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  1. corey is a dickhead and some kids who don’t have a great life would have absolutely loved them and they just break it a total dickhead


  3. Hands down the worst background music of any video I've ever watched on YouTube. Absolute torture.

  4. We got clickbaited because I got on wish and there’s still more tablets so it wasn’t all of then(frowny face)

  5. I've bought several android tablets off wish that I was using as home automation wall controllers. The two main issues are there are never system updates, and worse , they seem to had advertising shit built it that starts revealing itself after a while

  6. Se me hace una tristeza que desprecies esas tablets, , ya que en una misma de esas veo tus vídeos …

  7. It would be really cool if they did "Revamp wish tablets". Like they take a shitty barely workable wish tablet, add like a new cpu and more ram, new os, and boom amazing tablet.

  8. nfxkkfq use coupon and get 15% to 90% off super safe purchase i bought a product and arrived in perfect condition now and your turn !!!!!!!!!

  9. Seriously Corey why are you so judge mental look at the prices You seriously act entitled like you’ve never had to live on a budget has anybody ever handed you an actual low and android have you ever owned a flip phone in your life

  10. Dude why is cory getting hate? Yes he may have a bit of attitude but atleast he ain't being fake he is just giving his opinion so just stop giving hate for such a little thing if your hating on him for this your no better then a boomer who gets mad for any little thing

  11. Dude , shouldve donated those if you dont like em. Not everyone is fortunate like you guys.

  12. Yeah their cheap still try donating it. A lot of poor people out there who would appreciate them.

  13. Calls his channel "Tech" and how much did we paid? idk
    for what did we paid? idk
    what system informations did we paid and what did we got? idk
    what are we doing? just trash talking for 28 minutes and giving 0 info because all you did was just turn on and open your channel like wtf

  14. The guy in white is really annoying. Can you give Cory a chance to say something and hold the tab? Geez

  15. Thank God i found this vid cauae I'm thinking about buying a tablet off wish

  16. I was coming here to say "Don't make no more videos with that guy." expecting it to be out of place, but it seems pretty much general opinion.

  17. Maybe review the damn product like we're looking for, stop fuckin' about and narcissistically jerking each other off thinking you're anything but cringey af. Do some damn spec tests to see if the advertised components are up to snuff like the 8gb of ram, and the listed processor cores. This was fucken useless for anything other than seeing if they turned on, and for the cameras which most people don't fucken need with a tablet. You could've done a giveaway and shown some love to your subs regardless of the quality, but instead you trashed the damn things and show exactly why other countries and people's hate Americans. Just plain wasteful, egotistical, loud and obnoxious, and narcissistic beyond belief.

  18. Hi can you help me out I am looking for a cheep phone on wish that has play store and you can download hangouts and Watsapp and has to have a sharp camara and unlocked

  19. Not sure if on purpose (probably is) but these guy come off as rich snobby isheep. I'm surprised this vid even has likes. Faith in humanity lost.

  20. just because it asia product.unfair compare..they are cheap bro…mat salleh berat nane mu..

  21. I bet there's a boys and girls home within 50 miles of you who would have appreciated those even though they were junk still would have made some kids day… kinda shity to break em

  22. Do you guys not know anything about android? You’re choosing quad core with android 7.0. Those are clearly old specs. There are now 10 core android tablets with android nine or 10.

  23. Well I think they are good for as starter tablets for kids to be responsible.

  24. But the thing about the iPad, even though it had the wrong charger they still have iPhone chargers around the house (I assume)

  25. hi guys mera naam sushma hai mere friend ne mujhse kaha 1000 si Jada subscriber leKer aao fhir YouTube channel chalu kar dega plz guys sapot mi

  26. If the touch screen cracks you can plug a USB mouse in to it. You just need to get an adaptor.

  27. Ok so, these things were like $30 and you guys think “omg my voice sounds so bad” like wha? Some of these are actually reallly good for what they cost

  28. Odd how a tablet that originally sold for hundreds is better than a $30 tablet. Weird

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