Revival Of Satya Yuga, The Golden Vedic Era by Nithyananda

nithyānandeśvara samārambhām nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām || I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis,
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Singapore Aadeenam. Some more cities are joining… I welcome all of you, with my love and respects. I will expand on Kathopanishad, the introduction
story. Please understand, it’s a very beautiful story, the introduction story. There was a time aliens were not aliens to
us. Please understand. When your mind divides, divides, divides, even the other country people
are called aliens. No, this is the extreme stupidity some of the so called developed
countries call the other country citizens as aliens. The abusive nature and arrogant
nature. See, I am not saying that what India is suffering by the Bangladeshi invaders,
that should be allowed. No, I am not supporting that. See, if someone wants to come from Bangladesh
and live here, be part of our society, I don’t think I have any right to oppose. But when
they come here, try to harm our villages, run a riot, do criminal acts, then we have
all the right to protect ourself. But no way we have a right to give them the title ‘aliens’.
We have no right to give the title ‘aliens’. There was a time when we were so vast in our
heart. The Satya Yuga, even aliens were not aliens, they were able to smoothly, easily
come and go. We were able to go to their space and come. That was the time this story happened, where
a seven year old kid can straight walk up to Yama’s abode …Yama comes, showing his
form clearly. Aliens were not aliens in those days. I hope again, the same space will come
back. This story, beautiful story, I’ll just give
an outline of the story and then explore the meaning, sacred secrets hidden in this story.
The outline of the story is, one Vajashravas, King, became very old, he had a son Naciketa,
just seven year old kid, less than seven year old kid. This King wants to have heavenly
pleasures after he dies due to his insecurity about life, and the priest, Vedic priest recommends
certain ritual from the Vedas, to be done to achieve the heaven. But unfortunately this
king, who is so greedy, who is not ready to understand the context of the ritual, started
doing the ritual more in a business sense, because he does not understand the context.
He was trying to do more as business, instead of giving away the best things he has, he
started giving away the cows which were literally useless for the person who receives, because
they can’t give milk, they can’t give birth anymore, they have become really old. In Hindu tradition, we don’t kill the cows
even if they have become old, we maintain them. So he gave away the cows which are really
old, which is in the space, stage where you need to maintain them. So he started giving
away those kind of cows. Upanishad poetically describes,’ the cows have drank enough water,
and no more power to drink, they have finished eating grass enough and thus have aged, they
can’t eat any more, and their milk has been milked, and they cannot yield anymore milk,
and they have lost their power of senses and organs to give birth’. So he started giving
that kind of cows. Without context he was trying to do the ritual. So Naciketa, his
son, fortunately who has not yet developed any root pattern, goes and talks to the father
and asks him about this whole thing, this is the scene. Upanishad describes, now I will explain the
every sacred secret Upanishad is trying to describe through this story, introduction
story. The very space with which Upanishad describes this story, is so beautiful. Even
though we have divided ourself so deeply, we moved far away from the Advaita. See, the
whole society, human society, claiming that people from other planets are aliens is like
a very big drop from the Advaitic space, space of Oneness. Then in that, you claiming people
from other countries as aliens is a one more big drop. And then you claiming people from
other community or religion as aliens is one more drop. This is the way we go into the
lower and lower worlds, we are becoming a lower and lower world. Even though we moved
far away from the original Advaitic space, the
story is still relevant to us. First Naciketa, hero of the Upanishad, filled
with sattva, the pure seeking…less than seven year old kid, who has not even developed
root pattern. Vajashravas, the king who has mastered all the tactics of ruler, who has
conquered many smaller kingdoms, and who knows all the
nuances of business, I tell you, King should establish his authority only by power, never
through business, sucking the citizens and sucking the wealth out of citizens. When this
two overlaps that is abuse of power. Vedic tradition is very clear, all the four major
powers of the human society, one: knowledge, second: weapons, third: money, wealth, fourth:
land. All these four was kept separately, to different four groups, so that the de-centralization
of the power was always maintained. There is no centralization, there is no authoritative
governance. There is always a democracy. Even if there is a King, he is always has to be
a benign ruler, benign authority, benign autocracy. He can’t be just doing what he wants, because
knowledge is with a different group, wealth is with
a different group, weapons are with a different group, and land is with a different group. But when the King tries to play the game of
a businessman, he messes up his life and the life of the citizens. Here this fool, Vajashravas,
he’s trying to do business, he developed stupid business mentality, maybe he must have
been a powerless guy. Internally he must have never felt fulfillment being a King. He must
have been still feeling empty. So that is why, trying to encroach upon the space of
wealth, and developed foolish business mental set-up, I tell you, you need to really, really
dig in, look in, and find out whether the knowledge is going to give you fulfillment,
or wealth is going to give you fulfillment, or weapons – the power, is going to give you
fulfillment, or having the large land is going to give you fulfillment. You need to take
clear decision. But this guy, I can say a typical King who
is confused, he himself is confused about what is going to fulfill him. He is not clear
about what is going to fulfill him, what fulfills him. Otherwise a King developing a business
mentality is the most cheapest thing. He should know he owns people who own wealth. Understand,
when you are fulfilled with knowledge, you know you own people who owns wealth, you own
people who owns land, you own people who own political power. You just know, that is the
power of knowledge. Same way, when you are fulfilled with the power of weapon, the political
power, you just know you own the people who own knowledge, you own the people who own
wealth, you own the people who own land. When you feel empty inside, insecure, “who
knows these fellows with wealth, I don’t think they will listen to me, I don’t think
I really own them, better let me own the wealth directly.” That is when the mixing of castes
happens as Krishna mentions in Gita. Understand, He says, mixing of castes, Jaatinastha, chaos
in the Varnaashram Dharma, confusion in the Varnaashram Dharma, happens when one guy feels
insecure and tries to possess the other mental set-ups. Varnaashram Dharma is the most abused concept
in Hinduism. All the anti-Hindu forces used these four or five concepts to attack Hinduism
left and right, abuse Hinduism left and right. One is: Varnaashram Dharma, another one is
Sati: the women committing suicide when the husbands die. We need to look in a little
bit. You won’t find a single reference of a Hindu king, even if he conquers others kingdom,
disrespecting women or raping them, imprisoning them, or abusing them, or using them. You
won’t find a single reference. Look into the history. Our women carried the best DNA,
developed by our Rishis. Our Gotra is nothing but the code word for the special DNA layers.
Please understand, our Rishis have mastered the science of inserting the specific bio-memory,
into a specific DNA layers. So our Gotra is the code word for those special DNAs. When
a child is born in certain Gotra, this set of knowledge is already learnt by him – you
just need to provide that ambience, he will recover, he will start expressing everything. Please understand, when I was seven, I started
reciting the whole Ramayana, Mahabharat, all the twenty-thirty thousand verses of Devaram
Tiruvasanam by heart. When I was seven I started reciting all these. I did not even learn language
or script. I did not even know Tamil script or Devanagari script, in which all this knowledge
is there. I was not even able to read Devanagari script or Tamil script, but I can recite all
the thousands of verses, from Valmiki Ramayana, from Vyasa’s Mahabharat, from Devaram Tiruvasakam.
The moment that ambience was provided, whatever was in the DNA, in the bio-memory, started
expressing. So, the Gotras are the code word for DNA. Stealing our women was the worst stealing
done. That is the worst conspiracy done against Hinduism … because the best DNA, which our
ancestors built, with so much of sacrifice. This is what Krishna wants: adharmābhibhavāt kṛṣṇa praduṣyanti
kula-striyaḥ | strīṣu duṣṭāsu vārṣṇeya jāyate
varṇa-saṅkaraḥ || 1.40 || By prevalence of impiety, O Krishna, the women
of the family become corrupt, and women becoming corrupted, O Vaarshneya, there arises intermingling
of castes. saṅkaro narakāyaiva kula-ghnānāṁ kulasya
ca | patanti pitaro hy eṣāṁ lupta-piṇḍodaka-kriyāḥ
|| 1.41 || Confusion of caste leads to hell of the slayers
of the family, for their forefathers fall, deprived of the offerings of the Pinda, the
rice ball and water. There are many verses about this in the Gita.
These words are uttered actually by Arjuna to Krishna, but this was the common prevalent
concept in those days. Please listen, we need to look into this whole community system with
the idea of investigation, not with the idea of abusing. Be very clear, we are a civilization
created for Enlightenment. When somebody is not complete in this janma (birth), he will
take the birth in the next janma, in the same family and ambience and will start where he
has left, and continue his journey. So our civilization is created for that. These invaders,
if you don’t believe in next janma, who are you to talk about our civilization. Anti-Hindu
forces are the most dangerous forces for planet Earth, because neither they have knowledge
nor they are interested in investigating. All they know is the brutal weapons, turning
their weapons to the people who are investigating, contemplating. I tell you, I tell you all
the fellows who conquered this world with weapon and torturing this world with weapons,
your time is over! Thanks to the
internet revolution, thanks to the next generation youngsters who started seeking, investigating
… when a human society largely starts seeking, investigating, that is the age for us, people
with knowledge. All the barbaric techniques, tactics – gone, over. Neither your atomic
weapons nor your chemical weapons are going to be useful. It is waste of your resource.
Producing more and more may give you little pseudo-security. But neither all these are
going to be useful nor you are going to achieve anything with all this. The age of controlling
the human population through weapons is over, thanks to next generation that started seeking
knowledge. Thanks to the next generation that started questioning. Thanks to internet revolution.
Thanks to all the IT industry, for making knowledge as a foundation for lifestyle. So now, even a middle class person, if he
wants to know about anything as simple as where to buy organic vegetable to how to awaken
your third eye, straight they go for ‘googling’. So the humanity has started looking in the
direction of investigation. I tell you, this is the best thing can happen to humanity.
Please understand, sitting in the land which has suffered most number of invasions and
brutal attacks, like Hinduism. This city is the most brutally attacked, invaded city in
the history. We are the largest, oldest, highest in all aspect civilization, even before two
thousand years. Largest, highest, oldest… of course still we retain the title oldest
and highest. But we lost the title largest because of constant invasions … constant
invasions. It is time now, world is ready to listen to
us. I tell you, this International Yoga Day, is marking of Satya Yuga (golden vedic era)
started. It is actually a marking of Satya Yuga starting. I am really going to put a
lot of effort on studying these Gotras and DNAs, why those traditions of Gotras need
to be maintained. And I will also prove, scientifically establish, picking up the kids from the Gotras
and making them demonstrate that knowledge branch and prove that those memories are stored
in that layer of DNA of each Gotra. I know that is the reason those anti-Hindu
forces are terrorized by me, who doesn’t have anything other than this four inch tongue.
I do not have any weapon, I don’t have anything, just the four inch tongue where Mahadevi,
Sarasvati is sitting. I will contribute to the world, by reviving these great truths,
why our Rishis established this Gotra system and community system. Please understand, this
discrimination of community system itself was imposed on us by invaders. Please understand,
the Gayatri Mantra which is chanted by all the Brahmins, is revealed by a Kshatriya,
Vishvamitra. The Vyasa who is worshipped by all the Brahmins is the son of a fisherwoman,
Shudra. If we want
the Brahminical superiority to be established, don’t we have that much of intelligence
just to change the history? Instead of fisherwoman, we could have said: ‘one great Brahmin lady,
Brahmin virgin lady’, was sitting in the boat along with fisherwoman, Vyasa was born
from that lady. How much time would it have taken us to change the history two line? We were not interested in Brahminical supremacy.
Understand, we were not interested in establishing any supremacy or authority. We were simply
straight. Please understand, in every temple, all the
Adi Shaivas have to worship – Adi Shaivas are the purest Brahmins and respected even
by Brahmins as higher than the Brahmins – please understand, the Adi Shaiva Brahmins are respected
by the whole Brahmin community as higher than the Brahmins because they take care, maintain
temple and do the seva to the gods, goddesses directly. So Adi Shaivas are respected, higher
than the Brahmins … means, they’re even in the Brahmin community they are step higher.
They have to worship every day the saints of Hindu tradition, in that saints at least
twenty of them are dalits. Understand, I just wanted to tell the India’s dalit brothers
and sisters, Hinduism never alienated you. You have been taught wrong history and you
have been poisoned. This whole thing actually needs to be re-visited. How the Sati was forced
on us – why will a Rajput queen, till yesterday she lived as a queen, respected, revered even
by King, please understand, in the saptapadi (seven steps that are 7 vows in a vedic wedding),
the fourth vow is: you will not force yourself on the other person physically or psychologically
whenever the other person is not ready: the fourth vow in the saptapadi. When she has
been living like that, even in the marriage, treated with so much respect in sacred way,
why will she want to live being tortured brutally, raped, abused, tortured by the beast fully
drunk – why will she want to live facing that kind of a torture every day? So burning herself
was the best option she was left out. Sati was forced upon our women by the rapist invaders.
Please understand, our women are so graceful. There is a clear writing, in the Rajputs’
history, why they chose of burning themself, instead of drinking poison, drinking poison
and all could have been a very less painful death. Burning is the worst painful death.
Why they chose that worst painful death of burning themself. They are giving a clear
answer: even after death no one should touch our body. If we drink poison and die, there
is a possibility, and you need to know, very recently I was talking to my doctor, she was
telling me some of the government hospital secrets. In the mortuary when dead bodies
are brought, some of the workers …imagine … I’m just leaving the ____ ___ ___! Understand, our Rajput women, they’re very
clear – and they know these devils will do anything because they are so filled with lust
and uncontrollable violence – they don’t want their body to be touched even after death,
they don’t want their body to be touched even after death, that’s why they burnt
themself. Sati was forced on us. The caste discrimination concept was forced on us. Please
understand, the Gotra system was created to properly protect and keep and protect the
Y-chromosome and avoid genetic disorders, understand, to avoid the genetical disorders
and to protect and preserve Y chromosome, and above all, to protect all the major knowledge
branches. Many of the knowledge branches have been preserved in the DNA. By God’s Grace, Mahadeva’s grace, we are
almost there … we are almost there. We just need to establish the laboratories and collect
right people in those different fields to establish what I am talking about, because
as far as the power is concerned, the power needed to awaken the DNA layer and power needed
to awaken your third eye is one and the same. The energy which I am directing towards your
Ananda Gandha, sorry, towards your Third Eye now, the same energy if I direct it towards
your Ananda Gandha, your DNAs will open. So the energy required for your Third Eye Awakening,
energy required for your DNA awakening, is one and the same. There’s nothing different … so as far
as the spiritual energy’s concerned, Mahadeva is graceful enough to already shower us with
that spiritual possibility. We just need to develop the right outside infrastructure and
establish what I am saying. I tell you, I can pick up kids from each Gotra, below seven,
and make them recite the whole Veda branch, belongs to that Gotra, who has not read any
script or heard anything from anybody. Just opening the DNA, I can make the kid recite
the whole Veda of that branch. Each Gotra took the responsibility of preserving one
shakha (branch) of Vedas. I can make them recite. I will do it. I will do it, and show. Till now anything I have claimed I have not
missed it. I took little time, but I demonstrated it, now I’ll do this. This is the way I
will also bring all the lost Vedas back. Whatever shakha, whatever knowledge branches were lost,
I will bring them back. I’ll put it on record. I will get them all out. It is possible. I
am not talking something about something which is not possible. The Gotra system, and the
whole community system, has a deep meaning. By the time I complete my satsangs on Upanishad,
I will explain each aspects of Vedic tradition. I have not come just to revive Upanishads,
I have come to revive the whole Vedic tradition. Everything should be revived. I also commit
with you guys, I will bring back the Gotras and have semen bank of Gotras so that the
future can decide which Gotra they want, what kind of kids. I will use the modern science
to keep this unique DNAs developed and gifted to the world by our Rishis. This is my humble
offering to the Rishis. Now the whole science is available. It is
time we revive these sacred truths and gift it to the world. I tell you, many of the major
developed countries will be interested in what I am doing. Because many of the major
countries which are interested in education, investigation and exploring have started turning
towards the knowledge and sacred things, because all the developed countries have understood:
you can’t control the human beings anymore by weapon. That age is over, that age is over.
It is time we start developing the new humanity, new generation, by providing all the best
things we had and we have. I self-impose time commitment of just two years, reviving this
whole Gotra and DNA connection. Establishing, because I need the infrastructure, for that
only I’m saying two years, otherwise I would have decided less time, but, I tell you, I
will do it, I will really do it. Only then, the world will understand why we had a community
system, why we had a Gotra system, why we marry only between some Gotras and not between
some Gotras. Don’t think I have spoken many things which
is out of the Kathopanishad subject. No, I am describing the exact situation where Kathopanishad
happened. I am describing the stage where this ‘leela’ happened, only then I can
describe the ‘leela’. If I have not described the stage, you will not understand the whole
Upanishad. So I am describing the stage, I am not out of subject or out of context. I
am talking about the subject and context which looks like out of context or out of subject,
but which is really not. Actually, many of the foreign invaders came to India, not just
for gold, wealth – that was their second priority, not just for gold and diamond: DNA, our women,
who are the storehouse of DNA. The best DNA developed, the highest civilized evolved DNA,
it is for that they invaded. I will continue to expand on these great truths…
not only expand, experientially establish, soon, all these truths I am revealing. I bless you all, let you all … let you all
radiate, with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, Living Advaita, the eternal
bliss, Nithyananda.

Joseph Wolf


  1. Swamiji, I have a question. Do all people of Indian Origin have a gotra and if yes how can we find which gotra do we belong?

  2. Deep talk. Swamiji is going  to bring back the Vedic knowledge and combine it with all that is good in todays society.. This is deep. .. I received my mala beads today and they are blessed. thank you !

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  4. I would give more importance to my personal feeling instead of calculating through castes for choosing a life partner .the person should have the freedom to go both ways .compromising your life for some 1000 year old experiment doesnot sound very sane to me .

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  6. Looking back at the Satya Yuga — the Age of Truth — Nithyananda Swami Ji forecasts its return as the Vedic Renaissance. Enjoy this discourse as much for the rich descriptions of life in Nithya Yuga as well as the surprising history involved!

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    Nice discourse by Swamiji on Vedic culture. Love watching his satsangs

  8. Many people have comment Katha Upanishads but Swamiji reveals the truth right from the source.

  9. Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives the introduction to secrets of Katha Upanishad – the time when aliens were not aliens to us. From the space of Advaita, inter planetary travels happened during the time of Kathopanishad. Vedic tradition explains 4 major powers of human society: knowledge, weapons, wealth and land. Vajashravas, the king and father of Naciketa, out of his powerlessness and insecurity, was confused of what would fulfill him and thus, developed the business metal set-up unsuitable for a ruler, who already owned the wealth.
    Giving the whole vedic scene, He declared the restarting of the Satya Yuga, the Vedic Golden Age of Enlightenment now. As a humble offering to the Vedic Rishis, He declared to use the modern science to keep the unique DNAs developed through 'Gotras ' that were ifted to the world by our Rishis. ""Gotra"" is the code for inserting DNA layers to retain the different knowledge branches, sciences and bio-memories and now allow genetic disorders. The misinterpreted concept of caste discrimination was imposed by the foreign invaders on Indian lands, who invaded India to steal the best developed DNAs. There are profound references of Great Sages like Veda Vyasa being born from a Shudra, working class fisherwoman. Also, the Sati system was never part of Indian system, but was forcibly imposed by the invaders as they had brutally attacked the Indian women, who gracefully chose to exit life by burning their body.

  10. Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives the introduction to secrets of Katha Upanishad – the time when aliens were not aliens to us. From the space of Advaita, inter planetary travels happened during the time of Kathopanishad. Vedic tradition explains 4 major powers of human society: knowledge, weapons, wealth and land. Vajashravas, the king and father of Naciketa, out of his powerlessness and insecurity, was confused of what would fulfill him and thus, developed the business metal set-up unsuitable for a ruler, who already owned the wealth.

  11. Thank you so much swamiji for such a unique wisdom pouring out of you everyday! Blessed to be your disciple!

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