Making Of – A United Nations Bodypainting Peace Project

The United Nations Peace Memorial Hall was constructed on 11th November 2014. The purpose of our exhibition is “plant a seed of peace” that is also why this
building was constructed here. Also, World Peace is what we need to work on in the end. The one and only UN cemetery is here in Korea Pusan. That is why UNPM was built here next to the cemetery. Only for freedom and peace of Korea they fought. here, we honor their great sacrifice and console the souls of the fallen soldiers Through this memory, I hope our next generation will realize and remember that
Peace was not given to them for free Right now, there are many young boys taken to fight in the wars Right now, there are people their lives are taken away from them The future of our children is not ours. We need to protect the future for our children. Because Korea has been through that exact pain in the past so we can contribute
in many ways for world peace. Human body is the lord of creation. there are many ways to express oneself such as words, lips, body language,
pictures, music and other many art forms. and I thought the human body can be expressed as an interesting art form. The bodypainting event today was not only done by Koreans other artists from around the world were invited. think that is what makes today meaningful and special They say history repeats. especially the painful histories should be meditated to protect it from repeating it. the memories we shared over the Korean war should never happen again. Also I hope Korea who was helped by many countries worldwide will contribute a big part of world peace. I think this is much more meaningful more than anything. And today, our bodypainting project was not only done by Korean people. We have done it together with many other international artists.

Joseph Wolf


  1. Few the short promo clip about the exhibtion at http://unclip.wb-production.com

  2. Very nice. Thanks. I was hoping Vicky G would be in it. Lovely idea and art though. Ciao. VE

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