Relaxing Pokemon X & Y Music

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Joseph Wolf


  1. Últimamente solo subes vídeos de Pokemon; Y los de terror xD no terminaste Outlast eh!

  2. Serena's Theme is my favourite. 🙂 Love Pokemon! Don't stop making these games and don't stop making these videos!

  3. Guter zusammenschnitt echt toll gemacht! Weiter so. Gibt einen Like von mir!

  4. I know than no one care about life, but I love this video cause it makes me feels nostalgic, cause i had a 3ds and i loved pokemon x i was playing a lot and i remember all the songs in this because i was playing too much especially the one at 8:12, this is my first nostalgic ever because im still young (14 y old) i was playing when i was 10 or 9 i dont really know well, Thanks. 💛

  5. Going to be completely honest. I use these types of videos to help me get through my studying. It really helps for when I get a little distracted that I am still able to stay calm, then get right back to it. I thank you very much for this =-)

  6. Love Serena's theme, snowbelle city, AZ's theme, unwavering heart and camphrier town. Sounds emo, and it can fill me with the feelings and image of the setting…. Perfect for a personality like mine. Also, the credits also makes me feel that, yeah, the world is connected in some sort of way, despite the languages that we speak. Thanks!

  7. me encanta creo que la banda sonora de pokemon xy es una de las mejores junto a la de plata y oro y rubi zafiro y todas en general me encantan

  8. So much nostalgic. Right now, everyone is going crazy over DPP , saying it was nostalgic. Then when it gets remakes, it will be Black and White's turn. And then when BW gets remakes, XY will be in the light, possibly 10+ years later. And then SM… XY was my first Pokemon game I completed and SM was my first game. I am only in the fandom for a year now reeee.

  9. Owwwnnnn so good <3 i love this sounds of XY ❤😍 Unwavering Heart 💕🌟 (edit:Serena Theme 😱❤)

  10. “Relaxing music compilation”
    clicks video

  11. Ahhh this brings my back… kalos is my 1st region btw if u wanna know why i came here click this

    Wow thanks 4 presing it

    I was having a real bad dream & i love pokèmon so.. turned this on 😊 luv u kalos

    Love u lexi girl… miss u😢 she's my first pokèmon was the fire starter #luvlexi

  12. Gen 1 – Best Pokemon
    Gen 2 – Best Gym Leaders/Elite Four
    Gen 3 – Best Post Game
    Gen 4 – Best Innovations
    Gen 5 – Best Story
    Gen 6 – Best Music
    Gen 7 – Best Overall

  13. says relaxing, starts with booming music at the beginning -.-

  14. omg
    Thank you!! Ive played this ganes sooo much when i was 8 with my 3ds xl in blue 🙂 my friends and me we have played this always after school for hpurs and ozr parents had to wait for us but we couldnt stop and i remember all songs !!! Thank you for this video!! ;.)

  15. me: hasnt played x in 4 years
    me: downloads it a day ago
    me: oh,,m,,,y,,,go,,,d,,,,thi,,,s,,,gam,,,e

  16. There’s this one melody at the beginning of xy battles in the anime. It’s short and quiet but damn is nostalgic

  17. STORY TIME: So, I got my first 3ds when I was 10, but x & y didn't come out 'til I was 11, I am 16 now and I turn 17 in 7 months. I played the crap out of it. I remember how stoked I was to play it the first time 😢 I didn't get it for christmas and my little brothers did, all 3 in fact. But, it's ok because I didn't put it on my wish list haha, I asked for gift cards just incase I saw a different game I wanted. But, I still wanted Y. So, me and my mom went out before new years eve to the gamestop, then as soon as we walked out I was playing it. We had to get a couple of things at home depot, I played it in there too lol. I remember making my trainer black because that summer I had the most wicked tan ever haha. I remember right after we left the home depot we went home and had a new years party on new years eve the next day. I had already gotten to the 2nd gym. Then, fast forward a few days, it was the last week of break, and I got to spend it with my dad. 2 of my younger brothers were gone with their other side of the family, and I remember the winter vibe the house gave off as it snowed outside, I beat the game before we even left to go visit my dads side of the family which is why I went over there. I will never forget beating pokemon x & y. My favorite pokemon game. So now whenever I hear this music, it brings back memories of when I was playing it that whole week & a half. I put on this music last year along with a windwaker relaxing music compilation before I went to sleep every night, ever since my puberty intensified when I turned 14, my anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder have been off the charts, so this stuff calmed me down. I remember how great my 2017 december was because of this, and this last year 2018 december was pretty great too. Well, that's the end of the story lol 😄. Hope you guys had great holidays and a great new year!!! (Edit: I just wanted to leave the date I made this comment which was sometime in January of 2019 lol)

  18. 30:58 y 8:11 me traen hermosos recuerdos no solo del juego si no en mi vida también :"3

  19. I actually liked X/Y better than Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon honestly, but there is more to do post-game in the later TwT. I still wish we had gotten a Pokemon Z.

  20. ~Song~
    00:00 Welcome to kalos region
    01:32 Vaniville town
    03:45 Tower of matery
    06:07 Serena’s theme
    08:11 Unwarering
    10:19 Conmarine city
    12:53 Snowbelle city
    14:57 Geosenge town
    17:14 Prefessor sycamore’s theme
    18:46 Comphrirer town
    20:32 Surf
    22:59 Frots carvern
    24:57 shalour city
    28:17 Anistar
    30:58 Lavevre city
    33:46 credits
    36:47 AZ’s story
    I help…for every one

  21. AZ story is such a SAD song, certainly when you actually played the part, it's so emotional I can't stop myself from crying.

  22. Pokémon x was my first ever video game and I’ll NEVER forget it. I remember sitting on my roof outside my window in the summer playing this game, so nostalgic😓

  23. Snowbelle city is a permanent favorite, I remember I’d sit in snowbelle for hours just listening to the music


  25. Anyone know which song it is after AZ story, at the end of the video?

  26. I'm 14 right now, i got a 2ds when i was 8 and it was the first Nintendo system i ever owned (I had a DS but i got it from my cousin and half of the buttons were pretty much broken). When i first stepped into the game i just loved the looks and the music. I remember playing it on Sinterklaas ( Kind of dutch christmas). And now everyone is playing Fortnite… but a few weeks ago i actually finished playing Pokémon sun after not playing it for more than 2 years. I kinda wanna reset the pokemon X game so i can play it again even if i have a level 100 team and i know the story.

  27. Unwavering Heart, Frost Cavern and Snowbelle City are my favorites of the bunch. But this OST is definitely a standout.

  28. Forgot how much i loved Shalour and Snowbelle, so many good memories of staying up way past bedtime to play Y!

  29. When I was travelling France only with one game… and great musics 😊

  30. man i remember when i was playing this at 6/7, nostalgia is hitting hard
    it's gonna be 6 years since this came out soon and i'll be entering teenagehood
    the game might be mediocre, but the music slaps ;,D

  31. I absolutely love this game. I have put more that 900 hours into, and have yet to complete my Pokedex. That is pathetic, but I'm working on it while listening to this great music! 😀

  32. By the way, albeit it says so in the description, there is no "Pokemon Z". :/

  33. The music in 23:12 was NOT Frost Cavern!! The music at that point is played when traveling on Melancolie Path!! D:

  34. When Serena’s theme came on –

    Me: I’m not gonna cry.. not gonna cry …
    *cries in a corner * Whyyyy did Serena leave ;-;

  35. X and Y has such a nice soundtrack. Snowbelle City and AZ's theme are my personal faves!

  36. The Geosenge Town theme has to one of my favorites, idk it just has that sad barren feeling to it, like the sun is beginning to set in a quiet town and you're walking home after you just said goodbye for now to your bestfriend. Lol idk it just gives me the feels!

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