More and more Koreans are visiting ‘healing’ cafes to mend their stressed out souls

‘Healing’ has recently become a big trend
in the marketing of products and services in Korea.
The traditional definition of healing is the act or process of regaining health, but healing
here in this country refers to physical wellness, mental health, freedom from anxiety and life
satisfaction. That healing you can find at cafes across
the city, apparently. Our Lee Minyoung shows us various ways you
can “heal” or relieve stress after a long day’s work.
From camps and products to music and food, the array of options to relieve one’s stress
is diversifying day by day. And the means to do so is through “healing”,
a term that has become synonymous with relaxation well-being.
Inspired by this social trend, Korea is witnessing a growth of a new type of break areas… called
‘healing cafes’. Massage cafes are one of them. “As you can see, the massage chairs are partitioned
off so that customers can relax without being disturbed. A lot of office workers drop in
to take a break and get a little stress relief, especially during their lunch hour.” “Our main customers are not only office workers
but also couples, friends and families. On weekends customers even have to wait in long
lines to get in.” “I came with my mom today to enjoy a coffee
break and a relaxing massage at the same time. I feel like I’m healed whenever I come here. The room has relaxing aroma oil diffusers
installed everywhere to help customers take a sound nap and recover from fatigue.
There are oxygen zones as well for those who need to freshen up. Some healing cafes focus on mental health. Whenever you feel like spilling your problems
out to someone, this cafe will be the perfect place to drop by… as it provides professional
and customized one-on-one consultations. “I have a lot of worries about my life these
days…but it’s not easy to visit a counseling center. I think it’s great that I can receive
professional help about what kind of person I am, and how to build up good relationships.” Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life,
more people are turning their attention towards finding a way to ‘heal’ not only the body
but also the mind, and these cafes seem to be a timely and most welcomed option. Lee Minyoung, Arirang News.

Joseph Wolf

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