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Hey, guys. It’s Bex here. Welcome to another
video in my series, “You Have Four Minutes for Meditation.” Today I’m offering you a
meditation on envy. Why does she get all the good stuff that I want?
On top of being honored by all the requests that come in for meditations, I’m sometimes
very surprised about what you want me to meditate about. The envy meditation has been requested
many times, and I think it’s so brave and so awesome of you to admit that you sometimes
feel envious or jealous of other people. So I’m going to do this meditation for you
today. I also get envious of other people, other people’s success, and other people’s
place in this word, so this a little for me, too. Like all my meditations, this one is
only going to be four minutes. If you do not have four minutes to spend on making yourself
better or making yourself feel great, then I suggest you reprioritize because you have
to do this. You have to do it every single day.
We’re going to take these four minutes and be really comfortable and remove distractions.
Find your easy seat. That could be seated on your bed, on a couch, or wherever you feel
comfortable. Sit up nice and tall with your legs crossed, one foot in front of the other,
in lotus or half lotus — whatever works for you.
You can have your hands placed down on your knees or upturned to receive the energy around
you. Remember always sit up nice and tall. This allows the energy to flow freely all
the way through your body. We can do this by inhaling our shoulders up
to our ears…and exhaling our shoulder blades down our spines. Our head is pointed up towards
the heavens and our chin is parallel to the floor. Let’s begin.
You can close your eyes or you can place your focus softly on something across the room.
Pay attention to what your breath is doing at this moment. Observe your easy inhales
and exhales. There’s no need to change it at this point. Change will happen on its own.
Observe your heart beating and take a moment to give thanks for being healthy in this moment,
for being alive. I’m going to use the first person during this
meditation. Please apply this to yourself as you listen to my words. Please accept my
words into your heart. Keep them there to contemplate and observe without judgment.
Accept them as my gift to you. Our lives are an intricate and beautiful tapestry
of all our experiences. Every moment, every experience, and everything that has happened
to us has informed this very moment. This tapestry is unique to me. Everyone has
their own. Each thread is special and precious. If I pull even one thread, I create a hole
in my experience. I become someone other than who I am.
If I introduce the threads of others into my tapestry, I become someone unrecognizable
to myself, to my soul. My tapestry was created with care, with love, and with divine intention.
I am a special and unique being created with divine intention. I am unique in my experiences,
in my talents, in my physicality, in my emotions, and that is beautiful.
My tapestry is a gift. I will regard it with honor and respect. I may add to it with my
hands and my heart and my intentions. I may help the divine weave it into something even
greater, even broader, and even more beautiful. But it is my own, unique to me. It is special
to me. I thank the Creator for this gift. I thank
myself for my part in making it as beautiful as it is. I honor the uniqueness of it. I
am so blessed to have this unique tapestry. As I continue to breathe and observe my breath
without judgment as it serves me calmly, as it fills my lungs and my belly with beautiful
new air, fresh energy and loving light, I take in all the good energy that I have attracted
toward myself. This also becomes part of my unique experience of who I am. I am so special.
I am so loved by my Creator, by others, and by myself.
I will no longer hold others above me. I will no longer be ungrateful for the gift that
is my life and my experiences and my beautiful tapestry. I am no longer envious or jealous
of others and their experiences or their bodies or their wealth or their relationships. I
have all that I need to be a unique and powerful being, to be a unique and powerful force in
this universe. I am grateful for my gift, my life, and my tapestry.
One last inhale and exhale with me…filling your body, your chest, and your belly, letting
it loose and soft. Exhale, contracting the belly, bringing the air up through the lungs
and out through the mouth or the nose. Inhale to open your eyes. I feel better because
I know that I am a unique, special, and blessed individual made with divine intention, as
is every single one of you. Thank you so much for joining me for this
meditation. I hope that you enjoyed it. Please leave your comments and requests in the comments
section below, and I will make a video for you if it’s really awesome (I’m just kidding!).
I will continue to make your requests every single week, so keep changing in with me.
Keep meditating with me. I love you guys and I will see you soon in another BexLife video. Get free meditations, mantras, detox, diet
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Joseph Wolf


  1. Thanks Bex! Felt envious over someone since noon, but then here you are with this helpful meditation video 🙂 Feel so much better now!

  2. Love these, Really does help me refresh, Thank you Rebekah 🙂 

  3. This is EXACTLY what I needed! Being I've been crying all day b/c of this! Thank you oh so MUCH!

  4. Thank you so much! I am grateful for you Bex! What about meditation for "busy-ness"… As in life feels like it's always wheeling past at 100 miles an hour and you just want to "be" in the moment.

  5. I don't have a lot of material things, I don't want for much either.  So, I didn't really know/think I was envious of much but this really made me realize how often I think of trading my experiences for someone else's lack of experiences.  This brings me back to a time I was FREE, and I knew it.  I'm still free, but you're helping me re-discover that.  There are a lot of "I's" in this paragraph so with that in mind, today will have to become about giving, serving.  It's a great way to stop being envious, too…helps one realize how much they have to offer already.  Love to you!  Thanks, always <3

  6. wow! that's exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks so much! the green eyed monster was munching away nonstop, no matter what pep talks I gave myself it was hurting my heart. I knew I could come to your channel and you'd have words in your mantra to hit the spot and swat the monster away. Thanks so much, you are a life saver. 

  7. OMG I THIUGHT MINE WAS UNCUREABLE i was REALLY jealous but i wasnt mad- i was crying- in 3:00 AM since 10:oo pm ty!!!!

  8. Thank you so much! This really helped and I feel like a whole new person. I always used to get jealous but since this was so powerful, I don't think I will get jealous because I realized I have so much to be grateful for. Thanks again!

  9. Wow, I just found your channel and these videos are amazing. I will be sure to make you my main source for meditation. Thank you 🙂

  10. I just found your channel and it is absolutely amazing! Truly grateful! Thank you:)

  11. Thank you very much! This was very helpful! I'm not completely convinced that all meditation is legit, but this one truly seemed to serve what it advertised. I'm interested to check out the rest of your videos. I assume you already have one on confidence, but, if not, may I suggest it? Thanks again! 🙂

  12. Thank you so much, I love how you organized your meditation video. Would be great to have one on loneliness too!

  13. Beautiful beautiful beautiful…just as you are!! I felt the shift by the second minute itself, and it was awesome! Thank you so so much 💜

  14. Rebekah, I would like to sincerely thank you for everything you do! You are my inspiration as a mentor and a positive human being. You inspired me to start my yoga and meditation practice again, and I thank you! You inspire me to be my authentic self without judgment to myself and others. This is a very first meditation I did that left me in tears and I had no idea how powerful it can be to shed a tear while doing such a great meditation. You have reminded me of a very powerful quote my father always said to me, "I am work in progress, always, and my perfection is a journey, not a destination"I thank you greatly, and I am looking forward to my wonderful life every second of the day. I send positive energy to you, your family, your beautiful children. You rock!

  15. Hey rebekah I have lost weight by doing this meditation. This meditation has put me let go of my anger and to start a new day

  16. Rebekah it's sasu based on meditation series I love self-confidence and weight loss. Both of these programs has taught me to be who you can be towards others and you. I will keep mediate with you, your my best friend i can never let go. P.s. love you boo can I get a high five on the ✋ hand?

  17. Hey Rebekah your meditation has really helped me to become a better me. Doing well in school And I will always let go of my anger problem.

  18. nice meditation video but plz tell me is it really that easy…just by speaking it out it works. …

  19. While doing this meditation, I felt some sort of insight. It's the thought that I may not be jealous of that person, but they may be jealous of me, and I feel that envy empathically.

  20. Thumbs upped, but the title is misleading due to its generality. This session could be applicable to everyday meditation as self-appreciation is important in all aspects of life. I can go on and on but the bottom line is I searched for a specific topic but feel the same way after getting guided.

  21. What's up with all of these meditation videos being so loud and peppy? I can't relax to this and therefore, I cannot meditate.

  22. Thank you helpful. Can I meditate longer or does it have to be 4 minutes

  23. This meditation helps me EVERY SINGLE TIME Bex, thank you. It helps me with jealousy, anger and anxiety! Thank you thank you Bex ❤️

  24. I'm jealous of other people's hair . there was one lady who I worked with had beautiful straight Asian and I wish my hair was like that. I actually have kinky black hair and I had some criticism from this black lady about who to talk to about my hair. I have a a low self esteem and I need to learn to appreciate myself especially when there's criticism.

  25. Thanks a lot. You know I'm in a distance relationship with my boyfriend,which I love. But today I get so jealous because he upload on instagram a photo of his bare chest,you can imagine how I felt. We talk about it and he just delete the picture. He's such a good guy. I feel so bad now and guilty. I feel such a pain for him. I'm jealous because I'm scare to lose him,scare to be betrayed,and scare to lose to other girls. I can't compete with other girls. I'm chubby,no make up,stubborn,freak clean and jealous,anxious too. You can only imagine how I lost it this damn morning. I couldn't even focus properly at work. I feel so guilty and ashamed of myself. No matter how much times i asked him sorry,I can't stop feeling bad. I'm scare to lose him against other girls in which I can't compete at all. More near him,beautiful,funny and so on. I feel like a devil now,he's such a good guy. Your meditation though help me a lot,so i have to thank you. Thank you a lot,I hope you're having a good day.

  26. Thank you SO SO much for this and for raising awareness that envy is a real issue that needs to be dealt with. This meditation has seriously helped me and I am becoming free of envy completely now with your help. Thanks again.

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