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– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga With Adriene,
I’m Adriene. And today on the Foundations
of Yoga Series we have pyramid pose, or
parsvottanasana, amazing posture, really great to explore
in the foundations of yoga because it can
seem quite simple, but for me this asana is very
much one of these like poses. There’s so much going on,
there’s a lot to pay attention to, so hop into something comfy, and let’s play in pyramid pose. (upbeat music) All righty, let’s begin
with the feet a little bit wider than hip width apart here. Toes pointing forward. Just kind of mark your stance. Allow your energy and
your tension to settle in to this moment,
this exchange. Your yoga practice. And right away, especially
because we’re focusing on the foundations of
our posture today, pay attention to the feet
and maybe lift your toes, spread your toes, find that
foot to earth connection as you draw energy
up from the arches. And then I always say a
little goes a long way. And so especially today
as we work towards pyramid posture, finding this
awareness of the energetic body as well as kind of our
foundations and our alignment. Right, the action. So, all that to say,
see if you can lift up through the center channel,
maybe find a big lift through the front body, whatever
that means to you. Just explore,
this is a practice, and then grounding
through the back body. Again, a lift through
the front body, whatever that means to you, and grounding
through the back body. And as you play with this,
just noticing of energy and this awareness of energy. Notice if that shifts
your breath at all. Maybe take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Maybe take one
hand to the front, and one hand to the back
and just guide this lift up through the heart, the chest. And this grounding through
the shoulder blades and the tail. Cool, then draw the hands
to the waistline here. Deep breath in. Long breath out,
relax your shoulders. And warming up the side
body here for intense side body stretch, that’s the
translation of parsvottanasana. We’re gonna lift the left
fingertips up and over, stay connected in
your feet here. Shoulders relaxing down
as you start to stretch out through the side. So Yogis choice here, you can find gentle
movement here, gentle pulses. You can find stillness and
use the power of the breath to support you. See if you can find a little
containment in the front body here, so we’re
not just spilling out. But finding that, almost
zippering up of the front. I like that image, this
drawing in of the lower ribs. Engaging the upper abdominals. Remember, the neck is an
extension of the spine here. Also really important
in our posture today, so just notice what’s going
on in the head, the neck. And take one more
deep breath in, big side body stretch. Exhale, come back to center. And we’ll take
it to the other side. Standing up nice and tall. Feeling your feet, creating
a full body experience here as we explore
our practice today. Right fingertips are gonna
reach all the way up and over. So we warm up the body here. Reminding the mind,
the thinking mind to just focus on the sensations
rather than on kind of hitting your mark, it’s the
beauty of the Foundations of Yoga series, too, as we just kinda take
some time to explore. (breathing heavily) Again, paying attention
to the sensation in the lower ribs, the upper abs,
just noticing if you’re kinda splaying out here,
can you draw that energy in? Just support the back,
the spine. And remember, your neck
is a nice long extension of the spine,
take one more inhale here. And exhale all the
way down, awesome. We’re gonna bring
the feet together. And bend the knees. Inhale, reach for the sky. And exhale forward fold
with the knees bent so just warming up the
hamstrings so we can work in our posture today, stretching
through the back body. Again, no need to
straighten the knees here. Keep them bent. And then allow the
head to hang over. Awareness in the shoulders here, as we start to
breathe a little deeper. (breathing heavily) And again, notice I’m not
trying to hit any certain mark I’m just kind of allowing a
little bit of time and space for the backs of
the legs to open up. (breathing heavily) And I’m gonna roll up
through the spine again feeling strong, strong,
super strong connection through my feet, so bending
the knees, tucking the chin. And slowly stacking up
through the spine. Pressing into all four
corners of the feet. And finding that awesome
lift in the chest, in the heart. Just that simple little
diddy will change your day, I tell ya, all right, so
now we’re gonna head into pyramid posture, so go ahead,
and take the right foot forward, the left foot
back, and we’re gonna start nice and slow here, it may
even seem like too slow but I want you to go on
this journey with me. Front toes are
gonna point forward. Back toes are gonna point
towards the front left corner of your mat,
or a little bit wider. Now traditionally we come
heel to heel alignment, but actually today, take your
right foot out an inch more so that you’re on
two skiis, right? These two parallel lines
rather than this tight rope. In time you can work to
narrow that a little bit heel to heel alignment, but for now give
yourself some space. This is for the hips, this
is for all those connective muscles and tissues
so that in time we can square the hips without
pinching the lower back. So, maybe take the
hands to the waistline, or one hand to the front,
one hand to the back. Find, reconnect to that lift
up through the front body, and that grounding
through the back body. So this is anatomical
and energetic here. We lengthen the tailbone down. We draw the naval
inward and upward. We connect the upper abdominals,
hug those lower ribs in, but also you can just
think, I think a really nice way of treating it is
just finding this lift up through the front, and there’s
a grounding in the back. And that balance, the body
starts to kind of explore that naturally rather
than having to go at it in a very rigid way,
or how to way. So find that connect,
play there. Again, we are on
two parallel lines here. And then back to the feet,
connecting through the feet, drawing energy up
through the legs. Really pressing into
the back foot here. This for me,
this is really important. This is kind of the
root of this posture, believe it or not. As we draw the energy
up, we wanna be careful especially in the front
knee, to not lock out. But find a soft, microbend. Alright, and now for
this one we’re gonna reach behind, interlace the
fingertips and open the chest. Just take a second to find
that length in the side body that you had before,
stretching it out. And then it’s so simple right? But there’s a lot going on
here, so let’s reconnect the breath, to focus. Concentrate. If the shoulders are tight,
you can square the wrists off here, instead of bringing
the palms together. All right, big inhale as
you press into the feet and lift your heart. Exhale from the
hip creases, my friends, we’ll begin to
send the hips back. Tailbone goes straight
towards the back edge of your mat, we hug the lower
ribs in, and crown of the head reaches forward,
so nice flat back here. Again, if this is too
much for these shoulders, you can square the wrists here. Or even bring the hands
back to the waistline. Shoulder blades draw together,
we hug those lower ribs in here, we’re gonna be
here for a couple breaths. Breathing, drawing energy
up from the arches. There’s a lot going on
here in the pyramid posture so breathe deep. Try to stay focused. Once you feel like you know
what you’re working on, take your gaze straight down,
and imagine your tailbone reaching towards the back
edge, crown of the head reaching towards the front. Take one more breath here
and nice flat back position. And then soft bend in that
front leg as you power through the feet
and rise up strong. Fabulous, release the arms. And take a rest. Awesome work, ‘kay we’re
gonna do the same thing on the other side,
just flat back position. So step the left leg
forward, right toes back. Find the placement of little
bit wider than heel to heel, so again, traditionally it’s
heel in line with the heel for pyramid, and the
stance is much smaller than your triangle or
your warriors, right? So really starting at the feet, and drawing awareness
all the way up. Lifting up through the chest. Grounding through the back. This side is gonna be different, so explore the sensations here. Stay present. And power through
that back heel, soft bend in the knees here
as you swim the fingertips around, opposite thumb
on top this time. Draw the knuckles down and away and we go through our checklist. (breathing heavily) And connect to your breath. (breathing heavily) Inhale in, find that lift
up through the front body. Exhale, slowly from the
hips, from the hip creases we begin to send the hips back. Tailbone reaches
towards the back edge. Hug the lower ribs in. And we come to a nice
flat back position here. Again, if this is too
much in the shoulders, you can bring the
hands to the waistline. Working to create a nice
long line from the crown to the tail,
couple breaths here. Breathing deep,
finding that opposition. The crown of the
head reaching one way. Tail reaching the other. Grounding through the
feet as you draw energy up through the inner thighs. Take one more
deep breath in here. You got this. And then exhale,
soft bend in the knees as you power
through that back foot. Power through the front
foot, and lift your heart all the way back up. Great, release the arms. Ooh, amazing,
this is gonna be great. This is gonna feel great
for the wrists too. And we’ll switch. Okay, second round, front
toes facing forward. Back toes facing
the top left corner. Find that lift up
through the front. That grounding through the back, so go through your checklist. Now traditionally we come
reverse namaste here. Palms together behind the back, Anjali Mudra, or you can grab the elbows. So that’s an option. Again, you can also interlace or keep the
hands on the waistline. So here we go,
inhale lifting up. Moving through that
flat back position. Let’s explore,
from the hip creases, sending the tailbone back,
heart forward. Take it nice and slow. See if you can stay
connected to your feet here. When you come to
the flat back position, pause for one breath
cycle, inhale in deeply. And exhale completely,
this time. Continuing the around
through, fingertips can come to the earth, or to a block. And we pull up through
the right hip crease. And we ground down
through that back heel. Now if you wanna experiment
here walking your toes in to feel that heel to,
heel alignment you can. Otherwise, just keep
it nice and wide. Your body will tell you. Working to square
the hips forward or allowing for the hips
to be where they are. Just nice and slow. (breathing heavily) So really waking up
the backs of the legs. Stretching through the hips,
the hammies, of course. There’s a variation
here to hold your Anjali Mudra behind the back or you can take the hands
gently to the backs of the Achilles here, the calf. And take one more breath
wherever you are. Make sure you’re
not holding the neck, any tension in the shoulders. (breathing heavily) And then slowly we’ll bring
the hands to the waistline, or interlace behind. And rooting to rise here,
nice and strong. Coming through your flat back. And then all the way up. Super strong. Inhale in. And exhale release. And let’s do the other side. Left foot forward,
right foot back. So when we get the
opportunity to kind of break things down like this,
you really go, holy moly, yes there’s so
much there for me to explore. And that’s what makes yoga
asana so exciting for me. Not in like mastering
all these poses, but getting to find more
and more and more in each posture. Creating that full
body experience. All right, hopefully you’re
activating down through the feet, lifting up
through the front. Hopefully you’re creating
an experience and staying present in that experience here. When you’re ready,
we’ll take it forward. Inhale. And exhale, peeling back
with that left hip crease. Hug the lower ribs in. Take your time. Be patient, stay focused. This is a pose, and reverse
triangle that really knock me out off my game fast. Stay present. One big breath in and out
here at flat back position, and then when
you’re ready, we release. Hands can come to
the earth, or a block. This posture, like all
hamstrings stretches, really takes time and lots
of conscious, conscious full breath (breathing heavily). So great for the feet
if you have flat feet, or if you have tight feet. These are wonderful
postures for you. All these pyramid like postures. Drawing energy up
from the arches. Rooting down through
all four corners. Take one more deep breath in. And we’ll root to rise here. Maybe taking the hands
behind, finding that length in the spine, coming through
your flat back position. Stay present, stay focused. As you rise all the way up. Take a deep breath in,
exhale to release. Bring both feet together. Come to mountain pose. Just take a second to
notice how you feel from head to toe. And slowly draw the hands
together at the heart. Awesome work. So if you wanna keep playing,
check out the other videos in the Foundations
of Yoga series. This is a great way to
deepen your practice and to continue to
find what feels good. Take good care, namaste. (upbeat music)

Joseph Wolf


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