Joseph Wolf


  1. Celebi's Revived is so nostalgic, so happy-sad making, so, special. It makes me tear out of joy and wanting to see the 4th movie SO fucking bad again…

  2. The beginning sounds so much like a One Piece OST. Not complaining though, One Piece is amazing.

  3. Beautiful music for my master's degree study of Astronomy at my uni
    Le beau musique pour moi maîtrise de Astronomie en moi Université
    (Sorry my bad French!)

  4. Merci pour ce pur moment de douceur <3 Si tu savais à quel point ça me fait du bien <3

  5. This reminds me of Super Mario Bros. Great Mission To Resuce Princess Peach soundtrack was in the 1980's. Especially at 01:18:00.

  6. the "Θ" on the title made me try to clean my screen thinking that the line was dirt :"/

  7. This here is pure concentrated nostalgia, especially with those anime and movie themes!

  8. This is what I love about Nintendo and Pokemon great choice in Music always loved Orchestral themes <3 <3 <3

  9. It made my day! Glad your videos were restored!! Thanks you for your hard work

  10. truly relaxing music indeed always listening to this on my phone at work really loving Tree of Life Remix <3 <3 <3

  11. Your compilation was very nice to listen to! I wish more of these tracks are experimented on to make more unique ones.

  12. Wow, these are incredible!! Who did the work for the beautiful renditions??

  13. Can't… stop crying… I feel like my eye is about to explode after the first song… this list is nearly perfect…

  14. "Laboratory (Opening) ~ Anime BGM" Where have I heard this before? It's so beautiful.

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