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Hey guys. It’s Bex here. Welcome to another
one of my four-minute meditations. Today is a meditation for the end of the world. [Music] For those of you who know that I’ve been shooting
my first television show, you know that I wrapped yesterday, December 20th of 2012,
and it was a very happy day because I had accomplished something very big but also a
very sad day because a great, big, happy thing had come to an end. So today I have a meditation for you about
good things that come to an end or the end of the world as we know it. Let’s get started. Go ahead and find your easy seat. You can
sit on the floor or a pillow or wherever you’re comfortable. You can have your legs crossed
or one foot in front of the other, whatever works for you. Place your hands gently downturned on your
thighs or your knees or upturned to receive the energy around you. Close your eyes and
inhale your shoulders up to your ears. Exhale. Melt your shoulder blades down your back. Start by paying attention to your breath.
Maybe it’s shallow because you’re anxious about the end of the world. Maybe you’re relaxed
and know everything is going to be OK. Just see what your breath is doing in this moment.
Don’t try to change it. Just be the observer. Over the past month, I’ve created this world.
I was shooting my own show. I was making new friendships. I had really formed a family.
It was a dream come true and then so abruptly it came to an end. It was the end of that little world for me.
I cried. I said goodbye and gave presents to the crew and all the people who had helped
me and it was a happy day. We were celebrating a huge accomplishment but also so sad. In yoga, we learn about the eight limbs of
yoga. In learning the first, we learned about something called “aparigraha,” holding on,
grasping and something we must do is teach ourselves to let go, to not hold on to things,
to people, to points in time. So part of my practice and my practice today is to let go
of something so wonderful, the end of that world, and prepare myself for something new
and exciting. That will surely come. I want that to be your intention as well.
This day, this point in time, this year will be over very, very soon and a new one will
begin and it will be wonderful. Hopefully by now your breath has begun to
slow. It’s beginning to slow. Deep inhales traveling from your nose all the way to your
seat and back up again in one continuous loop, celebrating this time in meditation, getting
ready to let it go, and move on with our day, accepting the cycle of life and death with
each inhale and exhale. Something begins and ends and it’s wonderful every time. Take one last inhale and exhale with me. We
made it. The world hasn’t ended. In fact, it has just begun again and it’s so exciting.
Let me know how this meditation was for you and I will see you in the new year. Happy
2013. Love you.

Joseph Wolf


  1. The end of the Mayan cicle of 144.000 days (Baktun) is the 23rd of December 2012, not today… We have 2 more days lo live.. 🙂

  2. They found the rest of the mayan calendars around june..lolz but im sure she is joking

  3. Only God knows when we died not some Mayan Calendar and if you notice it's Saturday the 22nd and I'm still here!!! You should have faith in him not in some calendar that's been wrong before.

  4. Sometimes things come up and I think to myself Bex has a meditation for that! I did this meditation when it first came out and I did it again today. Thanks so much for what you do! 💛

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