is available anytime we need it. I’ve been practicing with Adriene for a year, a few times a week. I’m excited to up my yoga game. I ❤️ YWA!

  28. I really got to experience intention today. Thank you Adriene <3

  29. Starting 30 Days Revolution again for the 3rd time! 🙂 I love how connected I feel with this practice. Thank you, Adriene!!!! Namaste

  30. Greetings Adriene ✌
    Getting a little late start today!! That's the beauty of having and cultivating and at home practice! Going on the 96th day of my yoga Journey today! Wishing you a blessed day! Ashanti friend😊💖

  31. my favorite yogi, you're such a pure person, literally feel like we're friends thru these videos. thank you for assisting me on my yoga journey

  32. Day 2! Thank you again. One question. My arms are long so when doing the cobbler pose, my elbows are bent. Is that okay or is there a modification I should make?

  33. Ok… I just love how I always feel like i have room to grow… as soon as I feel stronger the practice says you can be stronger than that… I just love it…

  34. This series is awesome. I’m doing it all over again this month

  35. I've started this challenge today and the first day exersize seemed like a stretch to me so later today I did the day 2 as well 🙂 after finishing true 30 day challenge the day before yesterday…I can't get enough 💕💕
    Hope I'm not overdoing it…but it just feels right!

  36. If I were to give any criticism it would be that I am always at a place of peace at the end of the practice and ready to drift away. It would be nice if there was maybe a minute or 2 of music like you did on the last day of the last challenges. I know I could take my YouTube off of autoplay so there would just be silence but the time you did a compilation of music was magical

  37. It's weird to say that but I did this routine when I was kinda drunk… I'm sure it must not be recommended, but I just came back from a night out with friends and since I hadn't done yoga for the day yet and I'm very commited to practicing it every day, I just felt like doing it. Something that I found curious is that even thought my whole body was asking me to sleep after going out, my mind was commited to it and I knew I would do it. It wasn't hard at all, I actually felt very relaxed doing the poses.

  38. It feels soooo good to be back to my morning yoga. This plus meditation is both the relief and cure to anxiety. Thank you again, Adriene!

  39. I’m working my way through your 30 day playlists from oldest to newest, and getting better and better as I go. But I’m also enjoying watching your confidence grow on the video as a teacher. Great from the start, and smoother, stronger, clearer each time, all while holding on to the sweet Adriene quirkiness we all love. Love it. Sooo good.

  40. Happy day two everyone. It's actually day 32 for me I started and finally finished, after failing to the first time, the 30 days of yoga playlist and I've gotta say I'm feeling great. It took a few weeks to get used to being yoga sore but I feel so much more in tune with my body, I can't wait for this month of yoga.

  41. day 2✔️I keep skipping my daily yoga practice, but school has started and I'm sooo busy😔

  42. 🌎Synchronicity🌍
    Put this one in favorites. Although change is constant.

    I Am learning to expect change

  43. Day 2 intention! Great practice to take into my day! Thank you Namaste 🙏

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