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Hey, guys. It’s Bex here. Welcome to another
video in my series of “You Have Four Minutes for Meditation.” Today, we’re working on getting
you to sleep. I asked you for your requests and so many
of you wrote in and asked for meditations for sleep. You’re having trouble falling asleep, staying
asleep, or you’re just feeling tense in general. You can do this meditation right before bed,
or at any time during the day when you’re feeling a little tense. I like to do this
meditation at the end of yoga class in shavasana. So go ahead and find your easy seat. You can
even do this lying down. Find a spot on the floor, in bed, on a pillow –wherever is comfortable
for you. Place your hands down-turned on your thighs
or next to you, lying down, and start to pay attention to your breath with your eyes closed.
I want you to follow a natural pattern of breathing. You don’t have to inhale deeply
here. Just nice and easy in your natural rhythm. This is a visualization meditation. I want
you to picture yourself completely covered by a sheet. As we move through this meditation,
the sheet will be removed slowly, revealing your comfortable, relaxed body.
As we begin, the sheet is being pulled down over your forehead. Maybe you’re scrunching
your forehead. You might picture little wrinkles being in it right now. Go ahead and release
that muscle. Next, the sheet passes your eyes. Are you
squinting, holding them tight? Is it a struggle for you to keep them closed? Go ahead and
relax your eyes. Is your jaw clenching right now? As the sheet
uncovers your jaw and your mouth and your chin, part your lips just slightly, allowing
your tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth, and the bottom of your jaw to release and
hang easy and heavy. As the sheet passes down and uncovers your
shoulders, are they scrunched up towards your ears? Take a nice big inhale and release your
shoulders down and away towards your waist. Even your belly can be tight. As the sheet
uncovers your belly, go ahead and let it be soft, allowing the air to fill your belly
and expand. Normally we hold it in so tight when we’re in this seated posture, but let
it be easy now and loose. The same goes for all the other parts of your
body. Picture the sheet passing over the fronts of your thighs, allowing them to release,
your knees, your calves, and your ankles. Allow your feet to just flop open, if you’re
lying down. Allow your toes to relax, if you’re sitting cross-legged.
Everything is easy. Allow yourself to inhale with purpose — a long, deep inhale filling
your whole body — and exhale at the same pace.
One more inhale to open your eyes. Now you’re waking up with me, but normally I would let
you just continue your breath cycle of long inhales and equally long exhales until you
fall fast asleep. This is to just focus your attention on one thing and not have you worry
about all the other stuff that’s going on. That’s why counting sheep is so effective.
You’re just focusing on the act of picturing those little sheep jumping over the gate.
It’s the same with this. It could be a sheet. It could be a flicker of a flame on a candle.
Whatever works for you. If you enjoyed this meditation — and I hope
you’re feeling a little bit more relaxed — keep those requests coming, and I will see you
for the next one next week. Love you guys! Thank you for joining me for another four-minute
meditation. I hope that you’re nice and relaxed. But if you happen to still be awake, go ahead
and check me out at Bexlife.com, or click on one of the thumbnails below for a four-minute
meditation or an exclusive BexLife workout. See you around.

Joseph Wolf


  1. OMG, i was just desperately lookingfor a sleep & stress meditation last night! Telepathy success! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much! I've been using the other ones right before bed, so this one is perfect. You're awesome 🙂

  3. this made me so relaxed, could you do a meditation for sore/aching muscles? (:

  4. i found this meditation really helpful. could you please do one on waking up – like waking up in a good mood, or waking up ready to face a challenging/eventful day (such as an exam or job interview)? thanks!

  5. Thank u, thank u, thank u!! The crackle of the fire startled me LOL! Nevertheless really enjoyed this.

  6. The beeping in this video is annoying, and the woman is far too scattered and peppy. Honestly, a 4 minute mediation seems like meditation for people with zero attention span, or consider themselves to be too "busy" to take real time out to achieve genuine inner calm. Don't watch this if you actually want to get to sleep.

  7. Everyone has to start somewhere. And thanks to Bex I have. I don't lack attention span or inner calmness. What I do appreciate are her choice words of positivity and serenity. Doesn't work for you…don't watch…but please don't discourage others from trying something. Everyone's journey is their own with different paths to take.

  8. Hi Bex, I would love a meditation for trying for a baby. Thanks for your videos. They are great!

  9. You have no idea what your talking about. This chick is awesome at everything she does. Maybe you should start with the exercise videos to get your endorphin's pumping.

  10. Just listening, while reading the other comments started making my eyes feel heavy.

  11. That was great. I love love love it. The fire popping behind you was spirit talking to you :).. much love energy to you and yours.

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  13. I have watched this every night to get to sleep, I must say this is the best video ever as I can never sleep.
    So thank you so much, your channel is awesome 😀

  14. I'm only a middle schooler in 7th grade and I have a lot of stress due to upcoming CRCT's. So what I've been doing is studying and now my back is aching. sleeping isn't helping only making it worse. and I found your video and I sat on my bed and did this. it helped so much! After a few seconds my back is so light!!! Thank you for sharing this!! I totally going to subscribe to you!!C:

  15. I have trouble to understand english, we have to imagine us covered by a sheet, right ?Whatever, I love your videos, I made workout with them this morning and tonight I'll do Yoga and meditation !

  16. If you desire to lose weight fast, make sure to Google search for "Aston Fat Furnace". You are certain to get the body you merit.

  17. I'm a first timer & in need of something to work for my severe back pain. It's been 2 yrs since my pain has disappeared over night by a good friend praying over me. A true miracle. I'm not sure I'll get a second one. I have severe pain also in other places as well. My health has been affected and I'm hoping this works before it all gets worse. The pain before was so severe, I would not wish it upon anyone. The pain lasts all day through the night as well. Do you have any suggestions?

  18. I cant sleep at all i tried this vedio i felt so relax during it but then dis connected .. i dont know whats wrong with me and how i can stay connected to my thoughts and ?? I dont do or practis meditation alot coz every timd i tried i cant focuse !! please help me any tips … thank u

  19. I'm definitely going to try this in the laying down position. Now if only there was a medication for overcoming a fear of the dark.

  20. I do hypnosis videos with my friend @gracesmithtv … maybe we'll make one for fear of the dark! xo

  21. Too loud! Too much talking and not enough gentle calm energy to promote an atmosphere of calm relaxed sleep. Like the words used, however.

  22. I loved this! I have been trying meditation and yoga so I wanna get up early in the morning hope this helps me sleep!

  23. It did the exact opposite for me! Something kept making my right eye lift up,but I wanted to shut it,but something kept me from lifting it up.

  24. If you could do one to increase energy if appreciate it. With school starting again and field hockey and marching band I get extremely tired and find it hard to focus.

  25. Thank you! I'm really stressed and feel it in the muscles around my neck. Being burned out is tough but this helps in my proces. Love from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  26. I couldn't do meditation before, and now I still can't do it.  How can I approach it without it being difficult for me? 

  27. what a nice video! but i will never, NEVER meditate cause i'm a boy and i believe that yoga and meditation  are for girls only, so i'm watching this just for fun! 🙂

  28. Thank you so much, Rebekah! Before I saw your videos I though I was the kind of person that wasn't made for meditation, but now I know EVERYBODY can meditate. You don't have to be "mystic" or something, you just have to let it happen. Thanks, I love your videos!!

  29. I have a lot of trouble with visualization when I meditate. I watched you're "She has 4 minutes" video with Grace Smith and tried the Chakra Cleansing and found it difficult to visualize all the different orbs spinning and being cleaned. Any tips on visualization?

  30. I need a really good night time kids meditation so that they can get ready and fall asleep at night Bex help !

  31. omg why do u have that beeping sound it didnt help =_= get rid of the peebing…

  32. I have been using this video for my son at night. It has helped him quiet his mind. Could you possible make another?
    I LOVE your meditations!!!!

  33. I wake up really early like reallly really early so I fell sick all the time so this is my First time meditating wish me luck

  34. Please please please can you do another sleep meditation? Love your meditations and I can’t use a different guru as none are as good or as effective as yours xx

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