It’s Your Choice: Exercises with Hula Hoops

alright sitting tall at the front of
your chair get your feet nice and flat on the floor
about hip distance apart get your shoulders down and back and relax alright grab your hoops and let’s have
some fun grab your hoop at the three o’clock and nine
o’clock position and raise that hoop overhead as you inhale and exhale bring it back down
good inhale lift it up exhale bring it back
down good another one of those inhale and bring it back down all right now
grab your hooop and push it away from you and then
pull it in squeezing your shoulder blades together push it away and squeeze your shoulder
blades together great push and squeeze squeeze squeeze that’s it push and squeeeeze nice work now grab your hoop rotate so
that one hand is on the top one hand’s on the bottom all right let’s
rotate from side to side good nice just loosening up those shoulders a bit nice
work okay rotate your hoop from side to side warming up those shoulders good that’s it last time each way good now this time we’re going to lean a
little bit just get our trunk into it and add a little stretch good rotate and lean nice rotate and lean good that’s it let’s go one more each way good last time to the left alright now grab your bow and arrow and
pull it back and shoot Nice other side grab it and shoot that bow and arrow nice other way shoot it good keep twisting
your spine getting a good stretch in there nice work go nice and last time good okay place your hoop on the floor
and you’re going to widen your feet a little bit because
we’re gonna warm up the hands a little bit and start twirling that hoop all the way around
for some of you if this is challenging with both hands you can do it like Adrian or like Monica and you’re going to twirl it with one hand keep going around good let’s switch
directions or if you’re using one hand switch hands alright keep twirling around good good good nice work everybody good and bring it back down all right
bring your feet in again place your hoop in front of you we’re gonna
lift our legs and get them warmed up too so lift that foot outside of the hoop and back in do the
best you can if you can’t get it outside of the hoop just a little bit in front is all you need
to get those hips nicely warmed up last time on the right good switch legs left leg out and in and out and in and out and in last time on this side good and in alright now sit back on your chair good get your feet on top of the hoops put
them in there and lift your legs and swing nice bring them back in swing out and in and out and in good a couple more times good work out and in alright get to the front of your
chair again ready to move on to the aerobics part okay so remember to work at your own pace at a moderate effort and slow down or take
a rest when ever you need it good alright let’s make some noise everybody good keep your shoulders relaxed
nice work and lighten up a little really quiet alright now heavy hit them hard really hard go get that heart rate up that’s it and light again
light really quiet really quiet nice work and heavy go go go go go go keep bouncing one last time lighten light lighten up good okay bring it back to the front now we’re going to turn to our side and bounce to our right okay ready keep bouncing keep it up nice work and bring it around to the
front again to the left side lookin good and bring it back to the front good let’s go again to the right good and back to the
front and to the left left keep that bouncing up good one more time each way and to the left good job keep breathing everybody back to the front good and back to the left good ready for the twist
alright twist that hoop side to side that’s it good now we’re going to twist to the right a little keep that twist going keep it smooth good bring it in to the front again that’s it everybody to the left keep it twisting good and back to the front let’s go one
more time each way back to the front relax your shoulders let’s go to the left one last time bring it to the front take a little bit of a
breather here grab your hoop on either side bring it up overhead ready up and down to
your shoulders up and down that’s it we’re just going to take a little
breather here and then we’ll get back into it up and down up and down alright ready to bounce again let’s get going bring it in front okay that’s it we’re just going to use our right hand now so let go with your left hand keep bouncing bring your right hand to the side looking good bring it around to the front again switch to the left hand keep that bouncing good bring it to the front switch to the right hand again good back to the front left hand good back to the front again all right back
to the middle regular bounce for a second here whoo keep breathing hope you’re having fun okay we’re going to bounce really fast now just like you’re a woodpecker ready everybody go go go go go fast fast fast as you can go go go go and slow down again and breathe that really gets our heart rate up ready
let’s go fast again ready go go go go go fast fast fast fast fast you can do it whoo and relax again good let’s do it one more time make sure you’re breathing
and go go as fast as you can as fast as you can as fast as you can and breathe and relax good let’s go now we’re gonna go really high so let’s bring
up our hoops to the ceiling and down and up go as high as what’s comfortable for you just keep bouncing and up down alright take it low again take it low again relax the shoulders good ready to go up again here we go up and down up down good nice high bounces good job and bring it down again give it a little rest alright last time through let’s go nice and high ready up and down up and down good reach reach reach and down bring it back down
to level good work everybody take a little breather again here we’re
going to place our hoop on our knees take one hand on the top of
the hoop take your one finger and start tracing
that hoop in a nice big circle good nice okay let’s switch directions it’s a great range of motion exercise for your shoulder alright last time we’re going to switch hands and
take your other hand on top and trace that finger all the way around nice work good switch directions nice work try to keep contact with that hoop nice good work switch direction good and bring it down alright let’s cool it down
everybody after all that hard work gonna put our feet on top of your hoop going to row your
boat pushing out and in squeezing those shoulder blades back out and in last time push out and in good we’re going to drive our car so we’re going to to place
our feet down flat again slowly rock the steering
wheel side to side good alright we’re going to add a little bit of a hip lift to it as we go good nice work lift best you can work those abdominals good that’s it good one more time each side ready lift that’s it and relax now rotate your body to the right taking the hoop with you good feel a great stretch bring around to the other side stretching
out our spine after all that great work you did good to the left nice work last time each way good twist back to the left good alright a great stretch here let’s reach
forward in front of your chair feel a great stretch in your back that’s it and then bring it in good let’s go to the right side this
time reach forward stretching your spine good and bring it back to front again keep your chest nice and tall good and bring it back left side reach reach reach oh that feels good one more time let’s go to the front to the right great stretch and back to the front and to the left this is our last time to the left and reach reach reach bring take that hoop again bring it up and take a deep breath in and exhale to finish off relaxing inhale exhale nice last one inhale and exhale down good work everybody congratulations and I hope you had lots of

Joseph Wolf

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