It’s Your Choice: Floor or Bed Exercises

welcome to the section of the video
where you can do your exercises on your bed or on your floor in your
living room in this section you can work on stretching and
strengthening some major muscle groups of your torso and legs while in a secure horizontal position
here are some guidelines about using this segment of the DVD do what you can even though you may not
move through the same amount of range as shown in the video moving through a
smaller range of motion also has many benefits you can try to exercise on the
floor or use a bed or couch if transferring to
the floor is difficult we suggest you watch the exercises first
before actually lying down choose the version that’s best for you do the best you can with the main
exercise that is shown but we will also show you more
challenging or easier versions to try if necessary ask a helper to assist you by placing and holding your legs in the
starting positions and then carry on from there with your exercise 0 Pelvic tilts lie on your back with one leg
straight and one leg bent start by exhaling and use your abs to flatten your back into the
floor then inhale and arch your back making some
space between your low back and the floor flatten your back good in arch your back tilting your pelvis the
opposite way switch legs or if you want to make this
exercise easier keep both legs bent let’s go again if you want to try a more
difficult version try doing the pelvic tilt while both legs
are straight which makes it quite a bit harder try this next time for a new challenge inhale arching your back up and exhale flatten your back again good job core stabilizer lie on your back with both knees bent
in a crook lying position start by moving your knees a few inches to one
side don’t let your pelvis move by tightening those abdominals good and then come back to the middle and
then move your knees just a little bit to the other side keep that pelvis flat on the floor good
bring it back in let’s do it again keep your pelvis still as you rock your knees to one side and use your abs
to bring those legs back into center now go to the other side don’t let that pelvis
lift up keep it still use those abs great bring it back in for a bit more of a challenge try doing
the same exercise but in a table top position with hips and knees both bent to 90 degrees
if you’re looking for a challenge this is it good inhale as your legs rock
to the side and breathe out as you centre your legs keep those knees together keep your
navel pulled into your spine good pull them back in great last time to the other side pull the knees back
into center good job ab crunches stay on your back in the crook lying
position place your hands behind your head flatten your back into the floor bring both knees up towards your chest and lift
your head keep your abs strong as you lower your legs and head back down
bring knees to your chest lift your head crunch in the middle and lower slowly back down good to make this exercise easier try level
B start with your arms by your side and flatten your back into the floor lift your head and use your arms to squeeze your legs into your chest squeeze in the middle
that’s where most of the movement is coming from and then slowly lower back down exhale then lift and inhale as you return to the starting
position if you have difficulty lifting your legs
you can still exercise your abs the way Adrian in purple is doing by lifting his head
and shoulders off the floor good lift lift lift good and inhale and lower back down good job exhale lifting up don’t pull on your head and inhale
slowly down good job everybody bridging stay in a crook lying position and
place your arms down by your side squeeze your buttock muscles and lift your hips
as high as you can good hold and then lower down
slowly again lift your hips up push down through your feet good and
then lower bone by bone starting with the top vertebrae and ending
with your tailbone to increase the challenge try this
option like Monica in green bridging up lifting one foot bring it
back down then lower your hips good lift the hips high straighten one knee keep your thighs together and lower your foot
and body back down good lift up squeeze your hip muscles lift as
high as you can and lower back down put equal
weight through both feet and lift your hips the
same amount good lift bring the leg back in and lower slowly down for an easier option try the exercise with
the leg straight squeeze your cheek muscles and try to
lift your hips slightly off the bed and then lower down good lift up and squeeze tighten your abdominal and your buttock muscles then lower back down leg lifts lie on your back with one leg straight
and one leg bent straighten your knee all the way out lift your
leg as high as possible if you can good
slowly lower that leg down Lift the leg again high as you can
keep you knee pointed straight up and lower it back down some of you may only be able to lift
the leg a smaller amount as Adrian in purple is demonstrating
this will still give the thigh muscles a workout just do it as high as you can good
before you lift contract those abs and flatten your back and then lower your leg down slowly lift that leg really high lift it up in the air and then slowly lower back down keep your knee as straight as you can hold squeeze your thigh muscles lift and lower the leg back down good tighten those abdominals and lift the leg up in
the air lift two three four and lower two three four good job now switch to the other side get ready tighten the muscles at the front of your thigh
and lift that leg up slowly lower back down with control good to make this easier do it like Ahuvah
in yellow and bend the knee up to the chest then
lower slowly back down to the bed with control and lift at and slowly lower down keep going every everybody you’re doing great lift keeping the knee as straight as you can
lower it back down keeping those muscles tight in your knee and in
your abs to protect your lower back good lift two three four and lower good job keep that knee as straight as you can and slowly lower it back down to the bed good here we go lift lift lift and lower back down lift up up up keep that knee straight and lower with control good job everybody twist and stretch get back into the crook lying position
and place your feet wide apart place your feet more than hip width
apart place your arms in a T position with your palms facing up and slowly lower your knees to one side
while you turn your head in the opposite direction go a little further by squeezing your
buttock muscle and turning your hips into the twist
hold and feel that great stretch at the front of
your thigh your chest down the side of your body good come back to the center and repeat to
the same side Try to keep your shoulders flat on
the floor as you twist and hold and stretch just a little more with each exhale breathe comfortably and then bring it
back to the center now we’re going in the opposite
direction move the legs to the other side and turn your head the other way feel
the stretch on the other side at the front of the thigh in the spine and across
your chest good come up slowly and repeat to the same
side again let your hips turn into the twist and keep your
shoulders flat on the floor just breathe enjoy this great stretch good and come back to the center sideways leg lifts lie flat on your side with
your bottom knee bent bend the bottom leg forward for better
balance roll the pelvis slightly forward and you can
support your head on your hand or rest it on your arm lift your leg up towards the ceiling leading with your heel pulse at the top and lower good pulse twice at the highest point as Monica is doing and lower keep your kneecap pointed straightforward and your knee straight good and lower lift your leg upwards and slightly back good now lift pulse pulse and down if it is difficult to lift your leg
straight up try this method both legs are bent one on top of the
other as adrian is demonstrating open the leg as if it were clam point the
top knee up to the ceiling good lift that leg up squeeze good and lower it back down keep working feel the muscles active at the side of your hip and thigh now take a break and stretch out your
working leg hug your knee up toward your chest and rest on the floor feel the muscle
just let go and relax good now we are going to roll over and turn to the
other side bend the underneath leg and roll the pelvis
forward 0 remember you can have your top knee
straight or the easier option with both knees bent like a clam lead with your heel keeping the knee straight pulse up and bring the leg back down lift as you can good and lower you can try without the pulse and
see how it feels and lower back down lift up feel the muscles active at the side
of your hip and thigh good up lift lift and lower back down keep lifting that
leg with control and slowly lower back down lift up up and back down good lift upward and
slightly backward take a break stretch out your
working leg bend it up and let it rest on the floor
and relax good job upper body lifts lie on your stomach hands placed on your
shoulders and elbows out your sides left your hands head shoulders and upper
chest of the floor keeping your chin tucked in good lift and relax back down lift up tightening your abs to protect your
lower back and relax back down to make this a little easier try
starting with your hands resting by your hips and lift your head and shoulders keep
the chin tucked in and lower back down lift up don’t overarch your back and relax back down lift up keep those tummy muscles tight
during the lift and lower great job final stretch push yourself back to sit on your heels
while you lower your forehead to the floor your arms can be stretched out in
front like Monica are bent at the elbows release all the
muscles in your back shoulders and legs if it’s difficult to
bend your legs then rest on your forearms and one at a
time reach your arm across your body to feel a great stretch take some nice
deep breaths to fill your chest and back release all the
hard work you’ve done great job everybody and that concludes
our floor exercises 0 in head good ok head I ok I I the production of this DVD was
generously provided by unrestricted educational grant from
Serono Canada and produced in Association with Q
media solutions Toronto rehab everything humanly possible

Joseph Wolf

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