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Hey guys. It’s Bex. Today’s meditation is
another by request. It’s meditation for a broken heart. [Music] Some of us use meditation as a way to calm
down after a hectic day or a way to get ready for the day ahead. Some of us use meditation
as a method of prayer. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations
that are too big to comprehend, too big to get our heads around. Maybe it’s a break-up
or a divorce or even a death. But it’s in these times that it’s maybe not appropriate
to figure out a reason why or a way to fix it, but just a time to sit in quiet contemplation
and pray. So today’s meditation is for just those times.
It’s a prayer type meditation, also an affirmation meditation that will help you to heal from
a broken heart. Let’s begin. Go ahead and find your easy seat. You can
have your legs crossed or one foot in front of the other, whatever is comfortable. Instead
of resting our hands on our legs, we’re going to put our hands in prayer. So it’s just placing the palms together and
the fingers. Let’s keep our fingers open so that energy may pass in between them. Our
thumbs are going to be placed on our sternum right at the center of our chest in front
of our heart. Sit up nice and tall with your shoulders right
over your hips. Start to pay attention to your easy inhales and exhales, not affecting
your breath; just watching it, observing. Like I said before, oftentimes we find ourselves
in the midst of heartache whether it’s a sudden break-up or something much larger like a death.
We try to figure out why, why it happened, how we can protect ourselves from it happening
again and we feel lost for an answer. But I would suggest instead of searching for
those answers, it may be bringing more stress into your life when you can’t find them. So
just sit quietly and allow yourself to mourn, to be in that moment in sadness and to not
deny it. Often a well-meaning friend or family member
will try to talk you out of your sadness to get you up and going, to forget what had happened.
But the mourning process is such an important one and it’s OK to embrace it. But now I would
like to offer you this thought, that meditation is the act of being present in the moment,
of being here now. So if you are in sadness or mourning, allow
yourself to be in the moment in sadness and mourning. But understand as quickly as your
inhale and exhale cycle through your body, this moment too shall pass. Continue to think that thought throughout
the day. With each breath, each inhale and exhale, another moment of pain has passed.
Those moments will become less and less and soon you will be enjoying moments of joy. One last inhale and exhale. Allow yourself
to open your eyes. I hope that that meditation gave you a little peace and calm in a moment
that you may be struggling with. If you have any recommendations for another type of meditation,
please leave them in the comments below and please return again and again for more hopeful
and wonderful meditations for the new year. Love you guys.

Joseph Wolf


  1. Can you do a meditation about just calming down because I ALWAYS have to do somthing I can never rela and is constantly on the go thank you πŸ™‚

  2. I've been in pain from a brakeup for the past 6 months, I've tried similar meditations with no luck :/

  3. Can you please do a workout that is suitable to do during pregnancy? Love your videos πŸ™‚

  4. Hi, I love ur videos. Can u do a video of meditation of relaxation ur thoughts ur body?. Thank u

  5. Wow bless u and the universe. This came at the perfect time. Thanks to u for reaching me.

  6. can u make a video of meditation for removing negative energy ??? plz i need it ….cuz i think in a negative way

  7. Sadly, got away from the meditations for a little bit due to death and a break up. Tears came to my eyes during this prayer, but I am healing everyday. THANK YOU <3

  8. I acually felt great after doing this meditation.
    Been going through some pretty rough patches, and this helped immensely.
    Thank you, Bex.

  9. This video has helped me so much thank you I've been mourning for far to long but No more I will now live for the present but not forget the past

  10. I can appreciate your efforts. However, the moments of sadness of losing time and the moments of being absent in my 4 children's lives…. these moments continue to pass… and they stay gone… πŸ™ I dont know how to "be present" in this….. doesn't help me….

  11. Once you read enough articles and watch enough videos you start seeing a psychological pattern emerge. This is what I got from Treitan Mellory’s website, though you won’t have to spend hours if you follow his advice.

  12. I've been going through a sad/anxious phase that I feel like is turning into a depression. These videos have made me feel so much better and relax. This is helping me not over think alot. Thank you so much! God bless you!

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  14. I really love short but powerful meditations like this. The only thing I didn't like was the timer. It was piercingly loud and would disrupt the moment. Besides that I did really like this

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