Hi guys Chardet here with Corpao Fitness,
I have today for you a BARRE SCULPTING workout and it is probably the most burn you can get
from home without any sort of jumping and no equipment needed. All you have to grab is a chair. For all that burn let’s go ahead and get started. Guys we’re going to get started here on your
workout. These are my favorite exercises from teaching
Barre for about three years doing Barre for six. They are some of the most effective ones you
can get. We’re going to be working the legs first and
then we’ll move on to your arms and abs. For the legs, you want to grab a chair. Ideally we want to go straight through these
movements. It’s five movements for the legs on one side
all the way through if you can. I know you’re going to die a little bit but
stay with me. And then really try to stay for those last
two movements because it’s going to be working this area here which is very tough to get. So going to start out with a very quick warmup
not too long. I’m going to face you side on so you can see
a little bit better. The heels are going to touch the toes are
going to go out. This is our turn out, slightly tilt your perlvis
forward. Take your hands to your hips and just going
to lift up on the toes. And then coming back down There’s a small
lift small lower down small rise small fall down, going a little bit faster as you go
here. Staying with it. Gonna do about 8 more, for 7, 6, for 5, 4,
3, 2, last 1 the heels are going to stay down here. And you want to do a mini mini plie. So the knees trail out over the toes and they
come right back to standing and I’m still facing you side on so you can see there’s
none of this going on right. The chest is up, the booty is down. Staying in a small little plie is waking up
the hip flexors here. We’re gonna do 4 more and then we come into
your final little stretch movement. 3 more, 2 more last 1 stay low those heels
are going to lift up, grab a chair if you need it here. Heels back down seven more times like that
raising the heels and lowering them back down for 6 and down for 5, 4 rolling onto those
toes for 3, 2 and 1, go ahead and loosen it up and let it go. It’s time to get into the real stuff now. Five minutes straight ideally per side so
you want to put one hand on the bar. Gonna step your outside leg out to the side. And then just go ahead and pivot towards your
bar. You’re going to come down so that you feel
supported on your arms. Maybe that’s far forward or not, bending your
front leg extending your back leg up. Keep your hips facing down belly tucked in
toe is going to be pointed on this one here and you just want to rise up on the toes and
back down – it’s a heel rise as your movement single leg heel rise. We’ve got 60 seconds. Are you ready? Raising that leg up hips face squarely down
and go ahead raise up that heel and lower it back down slow rise slow fall. Try not to dive forward if you can help it. Keeping the hips down you and what we’re doing
is starting with your calves and we’ll work our way up your legs here. Keep squeezing the glutes a little more pushing
yourself to go up higher on their toes if you can. Really breathing through here. Now this is when the burn starts to set in
so you really have to breathe, focus on exhaling to get through each rep here so you’re able
to lift those heels and lower them back down. You’re coming into those last few moments
now so just a few more heel rises and ideally try not to come out of this shape because
the next exercise is going to depend on it. One more heel lift lower down hold, hamstring
curl is your next one join me pull the heel and then extend it back out pulling it in
slow extension back out. This is an isolated hamstring curl balancing
on one leg. Now because you don’t have any weight here
and because you’re not using any pilates balls or anything you really have to go slow and
imagine squeezing tight; a lot of visualization here. The kind of visualization that gives you a
bigger booty. Squeezing and extending out breathing as you
go. Inhale squeeze exhale release. I know that standing leg is starting kill
here, I know it I feel it but really try if you’re not cramping things to stay with me
in this one. We’re almost to your third move anyway. And those last two are different muscles. You’ll be fresh for them. OK, now if you can one more hold it in second
move when you’re ready is going to be pulsing straight up and down it’s an air lunge you
ready? Sink down on the knee, leg stays back in the
hamstring curl and we’re going to go ahead and pulse up and down as soon as you’re ready. Coming up and down, small pulse. Now here some people myself included prefer
to come up on the hands a little bit so I’m going to do that I’m going to go between these
two because I like this feeling. This knee is going to creep forward press
it back. The only thing that’s getting hurt this way
by not pushing the leg back is your booty. You’re losing some of the results so keep
that thigh back. Stay pulsing I know it’s the standing leg
that’s dying a little bit staying in that pulse advance. Maybe you go to the toes. Just be careful you don’t slide all over the
place and you can also do this movement in a gym you know using the cable machines you
can also do it against a wall here with the hands for balance. Staying in that pulse. I don’t recommend doing it without anything,
just in case you fall. Staying in the breath, ok can you pulse with
me for four, three two one. Come out, little shake out, this is that one
shake out that you have, a nice little shake out to release the booty. Good news is is that we are going to be working
the side now. So the booty kind of gets a break here. Hand is going to go to your hip and shake
it out one more time. Bending you standing leg try not to lean too
much you’re going to lift this leg here flex the foot and it’s a slight pulse, so a lateral
raise and pulse. You ready? Getting into it, that small pulse. Now what I like to do sometimes is put the
palm on my belly because it kind of reinforces the point I like to keep the abs engaged here. So flexed foot stay in that pulse. This is one of those two last movements I
told you that really tone the side here which is one of the hardest areas for people to
train especially for women, so staying in that pulse breathing, but for everyone. You’re leaning a little bit but not completely
you’re breathing as you go staying in that nice and easy pulse, breathing through there’s
a little shake out after this one so we won’t go straight into the fifth move. My gift to you guys and to myself. Stay in that pulse try to keep that leg up,
don’t let it drop really stay with it your shakeout is coming in five seconds with me
and four three two and one quick little shake out. Ok Second move – you’re going to extend the
leg the toe is going to be down you’re going to lift and do small mini circles forward
and small mini circles back. That’s our last and fifth move for this side
so leaning into it got my palm here we can place it on your hips extending the toe this
doesn’t need to be super high you don’t want to cramp here when you’re ready go ahead and
lift that leg and we’re going to circle forward now small circles forward for the first half,
circles backward for the second half. You don’t need to be super high and you don’t
want to lean too much because you’re getting some ab bonus here by keeping your body up
don’t lose the ab bonus It’s painful enough you might as well get as much as you can from
this. The backward circles are coming. Last one forward and going to circle back
so the standing leg the calf and everything else are burning, completely natural. Staying in those small circles really trying
to rotate backwards saying in your breath. Pushing through here, we’re coming into those
final 10 seconds nearly there staying in it for five four three two and one with a little
shake up. Let’s actually stagger the legs and take a
moment to stretch here before we go into the other side. Kind of hooked in, now you got do the other
side right? Extend the legs back. Ok, its gonna feel so much fresher in the
beginning now. I’m going to change my chair so that you can
see me. I’m moving onto my opposite leg, take it out
to the side. I’m going to extend forward on my bar going
into that first single leg calf raise. So the right leg goes out behind me point
the toe and it’s that heel lift and lower. Make sure you’re comfortable on your chair. Second half time can kind of get a little
challenging form-wise. Hips down, when you’re ready slowly lift up
and lower down, slow lift up slow lower down. It’s inhale life exhale lower taking your
time to go with that movement really breathing here. Slow lift, slow lower. Now keeping my hips facing down towards the
floor the whole time here, keep controlling the abs. Really relax the shoulders here if you’re
a little bit tense here. Now keep really lifting the heel, see if you
can get some extra height here, you can come up a little higher. Second side is always torturous. I feel you as well. I’m now with you on this one. Ok guys, we want to do one more heel lift. Hold it there for a second. Lower the heel, we’re going to be going into
that hamstring curls. Make sure you feel comfortable that knee is
bent leg is extended. When you’re ready we’re going to go ahead. And pulling in the heels slowly extend it
back out. Slow inhale in slow exhale extend. I can already feel it, I can feel those shoulders
coming up. Barre is no joke. Slowed extension and bend. Breathing as you go really staying with that
bend and straightening. There’s these little throbbing in the legs
if that’s what you feel and you’ve never done barre, you’re doing it right. That throbbing is what we should be feeling
right now on the legs. It is intense muscular spasms, slow bend and
straighten keep squeezing the body keep finding the breath to keep you going. So using the breath here to stay with it you’re
almost at that third move with me do one more hold the heel and let’s go in small pulse. Small pulse. There’s a little shake out after this one. I’m going to come up to my palms again, remember
it’s sometimes nice when you’ve been hanging forward like that. Breathing here keeping this thigh quite far
back here relaxing the shoulders letting everything breathe as you go keep pressing that that
thigh back. This standing glute is dying a lot right now
honestly. Keep it going. Breathe. Push a little further into it, really push
yourself to stay strong through the end of this. Pulsing here. I want to know in the comments if your legs
were crying at all like mine OK you’re coming into those last few moments is this is the
time to push a little bit more to bend a little bit more here last bend. And straighten relax a little shake out, we’re
going to the side. Good news is these last two exercises which
tone and tighten here and then we go and give the lower body a break completely for this
workout. So going to extend the leg out hand goes to
the hip or the belly. I like to have it on the belly flex the foot
and begin the pulse. That side lateral pulse, raise and pulse here. I can feel this part of the body working. It’s intense. Staying in it, staying in that inflexion of
the foot. This one is okay to lean, the second movement
you won’t lean but this one is fine. Staying in it here. Can you hear that breath? It’s not normal workouts requires that much
breathing staying in the pulse here. Your shakeout is coming very soon if you can
stay with it maybe raise that leg a little bit higher if your body allows you to do it. This is the highest for me today right now. OK your shakeout is coming in 5 in 4, 3, in
2 and 1 take a little shake out. Reset the body so it points out. We’re going to circle forward 30 seconds backwards
30 seconds and the legs get to completely relax. Lift your leg up don’t lean too much on this
one and go ahead and circle forward. Mini tiny circles with as much control as
you can stand. Slow trying to stay really relaxed as you
bring them forward. As relaxed as you can be. A few more and then we’re going to reverse
our direction. Now having these stretches waiting when you’re
ready. Hold it. Stay here. Go ahead and circle backwards to finish. I know this is crying I know it’s screaming
but as long as you’re not cramping, push through stay with that. You’re not alone in feeling the pain of this
one. Breathing as we go I can feel the glutes moving. We have toned every part of the lower body
after this last three, two, one and release shake out the legs. At this point you can go ahead and push your
chair away because we’re going to be going into the arms and abs you’ve made it very
far. You should feel very proud. Let the legs have a break coming on all the
way down. Pull the knees in and just rock side to side. Easy breath. Now for these we’re starting with abs and
the arms integrated into it. You can really modify as you need to. So don’t feel like I can’t make it, I need
to stop. Really you can do this because there’s so
many modifications and you need to do this like for five minutes, go ahead. So we’re gonna go ahead and get started with
a few of the best kind of crunches that you can do for toning the Abs going to start by
extending the legs straight up. Our movement is going to be like this if you
watch it one time it’s 90 degree to Tabletop come up into a crunch release 90 degrees to
Tabletop advanced people you’re welcome to take that full minute and just hold that crunch
if you want arms behind that are also fine. So we’re going to get started the legs very
straight here, remember it’s one minute during the best you can with it and go ahead going
to the tabletop rise on up, lift towards that belly button release down legs go up to 90
take your time exhaling as you go inhaling as you release very slow crunches here. Staying with it keep looking towards that
belly button. Bending raising it up higher. Staying with it here, remember you can be
advanced you can stay in those crunches if your neck doesn’t hurt. And release, keep staying in those crunches
coming up a little bit higher a little longer every time with me. Keep rising up and back down, we’re going
into those last few moments now of this one before we go into your second movement. Keep going with these crunches here though,
ok this is the last one. Hold it hold the crunch if you’re not already
and release pull the knees in quick rock side to side, now gets a little bit harder. This is one of my favorite ones from the No
Crunch Ab Workout which is up now if you also want to tag that on. You’re gonna cross your ankles left over right
arms stay by the side initially the movement is this if you want to watch first it’s exhale
lower so you feel it switch your ankles bring it back up to 90, so you switch your ankles
whenever you lower the longer you hold the better. So we’re going to get started. Left over right. Lower down. Switch your ankles slowly take it back up. Exhale lower down. Switch your ankles slowly bring it back up. You’re lowering down slowly and taking your
time with it and then pulling back up. Ok slowly lower down I almost turned too fast
there and bring it back up. Now when you’re doing this you have the option
to come into a full crunch if you want. And just hold that crunch, this is advanced. Hands can also go behind that if you want. Staying in that breath, really keep breathing. I know you’re starting to hate it at this
point but it’s just a little longer. Continue to lower down switching the heels. Bring it back up. We’re nearing the end of this one so it’s
almost there. This is your last one. Bring it down switch the ankles hold it hold
it and release rock side to side. Breathe. Ok this is the third and final crunch movement
and we’ll start it out fairly OK and I’ll show you progressions in the second half of
it. So extend your left leg, it’s called Tesoro
crunch. Right foot hooks underneath your left knee
and the movement is to lower the legs and raise them back up OK. The progression which you’ll want to take
maybe later is you gonna pull the elbows into the knee one of the only times that the elbows
are OK to go forward and you release everything together. So that’s the second half of this if you want
to do it feel free to do it from the beginning. It is hard though. So arms by the sides to start and go ahead
lowering it down bringing it back up slowly lowering down slowly taking it back up every
time you lower you squeeze the Abs a little bit and then you bring it back. Taking your time to lower taking your time
to lift. Try not to arch the back here focusing on
the abs focusing on the squeeze focusing on the burn. Now this next one if you want to go advanced,
bring the knees and elbows together. Relax everything down. Feel free to stay with the first version. I know these are tough guys, Barre is tough. So do what you need to do to get through this
one. Breathing as you go easy breaths squeezing
it in slowly releasing out squeezing it in slowly releasing it out, take your time to
really rise up if you’re doing that crunch breathe. We’re going to do one more hold it hold it
hold it and quick release pull the knees in. Now you just have to do the other leg and
then no more crunches we’ll finish with a little arm ab and you will be done. So left leg goes underneath the right one
this time. Arms by the sides. And when you’re ready go ahead and lower down
and raise it back up. You can point or flex the foot. I do both depending on how I’m feeling slowly
lowering and raising it up. Taking your time feeling those muscles unwind
and then pull right back up breathing as you go. “Tesoro” means Treasure. A bit ironic here yeh? Ok guys if you want to add an advanced version
bring the knees and elbows together. And release on the way down. Inhale squeeze exhale release your completely
fine to stay with the version you’re doing. Don’t feel any pressure to change it up, breathing
as you go. Big squeeze. And release big squeeze and release coming
up and back down, this is the last one, hold it here hold it wherever you are, hold the
leg extended and release, rocking side to side, going into your final final little bit
of Arms and Abs. Hair gets a little crazy on this, we’re going
to be doing a side plank rise followed by a rotation each of those is 30 seconds but
it’ll be one minute full. So what it looks like his hand on the hip
the hip rises just up and down. You have the option if you want to extend
the arm maybe extend the leg. Cross or stacked, there’s so many variations
I want to stick with this one because I know what to expect. The second movement is you’ll rotate down
and up and we’ll go straight between those two very quickly. So coming on to your side almost there, hand
goes to the hip. You’re going to square off the hips pull the
belly button in, good form is essential to get this one right here. And we’re going to go ahead and lift the hips
up slowly lower back down it’s Inhale lift slowly exhale lower controlling that rise
controlling that descent. Keeping the hips nice and aligned here, easy
breath. Now that rotation is coming really soon remember
we don’t stop. It’s technically a second movement. We don’t stop. So on your next one we’re going to hold arm
goes up. Rotate it through and back up. Slow rotation through and back up. Really take your time to lift up that arm,
breathing here slow rotation down. I know the elbow is starting to kill, we’re
nearly there nearly there. Pulling it through and back up slowly through
and back up, last one through, last one up hold it and release. Gonna switch sides. Last bit you’ve almost finished this very
tough sculpting workout coming to the side here setting it up, hand on the hip or whichever
version you want to choose. Choose wisely! When you’re ready we’re going to go ahead
and raise the hips up and down, relax the shoulders. Let’s go ahead and raise the hips up slowly
lower back down and ideally your hands are relaxed. Try not to crunch up the knuckles. Really take your time here. Slower is better for Abs almost always. Slow rise slow lower now we’re coming into
that rotation here. So on your next one I want you to hold it. Get ready. Extend the arm. Go ahead and go into your rotation as you
exhale inhale lift. Exhale rotate through Inhale lift breathing
as you go. And every time a little more through a little
more inhale lift, exhale through now you’re coming to these last few moments and this
is where you have to stay as strong as possible if you can. Last one through last one hold and release. Go ahead and push yourself into a nice Child’s
Pose to relax. Breathing and relaxing the body. And then you’re going to slowly push yourself
up into a forward fold relax here for a moment and then slowly pulling your arms up behind
you to stretch it out. Relax your head and neck. Arms are going to to go down to the floor
and then slowly rise up to stand. Nice job guys, I know that was a really tough
one. If you made it through especially or if you
found the exercises effective make sure you Like put in the comments what part of this
you found the most challenging. And make sure you subscribe too so you get
all of the notifications every Monday when the workouts go up and if you haven’t yet,
make sure you do the Barre Bootcamp video because you’re going to get a lot of extra
arms much more than in this one and together it’s like a super session. So I will see you in the nice work out guys. Tchau!

Joseph Wolf


  1. Olaaa! Thanks for trying this one – it is a real challenge! You should feel proud!! Let me know if the comments if you have any questions about the moves and which one BURNED the most????

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