OSHO: Meditation Is a Very Simple Phenomenon

Joseph Wolf


  1. ok but my thoughts come sometimes its not too much simple just to be. I hope with practice you can just be withought thoughts. What to do with my thoughts?☺️

  2. This evil osho international has copyrighted all osho videos and is earning money with those. Such a disgrace, evil people. Osho never wanted this. Release all his discourses on youtube and websites.

  3. Everytime when he stopped moving and remained silent for few seconds… I thought my video was buffering:-)

  4. I like listening to Alan watts and mooji both are excellent communicators but Osho is something else, listening to him feels like coming home.

  5. Why is it that when ever I see you or listen you… I cry like any thing. There's something in me that is connected to You my OSHO..!!

  6. Little actions…cleaning the floor, taking a shower, browsing your Facebook feed etc. Love you Osho.

  7. I was right of what my inner mind in yoga classes. That simply stretching hand and legs is not meditation. They are just exercises.
    I am happy I have understood and have been in meditative state. Hope all of us learn and practice it.

  8. it really makes sense only if u have an essence of yogic practices. because only one who had that experience can understand the meanings of each and every words he speaks…he is absolutely right abt what he is saying.

  9. I love Osho, even if I would never understand his hat choice. hahaha

  10. He rarely blinks. Not sure what that can be attributed to but its very intersting

  11. I never comment on anything, but this video blew my mind! Slowly incorporating meditation into my life one day at a time. So excited to start this adventure.

  12. simply just see it for what it is,
    not for what you want it to be

  13. A restless mind is human's biggest enemy. The Meditation is a cure.
    Love Mother Nature and Master Osho.

  14. This man was the future of human consciousness. His words still resonate under the Milky Way as far as his words are timeless, like the whole universe, in opposite to those who chased him and put him in jail with no reason and poisoned him cowardly as everything that nation of dark governors use to do even till today with anybody that seeks just for the truth. Thank you Osho for bringing us the new human being that will rise in victory after the darkest actual world order.

  15. У кого-нибудь получилось? У меня нет

  16. You know what ruins my meditative state? My appetite. Apparently after an “awakening” you go through bouts of not wanting to eat and wanting to eat everything in sight. I’ve already been through the former now I am on the latter. It is completely ruining my peace of mind.

  17. I tried to purchase “Meditation: First and Last Freedom” but, I have an iPhone. It seems to only be available via android. Is there any other way to purchase?

  18. I just imagined myself at peace at all times no matter what experiences I go through. Not reacting to any situation that will disturb my peace. That’s what I yearn for.

  19. Where I can download these subtitles….for this video…
    I downloaded this video from YouTube..but I needed subtitle also….

  20. Observing Silence is the key
    Yet as Simple it seems, the accomplishment is extremely tough

    Even the Masters struggle here

    We Amateurs have a long way to go

  21. No bullshit . No beating around the bush. He was always straight to the point

  22. You trust this Guy? Thanks God ne
    ver trusted him. From the very begining. On the end time toldme i was right. He was a fake. A real showman. Time put him were he belong.

  23. He looks like death how can this explain you or even show you what life and light is?!😂😂😂😂😂😭😭

  24. I remember when I was first time watching this video and suddenly something was happening between my head. It was like pulling sensation and it continued to happen whenever i watched his video. It was such a beautiful experience. Those little pauses between every sentence was meditative. Osho called this one of his devices for people so they can have the taste of meditation.

  25. yes, like because we perceive ourselves/the moment sometimes with memories of several moments perhaps we can create the concept of doing over time but as he said there is no doing, all that exists is being. one eternal moment. so bless it ! bless us all ! we are it ! ha. we are existing absolutely as we are. immortal eternal being. something like that anyway !! haha : P

  26. was just about to join the pointless comments here…then the sermon kicked in …mmmm lush , beautiful silence again…

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