Meet Shiloh—Easing the stress of UT student veterans

Shiloh has come in today to the Veterans Resource Center to help ease some of the tension that some of these veterans might be feeling around campus. Shiloh is a five year old mutt who’s been doing this for about four years. She just loves to come in here and get all the hugs and scratches that she can. I’d be coming into the Veterans Center with loads of stress and then the second that I see Shiloh I forget about the stresses that I’m having. HABIT is an outreach program of the UT Vet School. We take medically- and behaviorally-screened dogs, cats and rabbits into places where people are dealing with stress. I think it is the definition of the Volunteer Spirit. Helping people that have been willing to give everything to make my world a safer place. It just makes sense for me to come in and do a little bit to make them feel better. [music fades out]

Joseph Wolf

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