Killer 4 Min Ripped Abs Workout

Joseph Wolf


  1. Mike Chang is now a sellout guys. From the actual guys in the fitness industry, he's pissing us off.

  2. Hello everyone. Great clip.

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  3. Hahahaha, THIS IS PURE GARBAGE. This is working your back and shoulders so much more. This guy is making his personal trainer look stupid ! This guy is unbelievable, i honestly feel sorry for the people actually follow's this exercise as it is so misleading.

  4. i had a belly fat kinda odd and i just used ab king pro (its a machine which stretches you from 60 degree to 90 to 180 degrees and a bit beyond that, i hope you know about ab king pro) and by using it twice daily and for one month including some controlled diet i got to see my upper ab and belly flattened. so y using this shit

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  7. I just love how everyone posts stuff that you have to buy that yes it mite be faster but cos t money when you can actually get out of your asses and do this for free.

  8. Lol mig dont be jelous and btw this really workout:) thnx i got already full beardmode

  9. Great workout….Combine this with a low-carb and high-protein diet and the results will be great! 

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  11. Mike nice training tuttorials! I feel motivated to work out again! greetings from Holland!

  12. lol doing this i already have my arms numb and i can't move them any more XD great work out barley can type .

  13. Mike your my mentor dude,i trained and got ripped with your killer excercises and tht was amazing…thnxs for everything

  14. bro thats a stupid and really dangerous workout, not to mension you dont have any abs

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  19. What the fuck if you come here to hate then leave and if you want to talk ahit go look at his present videos from these last few months he's fucking huge

  20. I did some exercises from another video of yours and loved it! Tomorrow after my cardio I'll be doing this bc my core sucks. Awesome videos! Keep it up 🙂

  21. PLEASE HELP SOMEONE I feel like when doing these excercices the form is all wrong and dont feel it in my abs but in my arms. Im a skinny guy and am having trouble getting abs, i do 3 sets of 30 good crunches, 3 sets of 60-100 sit ups, 3 sets of 50 push ups, and 3 sets of 60 second planks. my form in all is good unless keeping your feet together is wrong. Im not sure what to do someone please give me some recommendations, ive been doing the work out stated above in my comments every other day.

  22. I got told to go outside in the garden to do these in case i let go of the dumbbell >.< lol

  23. you are such a fake bro, be real please. we around the world like honesty.
    guess dats your cup of tea. ur ridiculous  ideas n exercise stuff on 6 packs n such.
    super lame.. come train me then!

  24. HI HI thanks a lot for this video. i've followed this video but my abs get less result than my shoulder, triceps, upper and lower back muscle. But i dont really mind it as long as i get the result (even on other part). Thanks bro

  25. I've tried spellcasters and they don't do shit for me. I don't get what I'm doing wrong.

  26. I was thinking what if there was a person behind you in the first exercise…snap city bitch

  27. I was doing this and lost grip of my weights, now I have six packs but I lost my cat

  28. this looks more like arm exercises, no?  no way i'm gonna use 15 pounds.  i'm gonna use 10 pounds max!! ..

  29. I get this workout in my jobs and my ripped abs are getting in my way. I need ab liposuction…..

  30. I did the corkscrew and threw the dumbbell into my ceiling. 🙁

  31. why is the bicep on the right bigger that the left in the picture

  32. i tried this I'm only 8 I'm like bruh wtf why if ur 8 years old why would you do this

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