Find a quiet space where you can lay down
or sit comfortably. Now close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Notice how your chest expands and retracts
with every breath. Focus your attention on it, become aware of
it. Your breath is your center. Always come back to it if you get lost in
thought. Notice all the small sensations in your body. The tingling in your feet, your heartbeat,
the feeling in your stomach. Now focus on your breath again. Become aware of all the stuff floating and
popping up in your mind. All the ideas, fantasies, tasks, insecurities. Let them pass. Don’t engage them. Let them disappear and focus on your breath
again. Set yourself a timer. Maybe 10 minutes at the beginning. Become aware of the changes in your body and
mind every time you meditate. Expand the time you meditate and find the
best position and place to do it. Once you understand how to meditate in a quiet, controlled location, you can try meditating in your daily life. In the subway, on the bus, between classes,
on the airplane. Try it out, now.

Joseph Wolf

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