Perfect Yoga For Everyone ♥ 20 Minute Relaxing Flow

hey guys welcome to your island vibe yoga we are on a beautiful island of Koh Kut and I got a yoga sequence for you today thats really good just to rebalance and recharge your mind and body this particular yoga class us great to do after a cardio challenge or a brazillian butt lift challenge however if you wanna do this on its own its also wonderful to do on its own so if you’re ready grab a mat and lets do it were going to begin on a seated position on your mat crossing feet in front take a second to breathe exhale let it go right ear to right shoulder right over the left ear pulling right ear down breathe in exhale switch left arm up and side stretch lets switch to other side stretching the neck here right arm reaches up side strehc side stretch to the other side come back to center both arms up exhale take it all the way down rolling yourself up transitioning over to our hands and knees both hands coming to top of the mat allowing the chest to come down to the floor hips over the knees from here come over to your elbows baby cobra and pushing back to puppy pose chest down keeping the forhead on your mat see if you can look up towards the mat lets come back to baby cobra look up push into the mat puppy pose tuck your toes lift into downward dog begin to walk it out on the spit make sure you walk your feet out a little wider were going to get into a twist here first take right hands grab outside knee look up same thing to other side bran right knee or ankle hold on tight start to twist looking up towards the sky come back to downward dog bringing feet a little closer together onw deep breath in exhale rounding through into plank chaturanga upward dog exhale downward facing dog from here walk it forward top of the mat standing forward fold take hands behind head and rock side to side letting go of any tension in the neck here release the hands lets go a little deeper pull the forehead to your knees grab the ankles if not grnabthe back of knees just keep breathing here rounding up inhale arms up exhale hands down o heart inhale one more time reach the arms up dive it to the floor inhale half way step left foot to the back of mat exhale slowly extend front knee inhale come back to lunge exhale push and extend backto lunge flex the from foot awesome slowly coming forward drop the back knee half split flex the right foot some thing forehead to the knee wonderful lets come back to your low lunge hands coming over to knee and push as you look up to the sky deep breath h in tuck he back toes arms reaching up take your right arm behind the back reaching left arm to side of mat coming forward and around twisted high lunge replacing the hands turn back foot extended side angle just keep breathing one more time when ready turn back foot and twist right hand releases back down turn back foot extended side angle comign forwward to warrior 2 peaceful warrior take it back warrior 2 extending front knee reaching forward open the palms triangle pose you wanna think of stacking shoulders and hips come back up warrior 2 release the right hand to right knee left hand comes to the floor come down as low as you can push the right knee away from you turning from foot inward side lunge extend the left leg look up turing right toes out warrior 2 arms down pivot trun to high lunge slowly hands come down stepping back to plank chaturanga upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog take a little moment here walk it out walk forward to top forward fold bring your right foot back to lung breath in exhale extend working with the breath exhale tension out of your body bending back knee pushing back to half split flexing the front foot body reaches over the leg again slowly coming back to lunge tuck your back toes hands to that left knee open the chest lift back knee up high lung lefta rm behind the back reach over the right release it all the way down into our twisted lunge extended side angle slowly come back down one more time twisted high lunge slowly release turn the back foot extended side angle reach right fingers to top of mat open the hips look right up to the sky slowly come back up push the knee away from you as hips come low from here extend turn the toes bonding left knee come to side lunge let hips sink low extending the left knee heel toe feet and take wide legged forward fold this time if you like to bring hands through your legs thats great back to center rounding through he spine turning left toes out warrior 2 pivot high lunge come back to plank flow deep breath in exhale come to top of mat sit right over to your mat flex your feet inhale exhale seated head to toe forward fold grab toes if you can scoot to t o top and then come down hug the knees take a second to breath relax into the mat spinal twist left knee to chest across the body returning to center switching legs spinal twist look over right shoulder just breathing here if you feel any adjustment in your back down worry come back to centre release let go of our body come up to seated thank yourself for your amazing practice today for making this time for yourself and your health thank you guys namaste and remember if you like this video feel free to give it a thumbs up share our subscribe to our channel for more videos see you soon!

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