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  1. What vedic mathematics gave to Hindu civilization for 10 thousand years ? today the entire Technology 100%  of it depend of foreign knowledge.

    new NESTED radical square root problem,

  3. hello sir i am unable find your all lecture in sequvance in you tube , also in nptl so how can find serail no of all lecture in you tube plz reply me thanking you narresh joshi

  4. hello sir k ram subramiyam can clarify the meaning of trjya derives in snskrit jay is line which is by secting circle vyas is the maximum length of line in center of circle but what the words trijya mean i may have pleasure to get reply from you to clarify my quvery thanking you naresh joshi

  5. Sir ap hi ho Jo Indian culture promote kr rhe ho vrna paise vaale to London chle jate h study k liye

  6. All the mathematicians and books he mentioned are from kerala from the 14th century and all of them are disceples of great madhava ghe mathematician from sangamagrama or kodungallor kerala and who found the calculas and trigonometry and first person in the world to evaluate value of pi using infinite convergance series and the who also invented to find the calculation of any angle or sin value of trigonometry. BBC also produced broadcast video on this greats. Unfortunately only few writtens are found and only few number of peoples are read this books because most of them arr written in their own language like yukthibhasha and oen malayalam professor elanjikulam sir had been converted this into reference one

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