I Tried Relaxing to The Worst ASMR

Joseph Wolf


  1. Please never make an intro as funny/self deprecating/uncomfortably sexual when I'm in the jacks

  2. uwu is that save me I heard there in the beginning

    also Tom I love you thank you for this

  3. The cheese dick guy was really channeling Kristen Stewart's performance from Twilight.

  4. Okay dude you gotta react to TingTingASMR. There's this one video where she just munches on these rubber ears and then plays with the slobbery ears with her hands. Low-key I think she's amazing and actually listen to her ASMR on a serious level but that particular video of hers really got me 🤣🤣🤣

  5. I saw an asmr video in my recommended that was being in the checkout line and dealing with a rude brandy Melville employee, also a lice check asmr

  6. He said can you not fucking talk over me mate 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am WEAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  7. all those vids made me so uncomfy ahh also mate just wonder how u act in real life ya know wow I guess that’s why the internet’s so weird

  8. Tom Harlock using bts as his outro song is the most iconic thing i’ve ever witnessed

  9. Ngl I came across the psych boyf asmr and I liked it. Brought me back to my wattpad fanfic days😂😂

  10. “am i in focus? don’t really care at this point, it’s probably better for everyone if i’m not.”


  11. "You're not handsome, I was promised an handsome man !" Wow, relatable ! And the psychotic boyfriend, please SHAVE YOUR GODDAMN CHEAP MUSTACHE ! Sorry it repulsed me !

  12. “Dr Phil stalks the outside of your house and threatens your life ASMR”
    I think you’d like it!

  13. Holy shit I am fucking crying. When he's doing commentary and at 8:37 he gets mad at the psycho boyfriend for speaking over him.

  14. something about his personality is just addictive i can’t stop watching his videos-

  15. You can be glad you're not being followed by paparazzi… because this nurse jokes could've given you a PewDiePie-Drama xD

  16. ok but lets all genuinely appreciate the way he puts bts songs instrumentals in the background like u can faintly hear at the start of the video save me by bts we stan.

  17. This is like one of your least viewed videos but I nearly shat myself laughing so I beg of you to do more of these

  18. omg
    I‘m not kidding but when he heard the thunder (halfway through the video) I kinda giggled at his joke ( I‘ve angered the gods) and INSTANTLY it began to rain and thunder in real life …!
    'Aight imma head out

  19. I’m so happy he liked Seafoam kitten but also a btw incase you do this again she has a psycho ASMR which is pretty relaxing

  20. Hes exactly how I am when I watch sht like this, its the only way to not feel uncomfortable

  21. i actually genuinely enjoy no-talking asmr videos. they help me sleep and you can actually get a tingly feeling in the back of your head or down your spine. personally, i like mic brushing and scratching idk why. however, wet sounds like whispering, mouth sounds, and eating disgust me and with they didn’t exist.

  22. I didn't know that was what ASMR was for but I didn't really liked it anyways to me it was just someone whispering stuff in a mic

  23. Omfg this is quality content lol. Definitely subscribing to help you get to one million~

  24. this reminded me of the million other reasons why i love you besides the fact that you are so fuckin fine

  25. I’ve been laughing throughout this whole video and I just about killed myself as I laughed so hard I choked on my coffee and started wheezing

  26. If you want odd characters and legendary dragon tier quality you should check out ephemeral rift.

  27. I love how at the start of most of his songs he has a bts song playing in the background. We stan a kpop lover

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