My Top (Non-Trendy) Yoga Tips || Mayim Bialik

– I do a lot of videos about things that other people like which I don’t like, such as musicals or The Little Mermaid, but here’s something I love which a lot of people hate, yoga. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Yoga is for rich California
hippies who eat tofu and granola and who can barely make
it up a flight of stairs for lack of protein and iron. Or maybe you’re thinking,
I can’t sit in a pose. I can’t sit still, it’s not for me. If you think you hate yoga,
that probably means you need it. I wasn’t always a yoga lover. I started taking yoga when I
was an undergraduate at UCLA. Yoga was completely foreign to me, but I really liked the
sophisticated and strenuous poses. They required strength and patience. And surprisingly, I liked
the calm, reassuring things that my yoga teacher would say to us. I was a high-strung type
A neuroscience student, and the notion of being calm or reassured about anything was not
part of my curriculum. But I was open to it, and it felt good. Cut to getting pregnant with my first son. I switched to prenatal yoga. It was wonderful in a different way. It was specifically designed to prepare my mind and my body for the rigors of natural labor. So I had my first son and then my second. Yoga was put not only on the back burner, but off of the oven
and out of the kitchen. As I nursed babies and
mashed up beans into paste for countless dinners for toddlers, yoga became the hot new trend. Meanwhile, I just wished that I could find some
time for myself again. Cut to getting divorced. A good friend of mine who
I spent a lot of time with during my divorce lived
near a yoga studio. I went with her one day and was amazed that my body remembered
how to do these poses. It felt so good to remember how to breathe and cultivate calm as I worked
through difficult things. But work got in the way again. This past holiday season, I reassessed my body and
my mind and, yes, my soul. I made the commitment to go back to yoga, not hot yoga, not nude
yoga, which is a thing. Don’t look it up, or maybe do. Not power yoga, which emphasizes
fat burning and cardio. Just good old-fashioned
vinyasas, hatha yoga, poses, simple yoga, quiet, calm, serenity, strength. Here are my tips for yoga success. Number one, don’t do yoga in Los Angeles. With all due respect to the
lovely ladies of Los Angeles, for someone with social
anxiety and body image issues, going into a yoga class in
Los Angeles is basically like lining yourself
up next to the fittest, most beautiful women on the planet. They wear all of the hippest yoga clothes which kind of sometimes
look like lingerie. They have their nails done. Some people come in in full
makeup, full hair done. Doesn’t work for me. I feel terrible about myself ’cause I’m constantly comparing myself to women all of the time. It’s me, it’s not them. I know I shouldn’t be focused on them. I should just be focused on myself. But guess what, I’m not perfect. Progress, not perfection. I take class outside of
Los Angeles in a suburb where there are more average-sized women, and I feel much better about
myself and the other women. Number two, don’t feel the
need to buy fancy yoga clothes unless you want to. Here’s a tip, those clothes
don’t look the same way on normal bodies as
they do on those models. They just don’t. I’ve seen those ads. Women who look like if they
never worked out another day in their life, they’d
perpetually be a size zero or all misty as if
they’ve just worked out. I don’t look like that in workout clothes. I just wear whatever I want, which is usually baggy and
comfortable, and that’s it. Oh, and P.S., I sweat like a pig. Number three, lean into discomfort. If you think you hate yoga
because it feels uncomfortable, that’s because yoga is designed to exercise physical and mental muscles that help you get through discomfort. That’s why it’s so great to
use yoga to prepare for birth. It gives your brain the experience of going through discomfort so that you know that it’s not dangerous and you can get through it. In addition, your body
contains muscular connections called fasciae which are said
to hold memory and emotion. Scientifically speaking, these
places hold a lot of tension. There’s a lot of torque, and a lot of rotation of
force happens in the fasciae. This means there’s a
powerful set of emotions that often comes up when
you activate the fasciae. This makes some people cry
or feel very emotional, and that’s okay. Yoga is a safe place for
experiencing discomfort and being supported to breathe through it. Number four, take what you like and leave the rest on the mat. You are likely gonna
hear things in yoga class that rub you the wrong way. Maybe the teacher’s too out there for you and talks all about
activating your chakras. Maybe you don’t like the way they ask you to set an intention for the class. Whatever it is, yoga is your
time to dedicate yourself to being open to new
things and trying them. Stick with what resonates with you and leave the rest on the mat. Of all the trends out there
which I don’t stand behind, yoga is one that I do stand behind. Yoga is an ancient practice of aligning your body and your mind. It encourages getting
in touch with your body from the inside out. It gently forces those of
us who claim to be too busy, too antsy, or too cerebral to open your mind to the
possibility that optimal health or even closer to optimal health lies in finding new ways to
move, new ways to be still, and endless possibility for reminders that breath is always waiting to get you through every discomfort. And now I’m going to do what we do at the end of every yoga class. Namaste. For more on yoga and how to
make it work in your life, go to groknation.com and see Suzan Colon’s
posts all about yoga. Tell us what you think of
yoga in the comments below. Do you like it, do you hate it, why? Are you open to trying something new? Let me know, see you next time.

Joseph Wolf


  1. I started using the Daily Yoga app in 2016 and I loved it! Last Nov, I started going to an actual yoga class and my love for yoga has gradually lessened. It was much more enjoyable for me to just do it at home whenever I wanted. Going to a class twice a week with other people makes me feel angsty and self conscious. I've missed soo many days of class and I don't really like doing yoga that much anymore. Yoga class ruined my love of yoga 🙁

  2. I had a very limiting stroke 25 years ago. I practiced ‘Tai Chi for a while and regained much of my balance. Since then I have been in and out of Physical Therapy to regain skills that get lost due to inactivity and the face that the brain doesn’t remember how the body should move like it once did after this last PT session I was offered a ‘monthly membership at the Therapy center to maintain skills ( and no promise to improve) I identified two skills that I would want to work on; balance and strength. I chose to try yoga before making that decision. My first class was easier than expected! I was able to do the poses! The ones that I struggled with can be modified so that I can do the pose, but I still reap the benefits. I now hand pick my poses depending on what I think I need that day. I don’t worry about flow as long as I’m doing four posses and sing improvement!

  3. I love yoga! I got into it through my bofriend when I was 19. It completely ruined gym memberships and more "average fitness" classes for me. I moved once and had to find other venues to keep my excersice rutines, but every single whatever-class always left me unsatisfied… nothing is as good as yoga.

  4. In India yoga is practiced in schools. It's a great way to prepare children for their classes. It makes them calm yet alert. Oh also here it isn't this super expensive trendy exercise. It's just something a lot of people practice without all the fancy baggage attached to it :). Rich or poor yoga is great for everyone. Traditional yoga practitioners clothes will suit all body types because they are all about comfort 🙂

  5. I do yoga class at my place, with a YouTube video…too funny I do sweet like you say….a pig.LOL

  6. I love yoga, I'm Dutch and had no idea about the LA women you talk about. Yoga where I live is just as you describe it with baggy comfortable clothes and normal people, I've been doing it since I was 16. Thank you for sharing your tips. I feel like you know a lot more about yoga than the LA make-up trendy yoga women 😉

  7. I love this video and I love yoga, but can’t stop myself from contributing: yoga is ancient; any posture other than lotus and any vinyasa? Not so much – unless you figure 100 or so years as ancient. That’s okay, though, as the physical aspects of yoga have drawn lots of people to the practice that wouldn’t parktake otherwise. 🙏

  8. I actually really enjoyed hot yoga cause I’m a little bit of a cat about warm temperatures. I had a terrible stomach bug the one time I did it, though, and didn’t know it until about 36 hours later when I wound up in the ER…I’d love to try it again when I’m not dying of dehydration… 🤔😏

  9. I just love you. You are so down to earth and very relatable. Thanks for all your videos! 🙂

  10. I try and do a sitting yoga in my garage, since I'm learning. I'll have to have a go at some poses standing.

  11. Love your realness, mayim new subscriber! I dont watch big bang, did watch blossom, im a your age more looking like a kaylee coucoo but now transferring into a how u look natural and beautiful.sorry how do u spell her name, thank u gorgeous!

  12. I love so much,
    you are the best I really loved your interpretation of Greg Wuliger in "Everybody Hates Chris".

  13. As an obese middle aged woman, yoga is difficult. I have modified a few poses to try it and I love it! I have a LONG way to go to just be the average beginner, but my body feels better and I love how it makes me feel. Thanks for this video!!

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  15. I have recently been doing yoga in my basement with Youtube. I found a couple of instructors that I resinate with and I have been consistent with for a month! My mind and body feel better. It's a life changer.

  16. I LOVE yoga…… but I DESPERATELY need to get back into it. Like you said, motherhood takes over EVERYTHING.

  17. I have yet to find a yoga teacher that works for me. Coming in with some bodily limitations is a challenge to the teacher, so it just hasn't worked so far. In qigong, I was luckier and found both the right teacher and form for me, which has helped me strengthen my body where with other teachers I actually weakened it. An added bonus that the Taoist school has its own kind of yoga which thus naturally slipped into my qigong training. So my suggestion to anyone out there: keep looking, try different approaches (yoga, qigong are but two of many).

  18. My favorite tip is to not let the people or the set up of the class mess up your session. Find yourself in it!

  19. I love Yoga! Just like you I was very active before kids and now with my two I don't know when to find time. But mentally I need to find time before I lose myself.

  20. 'to get you through discomfort in real life'. Another portal opened. Thank you 🙃

  21. Awesome video! I love your level-headedness! It's terribly refreshing. I adore yoga and adore your advice. The full makeup thing… I don't get that at all. It isn't even good for your pores! Why would anyone want to sweat in makeup?! Plus to me, yoga is more grounded and spiritual and down to earth, being caked up in makeup seems counterintuitive to all that.

  22. I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years and it continues to transform my life and teach me much needed lessons. I’m finally getting my 200 hour certification and it is such an amazing experience. I will forever be grateful for this practice and i don’t plan on stopping until the day I die.

  23. I totally love yoga! Should do it more frequently but love it with all my heart body and spirit 🙂

  24. I like yoga because it challenges my body to positions I didnt know I could do, I feel i have a long way to go to not feel awkward and with no equilibrium but… step by step

  25. I have tried yoga and I do love it mostly. My problem with it is it requires balance and strength neither of which I have as a woman with Multiple Sclerosis. that said I do try to get some yoga weaved into my goods days and on bads well I use my mind to do yoga.

  26. Hello, I am Indian & Yoga is India's gift to all the people around world. If you are really interested in all this you should look up Sadhguru Isha Yoga. He is a logical Mystic who is very practical in his approach towards life. Do look up on YouTube. 👍👍

  27. I started practicing yoga years and years ago. We wore loose clothes and brought a towel for floor work. Yes, just a towel on a concrete basement floor. As a non-trendy person I love your tips!

  28. Focusing on yourself, Mayim? Try Eugene Gendlin's Focusing technique. Very different than concentration (many people feel it is badly named). Currently changing my life!

  29. hey got a video suggestion for you. go back to your ur first episode of blossom and answer the questions you ask the camra at the end of the episode

  30. I <3 yoga! I'd like to try out some goat, kitten, and puppy yoga. Not hot yoga. That's just silly.

  31. I like what you said about enjoying what you like from the class and leaving the rest. That applies to new activities and communications with new people. I think that's what's missing from a lot of communication these days – the ability to let small disagreements in thought be ignored (water off a duck's back). Too often these days, the slightest disagreement results in verbal (or written) confrontation and a complete dismissal, instead of finding ways to connect with others by actively seeking out things in common instead of focusing negatively on the differences. That said, there are important issues that are worth confrontation at the right time and in the right place, but not every disagreement has to be a divisive issue. Maybe that can be a future video…if you want to deal with the backlash it would likely bring.

  32. Just wondering, as a person with hyper-spastic muscular tension due to cerebral palsy, I tried modifying yoga posses many years ago. Now, it seems whatever exercise I’ve done over the last few years, the pain is excruciating even a few days after. I get so afraid of getting dizzy, muscle cramps, pain in my joints, and falling that I’m still scared to start it back up again. Should I chat with a doctor to see if I should start doing yoga again or just try another stretching exercise? Or walking? Any advice?

  33. I love watching your channel, I always connect in some way to your content and it’s comforting. I’m a single mom with two boys myself and have social anxiety, I’ve thought about yoga for a couple of years now as friends have suggested it but have been afraid to actually go to a place where a roomful of people might be judging me about my clothes, my gear and my level of skill…..after hearing these tips I think I’m in! Ty so much , keep posting and I’ll continue watching, you are an inspiration to a lot of people!

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  35. Can you please please please do a story time video on the birth for your sons! I’d love to hear them!!

  36. I just recently got back into doing yoga before work. I feel it helps me to center myself before encountering my days. It also helps me remember to stand up straight and tall, while working in the kitchen on tough tile floors for 8 hours. Need to remember to breath through my troubles when my two year old twins cause chaos though. Not perfect but making progress.

  37. Great video!!!! I started doing yoga about a year ago after thinking for a long time that it was kind of fruity, but I just love it!!!! I was big into running before I had my kids, and now I do a lot of videos. I do like to challenge myself with “yoga workouts” but sometimes as a mom you just need to relax at the end of the day!!!! So yoga fills the need to “workout” AND de-stress! Yay- hmmm- just realizing I am multitasking when I do yoga…how’s that for productivity 😁

  38. Yoga is great with great teacher. Have had a bad run of finding teachers who don’t understand the mind body connection of yoga. All they want to teach are the high energy stuff not the slow inner teachings. One even said it’s boring. I sense the younger teachers are more about the look and fad of yoga instead of the inner and outer benefits of yoga. Still searching for a good teacher.

  39. I’m so sorry and I know u are 10 x more then this, but I can still only picture Amy😂😂♥️♥️

  40. I just learned you on YouTube and subscribe to you .. Woahhhhhhhhh ill give you lots of credit and respect.. Woman deserve rights to .. You so very intelligent.. I wish i was smart .. Ive got ptsd anxious snd depressed.. I did a life sentence and was framed.. I am open to a lot of different things .. YouTube and news on my phone is all i got .. I wish you were my tutorials service.. I apreciate you advice and you earn a living do so sooooo great want to help people.. I also watch 👑 Queen and Freddy Mercury.. The classic rock band chills myself out .. Not pretend medicine psychiatry staff drug torture and malice against my innocent person…. But because i was in prison and in mental health unit of marion prison.. Noone cared . i lost 99 % of family and lost 99% of friends… So a question to you is how do you feel about mental health staff lied on me and hurt me ..??? The lawyers didn't listen … I never had a life … Im mtf transsexual.. In the 1970 decade the us government compell society to force therapy or transsexual have no life .. They want a male to stay a male ./// that was first the british government was hostile against lgbt community in United States while under British rule then third president tom Jefferson add it on worse anti sodomy law actually is no life for lgbt .. Its a contradiction to first amendment the church should be separated from state .. Donald trump just in 2019 antitranssexual bill in military policy … So the government gave myself my mental health problems.. I watch The bing bang theory etc .. I was an easy going passive transsexual.. But in prison guatds and inmates would illegal get hostile then deny it .. Doctors nurses would illegal agree .. Framed is framed no life … So anyway beings you are an actual prodigy any suggestions please… ??? Anyway its not you fault .. // my older brother instigated the situation to cover up his criminal activities…

  41. Hello Mayim, let's not forget the ways of our Lord. He is righteous and just full of mercy, a loving father, let's not forget his laws and the blessings that they give. We should not worship others Gods, He is One, God of gods, we are his.
    It was quite hard for me to renounce yoga and other things I thought neccesary, but his ways are the truth, we shall worship Him in the ways he wants worship.
    I have come with a new look to Scripture,only Scripture. I'm a christian, we have rejected the laws and haven't follow our Messiah,God incarnated, but we are returning to the right path in his Holy Spirit who was since the beggining and hovered over mayim 😏 wrong time? 😅 You are His, He loves you daughter of Israel.

  42. Yoga saved my life! And I mean that completely seriously. more specifically, my Yogi Dipa saved my life with Yoga, Who has become one of my close trusted friends

  43. Thinking of trying it just haven’t gotten around to it yet I have two kids I nap in my free time

  44. I never understood how $200 pants had anything to do with Yoga. It's supposed to be for Spiritual, Mental and Physical health. I have been doing Non Trendy Yoga on and off for the best part of my adult life ❤🙏🧘‍♀️

  45. Just a question. Is there yoga for someone like me. I'm 56 years old.

  46. Being from India and a Yoga student, training to be a yoga teacher,the gross misconceptions the Western world has about yoga bothers me. Power yoga,beer yoga,goat yoga etc are just ridiculous. Moreover, Asanas ( exercises/ poses) are a small part of Yoga. Coming to fancy yoga clothes that's just a fad. In India, most traditional places just ask you to wear loose cotton comfortable clothes.Yoga is no mumbo jumbo talking about awakening your chakras either. The most simple philosophy of yoga is do things with awareness. Yoga Asanas = Pose/ Breath+ awareness.

  47. I started yoga about 15 months ago because I wanted to start exercising but was worried about being out of shape (not fat but easily fatigued and out of breath) After my first class I was hooked. It was such an intense work out that didn't force you to move or keep up with much healthier, fitter people. I feel more connected with my body and my mind, I can breathe through things more easily, my muscles and joints aren't stiff or locked anymore (I was only 24 when I started!) Yoga may not be for everyone but everyone should try it.

  48. Fantastic tips, I would like to add one more: if you try it once and don't like it, try a class with a different teacher, you might like it, finding a teacher that is good for you is very important. Mayim, I love your videos and you sound like a perfect public speaker.

  49. i used to be one of those suuuuper critical christians who was like "NO YOGA its devil worship" types…
    but ive since had two unexpected babies (#3 and #4) and ive had to let stuff go. and you know what? when i did that, all this judgy crap had to go too!
    anyway, im STILL not a fan of the chakra stuff but you know what? ive learned to do just what you said – leave it on the mat.
    i dont go to yoga, i dont do it at home really, but ive learned the wisdom and value in doing something thats helpful and leaving behind the stuff i dont like, or blowing off the phrases i dont like, or whatever. because i think THAT is important. you cant love everything completely. you cant love everything about every person either.
    but you CAN learn to drop what you dont like, and work on loving a person where they are, for who they are. dont ignore real abuse, of course, but dont judge and condemn someone or something because it has portions of sin. because what you're doing is rejecting, judging and condemning yourself too. :O

  50. I'm a person that don't see myself doing yoga but that changed when I hurt my knee. The stretches or poses are so helpful on alleviating the pain I'm feeling from my entire left hip and down to my left foot. I only focus on the simple yoga poses. I admit that it was intimidating the poses, and surprised myself that I kinda can do it. I even have favorite poses now.

  51. I love yoga, I have done hot yoga, prenatal yoga, baby and me yoga and have loved all of them. I love how some days I can do 5 minutes and other days I can do 30 minutes and feel the same benefits and calm,

  52. ms Bialik. I played tennis quite regularly with your uncle who lived in new York as a member of tam o shanter golf and tennis club. cannot recall his first name however he most certainly touted his lovely niece who was on tv. if he is still with us please let him know jim bauer thinks about him. thank you.

  53. I feed sad for this ancient wisdom ruined in West. Pure Yoga is not fancy, it's about your body and consciousness.

  54. LOVE IT! Completing a 200 hour ytt course was one of the best decisions I ever made. Would like to see more men get into yoga. (working on it.) Shivasna and Yoga nidra (contoversial) are the best. And also laughter yoga! And since we are apparently voting for favorite YouTube Yogis I liike to watch SaraBeth Yoga. I hope you can merge your yoga life with your nerd and family life.


  55. Love you, love you, love you, love you, love you. Love yoga, too.

  56. Hey, Mayim! You totally nailed it! It's as if you were describing my own experience with yoga. Greetings fromy sunny Greece!

  57. If people can't do the complicated poses of Yogasana or don't have time to do those then Suryanamskar (Sun Salutation) is the best thing for you.
    In a Suryanamskar there are 12 steps in which 6 easiest poses of Yogasana are exercised twice plus breathing in a certain way and you only need to do minimum 12 Suryanamskars every morning (do it while facing east out in the open or even if you are doing it in a room then also stand facing east because your body should be towards Sun).
    The results will be great such as your body will become flexible, blood circulation will be great, mind will be positive with the breathing. I do more than 50 Suryanamskars each morning and Pranayam Yoga too (Breathing Yoga) and I have got the best results. Try it.

  58. An extra note to the videos for ppl considering yoga: Try to avoid yoga rooms with mirrors if you are insecure, they will get to you!
    And I love yoga, it's a good exercise. I take a class that's mostly yoga but also a bit of taichi, pilates and mindfulness in the mix. It's help me heal in some areas I've had some problems with, and trust me I feel old everytime I tell ppl I have a hip, knee and backproblem in my mid 20's.. But it helped and trying to better my body and get into shape is a huge bonus.

  59. I can't believe you don't like musicals. You were singing in that movie with Bette Midler so I figured you really dug em'.

  60. Yoga or some kind of meditation is better than playing around with a silly god book that is no longer parole to the world we live in. Getting in touch with who we are is are best hope for peace within.

  61. Hi! I would like to recommend the website “Do yoga with me”. The classes are amazing, with all kinds of yoga practice! I use it since 2014 every day! Its the best!

  62. I’m fat. I’m oddly proportioned. I have short legs and a long body. I’m also forty and spent the past forty years not doing much in the way of activity.

    I always thought my body was all wrong for yoga, what with the mismatched limbs and torso, but a year ago I discovered yoga at home via apps and YouTube channels and I’m in love. I’m a work in progress (I don’t practice as often as I should and I don’t have much of a strategy) but after years of thinking it wasn’t for me, YOGA IS ABSOLUTELY FOR ME! 💕

  63. I love doing yoga so much because it makes my body and my mind feel relaxed and meditates

  64. I discovered yoga by taking one of those adult-ed classes the local wellness center provides. I found that all those nagging little pains we all have (like a crick in the neck) were eradicated. However, I had to stop going to one class because the instructor had an annoying habit of not pronouncing "relax" properly. She'd say it 20 times per session, but never said the 'x' in relax. She'd always gently say "Just relaaaa…," or "Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and relaaaa…" Would drive me crazy! LOL.

  65. "P.s I sweat like a pig 🐖" that's my life haha and I have a hard time sticking to yoga because I gained so much weight. When I was younger I did yoga and running, I was very fit. I guess I just can't handle college and being a stay at home mom because I'm emotional eating so bad and I get burnt out so quick I never get a quite moment to just chill.

  66. Great job you orthodox jew. Yoga is prohibited as idolatry. You are bowing to other gods. You would be punishable by death

  67. What a fantastic video, you hit so many nails on the head. As a yoga teacher I have seen the women clad in the latest fashion who are so busy looking around the class to see who's looking at them that they completely miss the message of yoga. I do private one to one classes where people wear their PJ's because it's comfy, they connect to breath, emotions and sometimes horror moments pop up for them but the reward is to see and help them pass through it all and embrace, live and love the benefits yoga brings. I completely agree that the people who take the piss out of those who practice yoga, who are too busy thinking that they know everything or what they are going to say next as their voice is the most important are the ones that need it the most.
    Thank you Mayim for such an honest video. Namaste. 🙏

  68. I've tried other classes and and one of those women who has significant body issues, and constantly compare myself. I am also socially awkward, an introvert. I'm 5 foot 1 and round. Yoga hurts. I read through a lot of the comments and I seem to be the only one who doesn't care for it.

  69. Wow, even after being non-Indian you have the right ideas about Yoga. Power Yoga, hot yoga isn't real yoga. That's an exercise , not Yoga

  70. The "most beautiful women in LA" arent doing yoga as a social event…….their getting away (just like u)……therefore…..u shouldn't be intimidated by them and do yoga in downtown LA.

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