Prem Rawat Nordic Peace Conference Address

Today I’d like to talk to you about peace. Now I know that just about everybody has their own interpretation of what peace is. But peace for me is something that comes from the heart of human beings, not from the minds. In this world there is so much greed, and really so much of this stuff that goes on – the wars, the differences. And we need to look at what is real. For me the reality exists within us, a simple reality, a simple understanding. Peace is a requirement for us, each individual on the face of this earth. Because, when we look at the this world today with all these things that are happening, you cannot but help understand one thing, and that is that people all around are starting to lose their humanity. And what do I mean by humanity? We need to understand that we are human. We need to understand that that’s good, not bad. Not mediocrity, but something that is good. It seems like over the years the word “humanity” or being human has been associated with something negative. We say, “To err is human.” We are capable of making errors, this is true. But we are also capable of making other things happen in this world. If we can just remember that we have both things that we can do. Yes we can create problems, yes we can create wars, yes we can be susceptible to greed, yes, we can be susceptible to anger, yes, we can be susceptible to fear. But at the same time we have the capacity, we have the ability to have peace, to live in harmony with this world, to invent, to create those things that will help each other, and be on this earth, not as somebody who’s just into making errors, but somebody who’s there to uplift our own lives, to move beyond certain rationales, to move beyond certain thresholds that have limited us and that continue to limit us. Those thresholds that we have placed, whether knowingly or unknowingly, they limit us in our perspective. They limit us in expression of being human, of being here. Because look at it – you know, single-handedly of all the species that are on the face of this earth, as human beings we are just into destroying the very planet that we exist on. And yes, there are a lot of ideas, and people have written about it, and people have discussed about it. But this isn’t time for discussion. This isn’t time to just go, “Hmm, wonder what this is.” No, this is time to act to be. And where does it begin? It begins from every single individual. It begins with us, with us, each one of us. On the face of this earth, right now, tragedies abound. And these tragedies are so incredibly unnecessary. We have lost the ability to see their value of another being on this earth. Everything has been compartmentalized: good, bad, right, wrong. In the name of religion, people fight. That is unconceivable. How could that be? Because religion is about peace, religion is about wonderful things. But people have taken that issue and they fight with each other. Where they should be respecting life, they look at life as something that is trivial. What happened? What happened that we got to this point where the respect, the basic respect for one another is gone? To see somebody, whether they are Muslim or they are Hindu or they’re Christian, and say, “Enjoy. Enjoy your connection, enjoy what you believe in.” What happened, that all of a sudden it’s like, “No, you are inferior, I am superior.” is this what culture is about? I think there are a wonderful things. But we are ignoring them every single day. How long is it gonna go on? I am a voice for peace. This is a small voice, but when it joins with the voice of all the people who want peace, who want peace, then this becomes a very, very big voice. It is amazing to see anyone make effort, and to even ask, “What can i do so that we can have peace on this earth in our lifetime?” You know, there are people who are very greedy, there are people who don’t care. But, in my opinion that is a minority. The majority of the people on the face of this earth want peace. And if this is true, then peace on earth is a very achievable objective. People say, “It’s not going to happen.” Well, let this time belong to those who believe it can happen, not to the ones who say it cannot. They’ve tried it their way, and nothing has happened that is good. Here, today, is the result card, is the report card. And when you look at it, we are destroying our own atmosphere, we’re destroying our own planet, we’re
destroying our own rivers, we’re destroying our own oceans, we’re destroying other species that have nothing to do with, you know, contributing thought or contributing ideas. No, innocent. And we are, every day, every day, 24/7, destroying, destroying, destroying, destroying. It is hard for us to create something without destroying something first. For me, for you, peace is not just a solution to a problem. Peace is important, peace is necessary for our well being, for the world being of all those that share this planet with us. It’s not just an idea, it is a necessity. Peace has been talked about for ages. Yes, wars have existed for ages, people have fought with each other for ages, but at the same time there has been that voice that has always existed, “Let there be peace.” With all our technology, with all our understanding, with all our aspirations, why can’t we aspire to have peace on the face of this earth? There’s a small story, and the story is: there was once an archer, and he would go from town to town exhibiting his ability to shoot an arrow with deadly accuracy. And as he would exhibit his forte, people would clap, people would applaud, and this would bring him gratification. One day while he was exhibiting, he heard a voice in the back, and there was a man who used to sell oil, and you know he had his bamboo and a pot of oil in the front, pot of oil
in the back, and he would go from village to village selling oil. One day, while this archer was showing his abilities, he hears from the back of the crowd, “It’s
only a matter of practice.” And this really really made him very angry. He’s like, “Who’s saying that?” And after his exhibition was finished, he
went back and he looked at the guy, and he said, “Were you saying this thing about where it’s only a matter of
practice?” and the guy said, “Yeah, it’s only a matter of practice.” “So how can you say that? You know, I’m so good at what I do and I have trained, and I’m just, I have this natural ability.” And the guy who was selling the oil said, “Look, it is
still a matter practice.” He said, “What do you mean?” He said, “I’ll show you.” So he took an empty bottle, and he took one of these coins that had a hole in it, put it on top of the bottle, he picked up this huge pot full of oil that he had, and he started pouring the oil through the coin into the bottle without spilling a drop. And he said, “Now you try it.” And of course the archer saw that he couldn’t do that. And so he finally agreed that yes, it is a matter of practice. I like to quote that story because I think it really is a matter of practice. If we practice greed, that’s what we’re
gonna get a good at. If we practice peace, that’s what we’re gonna get good at. If we practice anger, then that’s what we’re
gonna get good at. If we practice differences, then that’s
what we’re gonna get good at. If we practice looking at each other with compassion – what happened to compassion? Compassion. – then that’s what we’re gonna get good at. When you look at the realm of the people on the face of this earth, it has to be asked: “What are you practicing?” To see people interested in peace, people want to practice peace, people want to practice compassion, people want to practice those things that will bring the humanity back into human beings, is always incredibly admirable. Thank you.

Joseph Wolf


  1. Act for peace. Respect the value of life. Enjoy it. What a simple, clear, optimistic message.

  2. Peace is not a solution to a problem but its a necessity for those who share this wonderful planet!
    So lucid and powerful….Love you Maharaji!

  3. Thank you Prem Rawat, my friend ,Maharaji
    Thank you for what you are doing for each human being .
    I too want to practice peace each day in my life.I hope I can learn fast
    WE are a big family on this planet, you and I.
    You and I are one , one in enjoying , growing and loving what we have.
    Religion really means to realise, to make real , the beauty in our own life
    `Everyone can do that !!
    Please share this video with your friends 🙂

  4. Amazing video.Mmagic words, and an incredible feeling just by looking at it!

  5. Thank you Prem Rawat for your presence in this world! I really want to share your peace and your Love all over this Earth every day until my last breath!!!

  6. thank you so much maharaji for this beautiful reminder.knowledge the knowing of the inner-self Peace.

  7. Such a clear and impassioned call for peace in this world.
    Thank you so much Maharaji.

  8. How can somebody dislike this video? is marvelous, and human beings being human will welcome his precious words.

  9. His dedication and commitment to spreading personal peace is truly astounding. Thank you so much Prem Rawat.

  10. This message, though it should be obvious, strikes the Original Resonance of life's potential.
    Prem Rawat voice is the voice of ones so called, Common sense, seemingly so rarely heard by the many & applied… for if so, Peace would be rejoiced in "harmony unfolding" around this planet in every heart…
    An Individuals potential a birth-rite reclaimed !

  11. So simple indeed. I would like to learn from this video that practicing peace begins from liking the videos of such content. I can see so many more video of Shri Prem Rawat in this U Tube and so listening to them intently will be equal and synonymous to practicing peace. The story of the archer is wonderful example – so brief but so clear in telling us what in reality the "practice" means.

  12. Dear Friends, This is a powerful message. I invite you to take a break, settle down, get comfy – and absorb this 15 minute video. Please watch it all the way through as then, not only will you get the message more fully, but it will raise the youtube count, thereby raising the visibility of this important message: Practice Peace! Thank you, Prem Rawat for your efforts.

  13. Un breve video con un profondo semplice messaggio: niente di nuovo, ma ricordarci delle cose antiche e basilari e fondamentali ci fa solo bene! Al suo interno c'è anche un invito, un invito per un tipo diverso di "pratica": quello che facciamo più costantemente e regolarmente è quello che riusciamo a fare poi meglio, perché non scegliere di far "pratica di pace"? Di dedicare un poco delle nostre energie all pace?

  14. The message is brilliant. The perspective is clear, simple and relevant to anyone interested to participate in moving the human race forward.
    We are all students for life if we wish to learn more and live better.
    Prem Rawat is a teacher with a method to his message that works.

  15. Vedo se riesco a fare la traduzione scritta dell'intero video. Mi ci vorrà un po di tempo però


  17. My voice may not be heard as loud as yours, though my voice speaks the same words and my innerself joins the millions to walk towards peace and love for all living things. Thank you Prem for your words and your time in helping to reach out to those who may one day, stop……and really listen. Namaste.

  18. Prem Rawat says some stuff that are in absolute coordinance of what I think and feel. I like the way he says things, simple, sometimes it blows my mind and then I think about it how easier it would have been, and how many individuals can benefit … Its like it all starts from the fact we cannot get in touch with our real selves and we go on aimlesly…fighting with each other, for what? Ah ! anyways very nice speech, Simple,
    thanks again for posting

  19. The words are just a mirror to me. Working on the possibility to see if I can make any change for me that helps other. Great video. Thanks.

  20. Peace is within every individual one has to put his effort to feel by getting right path and just keep on going and inspire others to do the same, and by this one day the peace will be possible on this earth, the moral of the message is first fullfil your self.

  21. I liked this message because this is for my life. Thank you for this message……

  22. Really this very nice massage for human life and every individual people…..thank u very much……

  23. i have no words to explain….only i say i love this massage 23456789 thanks again…

  24. I believe you got it wrong. Sure. wars begin in the minds of men but Peace is already in the Hearts of men! The mind and heart have distinct functions in the human vessel but what brings them together is "Knowledge" and appreciation of the incredible gifts – Life and its vehicle, the Breath – that the Creator gives us! Knowledge brings Peace, appreciation brings bliss and joy that only the Heart can feel and that the mind can only acknowledge! Thank your Creator for each Breath. That's happiness

  25. Simple beautiful truth pointing out what should be obvious but has gotten lost. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message!

  26. Che dire, la semplicità con cui quest'uomo comunica contenuti elevati, profondi, radicali è veramente disarmante….c'è molto bisogno di gente come lui che oggi, con passione, si dedichi volontariamente a ispirare l'uomo al cambiamento. E' il tempo di agire per la pace e non di teorizzare. Mi sento di impegnarmi per essa. Voglio inserirmi nel lunghissimo filo che regge tutti gli anellini dei volontari per la pace nel mondo…

  27. Thank You, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so,, so, so, so, much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Love, Respect Gratitude and Divosion

  28. This is the must beautiful message… PEACE IS POSSIBLE!!!  I really love you Maharaji!!!! 

  29. Es perfecto y maravilloso!!!!  la claridad y compasión de un Verdadero Maestro!!!!  🙂

  30. thank u soooo much Mji …..nw I want to shout before people ….plz see, listen and understand …..its all about us


  32. Very inspiring in these vexed and troubled times. Much appreciated thank you for your endeavors

  33. Sehr bemerkenswerte offizielle erneut überaus aktuelle Rede von 2012 – Mit deutschen Untertiteln (Subtitles/CC): "Let there be peace!"

  34. Our beloved master has shown the way to unravel the richness of human life

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