Overview – At Home Rehab Exercises {With Dr. Travis}

Hi this is Dr. Travis from Ambiente Gallerie and today I’d like to talk to you about the home care equipment that
we recommend for patients to use in between their visits to help support
their treatment while at home now this equipment focuses on all the areas of
the spine so we’ve got a piece for the neck I’m going to help the mid-back the
low back and then also some molding wrenches to help with the shape of the
spine we’re going to start off with a circle traction
this right here specializes in discs and ligament rehab for the neck and the
upper back it creates loading and unloading exercises to help draw
nutrients into the discs of the spine which are the shock absorbers those are
usually the a big problem in spinal degeneration and this is something that
we want to help improve the health and healing of those discs tissues the next
component here is the thoracic role there’s a guide of exercises that we do
on this foam roll that help mobilize the mid-back the mid back’s component with
everything is really to help improve the health of the neck and also the low back
the mid-back is kind of an anchor to the spine so usually with sitting at a desk
we’re always stuck in kind of a forward bend of the shoulders
this exercise really helps to open that up and prove the posture to take
pressure off other areas of the spine so the mid-back kind of supports it in that
way the next one here is the wobble cushion this is directed exercises for
your low back to improve range of motion flexibility and also strength of the
deep core muscles into the spine this creates those loading and unloading
exercises for the discs and the ligaments of your low back helping with
disc injury and other types of presenting problems and we typically see
with patients here in the clinic the last component to it here is the
progressive rolls these right here are pretty easy you just lay on them on the
floor we’ve got a video that shows exactly how to how to do that with these
but this one goes over under the neck these on the low back you lay there for
about 10 to 15 minutes in terms of how often to do them and exact positioning
check out the video for each piece of equipment it goes into it a little bit
more in-depth

Joseph Wolf

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