How To: Tadasana – Mountain Pose – Yoga for Beginners, Basic Yoga – Yoga to Improve Posture

Hi, it’s Christina and today, I will be discussing Mountain Pose Also known as Tadasana now this pose may seem very simple because it’s basically just standing up on your two feet But Tadasana is the foundation for every single yoga pose There is so if you know the alignment for Tadasana You will be able to figure out the alignment for every other yoga pose as well also Executing Tadasana properly will definitely help with improving your overall Posture as well So let’s get started first bring your feet to parallel Bring your toes pointing forward and your heels pointing backwards your weight should be distributed Evenly between the mound of the big toe the mound of the little toe and the heel imagine that you are Lifting up through the arches of your feet and at the same time you’re pressing down through the mound of your big toe Moving along to your legs your knees are pointing forward Your leg muscles are engaged And you’re not locking into your knee joints in regards to your upper body you’re spreading your shoulders wide apart And you’re softening your front ribs your shoulder muscles are relaxed away from your ears And you can either bring your hands by your sides or to meet at the center of your chest keeping your spine neutral Look forward keeping your gaze soft and natural keep your chin parallel to the floor You’ll want to keep a neutral spine so keep your head stacked on top of your shoulders Or just stacked on top of your hips Which should be stacked directly above your ankles avoid tucking your pelvis or overly arching your back slightly Rotate your upper arm bones outward and keep your palms and your lower arms facing in toward your legs So I hope that helped you to understand, Tadasana huh bit better and Also to let you know about how it can benefit your overall yoga practice and posture Thank you all so much for watching. I hope you have a wonderful day namaste

Joseph Wolf

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