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Hey guys. It’s Bex here and welcome to another
video in my series You Have Four Minutes for Meditation. Today I’m changing it up a bit and I’m teaching
you how to make your very own meditation. So you won’t even need me anymore. It will
be great. You can even teach your friends. [Music] I’m especially excited about today’s video
because I have three very fun things that I get to share with you. First, I am bringing you out to my meditation
oasis on the back acres of Bex Life Farm. This is my meditation platform where I go
to get away from it all. Two, I have a mantra challenge for you that
I really want you to join and share with your friends. It’s 21 days long. You can join at
any time. You just have to click on the top link in the video description or at the link
at the back of this video. Number three, I’m teaching you how to meditate
on your own. Now I still want you to come back and visit me but I want you to also be
able to create beautiful things for yourself and also to teach your friends how easy it
is to meditate, to find peace and to find happiness and get blissed in every single
day. We’re going to start with the very basics
of meditation. Meditation simply means to contemplate, to focus your attention on one
thing and hopefully when you’re focusing your attention on one thing, you start to focus
on no things and you drift away into a state of bliss. You don’t have to be in a bubble for meditation.
I know that things are going on all around you and your lives are very busy. So wherever
you can get quiet, just for a few minutes, is the perfect spot. I have a meditation platform but most of the
time I’m just hiding out in my laundry room, in my car in the driveway or a quiet spot
in my bedroom during the day. So wherever you can be quiet even if it’s at your desk
at work and you can close your eyes and just tune out for a few minutes, that’s the place
for you. I also want you to be alert during meditation.
So if you could just sit up nice and tall with your shoulders right up over your hips
and a straight line from the crown of your head all the way down to your seat, that would
be ideal. You can do this by inhaling your shoulders
up to your ears and exhaling your shoulder blades down your spine. You can have your hands downturned on your
knees or upturned to receive the energy around you. This is the perfect meditation posture.
You may also have your legs crossed like me, one foot in front of the other in half lotus
or full lotus, whatever works for you. Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of making
your own meditation. I have two parts to this and one was gifted to me from a good friend
Erin Stutland who has a program called Shrink Session which is an amazing exercise program
that incorporates mantra and dance. It’s so much fun and the second part is an offering
just from me to you. I want you to make a list of all the things
that you desire most. It could be the most ridiculous list of the most ridiculous things
that you’re afraid to even say out loud. Just 10 things, 10 things that your heart desires
that you really, really want. It could be financial. It could be about love.
It could be relationships. It could be about your job. It could be about the way you look.
Anything your heart desires is going on this list right now and don’t be shy. Even if you’re afraid to share these, I would
love for you to share just one with me in the comments below. We’re going to call this
the “gold digger list” because that’s what Erin calls it and I think that’s just a great
list because it’s just like these outrageous things that you want. You could say, “I want a tighter butt,” “I
want to make a million dollars this year,” “I want to meet the man of my dreams and have
him take me on a vacation to Bali.” Any of these things, it starts with “I want”.
You’re going to write this list and you’re going to keep it and put it aside. Now manifesting is about bringing things into
your life that you want. But there’s also a key component that a lot of people forget
and that’s about what we have to give. When we give, we get back so much. What do
you have to offer the world? What makes you special? What do people thank you for? I want
you to think about all the things that you can share with the world that when it comes
back around, it’s going to help you to get that stuff on your gold digger list even faster. Think about your best qualities and this is
going to be the next part of the list, 10 things that start with, “I have to offer”.
I have to offer my sense of humor. I have to offer my love. I have to offer kindness.
It could even be very specific things like I have money to give. I can give a little
bit to charity, $5, $10, $1000. I can give my time. I could volunteer at the local school. So put 10 things on this list and there are
your mantra meditations. I want you to focus on one thing from your gold digger list and
then a corresponding item that maybe would complement that item on your give list and
I want you to repeat these things over and over and over again during your next four-minute
meditation. I want to make a million dollars this year.
I have to offer my time to my local charity. Now it might not make sense at first. But
believe me, when you’re giving constantly, the universe recognizes that and it wants
to give back. There is a force behind all of us that’s cheering us on that wants to
propel us forward and wants us to have all that we desire. So I want you to try this
out. I want you to do it even if it feels silly and I want you to share those mantras
in the comments below. Then I also want you to sign up for my 21-day
challenge and tell me how that goes and share it with all of your friends. I know you’re
going to love it. It’s 21 mantras delivered to your inbox every single day. You could
start at anytime. There is no deadline. There is no start date and I make everything very
easy for you because meditation is meant to be easy. I love you guys and I will see you soon in
another Bex Life video. [I hope you’re all inspired to make your own
mantra meditations. But I would still love you to sign up for my 21-day Mantra Challenge
by clicking on the screen or on the first link in the video description. I love you
guys. I will see you soon and keep those requests coming.]

Joseph Wolf


  1. Hey! You keep asking for meditation requests and I thought of one!! Everyone seems to suddenly have digestion issues or issues with certain foods…so maybe digesting life with ease or all foods sit well in my body <<clearly you are the mantra maker.

  2. 1) I want with all my heart, to find an egg donor to be able to finally have a baby
    2) I want to have a healthy body that helps me to "be a good place" for my future baby
    3) I want to always have that beautiful relationship with my husband 
    4) I want to have a loving, caring, and fare relationship with my family and my in laws
    5) I want to feel free, independent, and able to do what I want without being judged by others or myself
    6) I want my perfect job, that makes me happy and makes me want to get up every morning
    7) I want to be a millionaire lol because I want to be independent financially
    8) I want to travel around the world 
    9) I want to meet amazing people
    10) I want to learn to love my body and be the better self that I can be.

    Thanks so much for your positive energy and for sharing your amazing tips for a better life 🙂

  3. good, I was just about to look for a meditation video, so this video was uploaded in time. Thanks! 

  4. Okay here goes: I want to make a secondary income from my online brand this year. I have to offer real ways to manage anxiety. 

    Those two go together so well. 🙂

  5. I want to find my passion
    I have to offer my willingness to help others 

  6. I desire to have healthy relationships with family, friends and a lover.

  7. I want to get a good EMT job out of school, and I want to keep practicing a calm peaceful mind to be more positive about myself in every way.

  8. omg! I've been meditating on that which you've mention – to meet the man of my dreams and have him take me to a vacation in Bali!! – 

  9. Hi Bex, I joined the Mantra challenge and I am very excited to begin. I must admit there is not a lot of clear information on how mantras work or how to maximize the mantras effectiveness? Any chances you have a video or pointers towards reputable resources, explanation tips, or general beginners info?

  10. My gold digger list (incomplete, some is personal):
    Confidence in myself
    to be debt free
    Happiness for my family
    better coping skills
    longer healthier hair
    a fruitful summer garden!

  11. I think I might try this… a few things on my gold-digger list: MONEY (okay well, it's not the key to happiness but it definitely makes heaps of things a lot easier), a fulfilling and awesome job, to be able to rent (own?) a nice place, unshakeable self-confidence and a flat belly!

    Bex I just have a question – have you read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and do you believe in manifesting your desires by thinking/feeling as though you 'already have those things'? Eg. instead of saying "I want a flat belly" during meditation, saying "I'm so grateful I have a flat belly and I can wear whatever I like and have the kind of body I want"…? Please let me know your thoughts!

  12. I want to follow my heart/dream; travel to Australia and have a happy life there when I'm older.

    I want to get far in my photography.

    I want the Africans to have clean water, proper food and a roof over their heads.

    I want the homeless to have homes.

  13. So sit up straight and think about what you want and what you're going to give?

    That is it? There has to be more to it than that…..

  14. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and i have energy to offer
    love this video, thanks for posting!

  15. 1)girlfriend and a long relationship with her
    2)get really good at guitar
    3)write my own hipiesh music

  16. I would love to see a video on adaptability and how to feel rooted and comfortable in every situation

  17. I want to be free of depression and insomnia. I have to offer patience and gratitude.

  18. Hi! Could you please tell me, can I say "i want money. I have money to give". or should i ask for what i need the money for? i mean, i want a big some of money though at the moment i have enough so i can give and do give for charity.

    waiting for Your reply.
    Love, Yv.

  19. Hey Rebekah, thanks for your videos. Your videos, advices, and your smile are very nice to see. Keep going 🙂

    I want to be able to focus/concentrate to accomplish better/quicker work.
    I have to offer my smile and my consideration.

  20. I want to move up in my career. I have to offer persistent by studying harder

  21. I want : a million dollar this year
    I want: my children's success
    I want: to be close to the person I love
    I want: to look beautiful like I did before
    I want: to be healthy and fit
    I want: my parents to be healthy and well
    I want: my pets to be healthy and fit
    I want: to own the house that I live in
    I want: to clear all and any debts that I have
    I want: to be successful

    I have: kindness to share
    I have: love to share
    I have: time for people to need my help
    I have: care for the animals around me
    I have: happiness to share, that I know that I have in me
    I have: I have a sense of humour that I would love to share

    I am trying to meditate, from today. There are a lot of negative things going around me, that is depressive. I am often finding myself crying for no reason. Thinking about giving up for good. But, I know I have to fight, for my children, my pets and my parents. I need to relax and keep calm.

  22. I really wish, peace, love and empathy for every person in this world … maybe sounds a bit cliche … but this is really a thing in my hart!

  23. I thought that meditation you should think about nothing.
    And if you think about somethink you need to listen to your breating.

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