Pilates Hard Core Blast ♥ Yoga Workout | Out To Pasture Sanctuary

theres something outside of us that we are all a part of the universe that created beings animals, plants even rocks were all made of all that stuff part of all that the idea of Savah part of that progress is to do something beneficial to the outer world hello friends welcome to estacada, oregon we are here in this incredible place called out to pasture sanctuary surrounded by so many animals rescued animals the energy here is incredible and today I’ve got a yoga class for you thats going to really focus on your core and your abs its going to be a lot of work in that area of your body so it will be quite challenging for some of you so what I want you to do ia have your water ready and also don’t be afraid to pause the video at any point if you need to take a break at the end of the class we also have a special surprise for you where you will get to meet the owners of the out to pasture sanctuary as well as learn a little bit more about what they do and their mission so if you guys are ready I want you to grab your mat and lets begin go ahead Kit tell em my name is Kit and this is my husband John and we run out to pasture animal sanctuary in estacada, oregon we take in abused, neglected animals or homeless and we find homes for as many as we can and we keep the other ones here that are unadoptablr for the rest of their lives we take in donkeys,lammas pigs poy belly pigs, farm pigs rabbits chickens goats sheep we take in a lot of former lab animals we have a few former lab pigeons and rabbits from the beagle freedom project 13 years ago Kit saw a sign help wanted it was a woman who she worked part time as a school bus driver she had a truck and a horse trailor and she would find out about animals that were stranded or abused and she would find homes for them i called her up out of curiosity we chatted for an hour and we became good friends then we got a donkey, a goat, 2 lammas some sheep it just went from there i think all of our lives together we’ve had that idea that that we would want to do something in a way of service to others i guess you could say a little deeper since this is a yoga concept that we’ve been yoga practitioners since our 20s and so we were really influenced by that idea of savah of service part of spiritual practice were you go in spiritual practice you go deeper beyond your individuality deeper beyond your indicvidual qualities and characterictics and you get in touch with something thats universal or unqualified or maybe you can say that we all share spirituality we were presented this idea again by by a yoga guru that animals value their lives in a way that we value our own in a similar way they’d ont have philosophies and stuff like we do but that primal feeling of not wanting to be snuffed out or wanting to exist and to feel good and have your needs met animals have that you can see it in them and that we humans have used our cleverness to violate that and to exploit animals for utility for food for entertainment for leather for products for experimentation the idea of taking an animal towards being utilized and honouring and supporting its natural existance so thats the idea behind everything even if they give nothing to us so thats another mission to demonstrate the value of animals lives and to talk about it to and say we would like to help you change your habits

Joseph Wolf


  1. I loved this workout so much! I loved seeing all the animals roaming around, and I loved learning about this animal sanctuary!

  2. Aww You are amazing, such a gentle, beautiful, kind souls, so are John and Kit, such a sweet couple, and I love what they are doing. I am SO inspired. I want to have a sanctuary one day. How beautiful. I see in the animals eyes their innocence, so fragile, just wanting to be happy and free like we humans do too. Thank you for sharing all you do with us babe, it is Soo appreciated and I am so inspired, and very emotional now hehe after seeing all the animals. Your meditations, yoga, pilates, vlogs, ALL your videos are just so wonderful. Much love xoxo <3 <3

  3. Thanks for an awesome yoga workout and for spotlighting this amazing animal sanctuary! <3

  4. I have completed this!! Namaste and Thank you for core burning session. I did sweat so freaking much. Thank you and love you. Thank you for your passion in supporting animal rescue. Love you.

  5. The mini doc was really cute at the end, what a lovely and kind couple, and the animals are all so adorable!

  6. Juliana another wonderful yoga session with an added bonus of this beautiful couple and what they're doing along with you

  7. Thank you guys so much this was beautiful! My heart is full of love after this video

  8. Love the work out and the interview at the end.  Where he said part of spiritual practice is service made me cry!  Thank you all of you for what you do.

  9. Awesome first day back from baby. Did your pt 1 and pt2 cardio and finished with this. Simply lovely to join your journey again. Thank you so much for your continued love and light of life.

  10. Great work, kudos to the quality of your film. The routine is challenging (my wrists required some modification).
    In my opinion your videos are very high quality and the sound is great as well. I also like your voice it is soothing and your background music. I would love to visit the sanctuary, what lovely, and blessed people.

  11. I'm beyond grateful for you and what you're putting out into the world/ universe. You've changed not only my life but thousands of others, kudos💟💙 namaste

  12. i always appreciate the beautiful settings you choose, but this one in particular is a special kind of beautiful. great workout, too. thank you!

  13. Finally a 30mn class. I love your classes and your voice, but I needed  more challenging and longer classes. Thank you… you are beautiful and inspirational.

  14. I love the mix of core and stretching and I love the story of Out to Pasture Sanctuary! Thank you Boho Beautiful.

  15. good lord woman! u kicked my @ss. Thank You! And Thank You outtopasturesanctuary.org!

  16. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for adding value to our day, nourishing our souls, educating our minds, warming our hearts, perfecting our bodies.

  17. Thank you so much for this wonderfull workout. I'm so obsessed with your yoga and pilates workout. You've been to so many beautiful places and making this incredible videos. Ps. I love the story in the end, these people are very inspirational. Shout out to them.

  18. This was a wonderful practice and a beautiful story to follow. I would take in every needy animal if I had the means, so this really touched my heart. Thank you for this!!! It's always good to see there are others out there trying to make a positive difference in animals lives.

  19. I just did the whole thing omg i actually got so much stronger through your videos thank you

  20. Amazing work you guys do. Your sewa (selfless service) will go with you beyond this world and you will both flourish. I am nearly fully vegan. Seeing how you guys carry yourselves gives me the push I need. God bless you 🙏

  21. Perfect for runners! Core workout with incorporated stretches. This is exactly what I needed.

  22. Please make some workouts that'll work well with those who have slipped discs and can't bend so much from the waist down 🙂

  23. The animals watching you is so cute!! Great workout 🙂 you're so flexible, you must be made of rubber bands! 😉

  24. I love your videos! Thanks for the inspiration and reassurance. We CAN do this!

  25. I loved this video! I was so sad I was not able to make it when you were there in September. Your event was on my birthday last year but I had just had surgery. I'm down on the coast in Brookings, OR, right above Cali and I grew up in the Estacada/Sandy/Portland area and I think it is absolutley amazing you went there!! I wanted to meet you so bad! 💖💖🌺

  26. the out of the pasture owners are such beautiful people! absolutely amazing the work they do for animals!!

  27. Great practice. So challenging. I'll need to come back again and again. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Trying to lose 50 pounds by 50 in four months. I am reeling from narcissistic abuse from my bf. This helps me survive and gets pain out of my body.

  29. Great video. Thanks. I have been working with this video for a year now it it does tighten my muscles in my back and byceps, tummy and legs too. I have not done a lot of yoga and workout in the last 18 years, so it will probably to a bit more time to be back in shape. I also love the nature you guys show in the background. Very proffessional and the pace is perfect as well. Keep going Vegan. I love you. ♥♥♥<

  30. I took excellent workouts guide from Unflexal. Just google Unflexal

  31. Every morning I find just doing 15min makes the rest of my day better!! 💆‍♀️💕

  32. A pretty cranking little 30 minutes. Great pace and flow, nice opportunity to work and then recapture your breath. Thank you for this.

  33. Thank you for sharing 🙂 so lovely of both of you. Keep going I support you 😀 (from
    Thai yogi)

  34. A great workout and a powerful message, thank you for sharing these wonderful people with us 💗

  35. I tried this practise because of core workout but it gave me something more, something what I actually needed. After many days stressing out I feel finally CALM and RELAXED. Im a bit happier now 🙂 Thank you so much :-*

  36. This is my favorite class and always will be ♥ So inspired by the story of this sanctuary! Thank you so much for everything what you do for this world! Sending love and peace to you ♥

  37. Great workout and thank you for the long juicy stretches in between sides! As always, i come to you (and reccomend your channel) when i want not only a quick and effective yoga based workout, but when I'm craving some soul food as well. I, and so many others, are so grateful for you and Mark and for the light you shine on the people who work to help animals and the light you shine into my life. Thank you!

  38. I have L❤VED all of your yoga videos. You are such an inspiration to me. Lots of LOVE from the Philippines!

  39. I absolutly love the idea of raising awareness for the vegan lifestyle and introducing us to a santuary into the workout!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Love and peace 🌱🌱🌱❤❤❤ #govegan

  40. You are truly such an inspiration Juliana. Your channel has inspired me not only to enjoy and love my life more through the practice, but also to become an yoga instructor myself!! This world is so full of self doubt and destruction.. I feel yoga is the fool proof way to free our minds from all of that negativity and feel at one again, at least for a little. 🙂 And we need as much of that as we can get. Thanks again. <3

  41. The transitions were way too quick for me. Plus, I was feeling all of the ab movements in my bronchial area. This video was NOT for me.

  42. Love this one! Perfect balance between Kick your butt and gentle breathing ❤

  43. this is awesome!!!! i love longer yoga/pilates classes! this was so powerful and beautiful! thank you so much! ❤️

  44. My back feels so good afterwards especially after the week of lifting. Im always happy to return to your intermediate-advanced workouts. Thank you. 30 mins? It goes by so quickly.

  45. I will be stopping by at Out to Pasture if I’m ever in Oregon! What lovely people. ❤️🐾❤️ Thank you for getting me into Yoga! I love your channel.

  46. I LOVED this yoga workout Juliana! I have done a number of your 10min cardio workouts. They feel more like 30min. But this one is so nice, enjoyed every moment of it, both hard core and stretching.

  47. I really love the whole video but have to say especially the end was a great touch. It reminds us that we are not crazy by feeling that animals can feel too, and reminds us that somewhere deep down, we really are all connected and there is something universal about "existence". We are all one. Beautiful video!

  48. This is a great core workout, but i especially loved the setting and hearing about Out To Pasture! Im so glad to see there are good people in the world doing good deeds! My young sons often come watch me doing your yoga videos and they especially loved this one.

  49. Thank for focusing on life other then humans. The animals are sentient beings and have their unique consciousness of existence. And humans can be very brutal and opportunist therefore having people like you bringing awareness of caring kindness and love among all that exist are very much appreciated. I love your yoga it is very generous full of love . Thanks very much for all you do for us and the world . We are one with all. NAMASTE

  50. YÉÉÉÉÉ SANCTUary,, vegan respect,,, i got to get me a tshirt go visit a sanctuary,, im kinda of out of white shirts to write on,, spreading love,, or adressing climate change 2030 unitedNations urgency of going vegan

  51. I Worked out everyday. That is awsome. Everyone can be change and very healthy your body if you trust her.
    I could felt good whenever i did that works. Thank you for everthing.

  52. One of my favourite sequence – 45 minutes version of this would be divine. Thank you for this gift. Namaste

  53. My life have complete changed thanks to you guys, I’m so grateful. I’m just 17 years old and I’m so happy that I started practicing yoga this young, this is already part of my lifestyle and I wish more teenagers could find happiness the same way I did with yoga.💞💞 sending you even more positive energy. Namaste

  54. Wow! This place is full of love and positive energy! I could feel when I was doing the workout. Thank you for this incredible yet challenging class. I am proud to say that I have sticked through and did it! Thank you and love and light to you.

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