Introduction to Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply and GrowOrganic.com

For over 40 years Peaceful Valley Farm
and Garden Supply has led the way in providing affordable and quality
products for the organic farmer and gardener. And unlike most garden supply
companies we’re committed to providing only natural and organic products. You’ll
never see any glyphosate or GMOs on our shelves. As a CCOF Certified Organic
Handler we are selective in the quality and safety of what we carry. When we
first started in 1976 our goal was to provide everything an organic garden or
farm would need, from compost and soil amendments to pest control and tools,
both the basics and the hard-to-find items and we have stayed true to that
goal. Year after year we now carry over 5000 products at groworganic.com
and in our store. Here you can find everything you need to start your seeds,
care for your garden year-round, cook up or preserve your homegrown veggies and
more. Our products are tested by staff members to make sure that they live up
to our high standards. We’ve also developed our own peaceful valley brand
of certified organic fertilizers amendments and seeds to provide a high
quality and affordable option for your gardening needs. All of our seeds are
packed on a unique and antique seed packaging machine which packs are almost 400 varieties of herb and vegetables at 60 packets a minute. From heirloom apples to unique Zeiger Pluerries, we have one of the biggest selections of bare-root
trees and berries on the west coast, with over 250 varieties to choose from. For our local customers we also sell organic veggies and herbs for transplanting and
a wide variety of landscaping plants including natives water wise and deer
resistant choices. It’s not just our vast selection of great products that keeps
customers coming back though, our knowledgeable and dedicated staff make
shopping here a great experience, whether you shop online by phone or in the store
our garden savvy employees are ready to help you with your purchases.
In fact helping you learn more about growing organically is one of the most
important aspects of our company. Our online Resource Center contains articles
on nearly every gardening topic you can think of and our over 240 YouTube videos
have had more than 10 million views, we can answer a lot of questions. We’re
happy and proud to support our community and our customers as we all grow organic
for life!

Joseph Wolf


  1. Please open a 2nd location in southern California 😊🙏 I would love to come shop at your store to grass valley but the drive is 7hours from me 🙁. Im a five-year customer I can only order online but the shipping is killing me haha I would love to come shop at your store if you had a store in southern California 😊

  2. Woow nice video i rely like it dear thank u so much 🌷🌷🌷👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽💕💞💕💖🌷🌷🌷

  3. Do u have any experience or opinions on agrohomeopathy? I'm asking all the great gardeners out there and hardly finding anything! I'm putting a bug in as many ears as I can, being punny ♡

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