How to sing LOW NOTES with more POWER: Singing Exercises | #DrDan 🎤

Joseph Wolf


  1. My lowest note I can usually hit is a C3, and more comfortably an E3. Sometimes I can hit an E2 though. I have a feeling that it's something to do with my extreme lack of hydration? Your voice gets lower when you wake up because of mucus that builds up overnight, so I'm assuming that hydration = ability to go lower.

  2. Dr Dan I can sing down to D2 and up to F4 whitout falsetto but I would increase the quality and the power of my low notes. Also my tessitura is between F2 and F3. Am I a baritone?

  3. thx for the video
    A lot of the music I like and write sounds a lot better lower
    It helped

  4. Thanks for the video Dr. Dan… i hope you upload more videos in improving bass singing. I'm aspiring to be a good bass singer and I'd love it if you'll help me become one… I subbed and hope you teach more people

  5. My lowest is D2 and i'm 15 hope my voice will lower a bit

  6. I can usually hit a lower A flat 3 (2 A flats below middle C, I don't know note names like that lol), but I can sometimes hit a F3. I flip to falsetto around D4/E4. What would you call my voice part?

  7. My current lowest note is an Eb2 and in the mornings has gone down to a B1 and C2. I’ll come back in a few weeks and reply if anything works

  8. I need to be able to sing a Bb2 for a solo but as a tenor it’s so hard to be able to make it sound fat and with volume.

  9. Hey Dan does this exercise help strengthen the chest voice if u have a weak chest voice?

  10. Dr. Dan, I can manage to go down to C3 and it just stops there, it’s basically my tenor low note but I can’t manage to go lower, I can go low down to A2 but that’s just really forcing to go down as a singable note, but I can vocal fry down to a G1, honestly it this normal? I want to convert those fry notes to singable notes, I tried doing exercises but I just enter vocal fry even at B2. Is there any actual way to convert this vocal fry into singable notes? Sincerely Luis Cid

  11. If you really want to develop your voice check out my comprehensive singing course for beginners – https://drdan.co/VE1Course

  12. Thanks! This was helpful. I used to be in singing lessons a few years ago, but since then, I've forgotten to consistently check my shoulder and head position and the shape of my mouth on vowels and such. For instance, I realized through this video that I've been squashing my larynx this whole time whenever I try to sing low. I feel like I have to dip down to reach my lower register, but now I'll make sure to check that I don't physically dip down with my head and muddy those notes.

  13. It may sound incorrect I personally do not count the baritone voice as a deep voice (except for the bass-baritone only !), as it lies right between the highest and lowest range – it is what it's known best for – being the middle voice.

  14. My highest is C5 with falsetto and my lowest I have ever hit is a C#2 and I can't regularly hit it.

  15. I’m trying to learn ‘Lovely’ by Billie Eilish with all her beautiful low notes and I need help! 😅

  16. I sing lower notes with my head and jaw tilted down a little bit, but definitely not the point where you can see my double chin. Things still feel relatively relaxed. Am I doing it right?

  17. “Hi my name is Dr Dan…..”, sorry but you don’t use designations while mentioning your name. 😅. You are great with the information 😊

  18. So this doesn’t make us Avi or Tim foust or Paul David kennamer ?😜
    Great lesson man

  19. I'm auditioning for a school musical, and I want to be able to hit the lower notes in my audition song better. I can just barely reach them, and I am always so quiet with these notes.

  20. I press my larynx down VERY LITTLE where the notes sound a tiny bit decompressed. And to be surprisingly honest, I keep my throat relaxed through it. Am I doing it right…?

  21. I'm auditioning for Elsa of Frozen as a practiced 2nd Soprano, practicing 1st Soprano, and the audition is calling for a powerful voice, which I have, but I sound like I'm doing a bad impression when I sing low

  22. I can hit a D2 but I wanna hit the 1s 😂 oh and btw I can't sing higher than middle C maybe I should be on another video

  23. Its hard for me to sing low notes whwen i sing low notes my neck feels like hell

  24. I'm a soprano coloratura and I find it especially hard to access my low register but this video definitely helped! Thanks a lot!!

  25. I’m a tenor saxophonist and use these techniques for my low notes. Never occurred to me it translated to singing.

  26. I wanted to sing billies “listen before I go” but the lyrics “sorry can’t save me now” are so hard to hit its soooo low ahhhh

  27. It's hard for me to even go as low as where you started on the first exercise 🙁
    This is why I need to expand my lower range jdjsjsbdidnsidnd

  28. I’m bass, from a family of basses and low baritones. I only recently learned to go above c4, and now my high notes are pretty decent, still working on making them sound better now that I have them. I lost my lower notes though. Like, I could hit a B1 everyday, G#1 on a good day, and lowest was an F1. But now that I have control of my high notes, I can’t seem to get my voice below a C2 most days. It’s been pretty frustrating to lose part of my voice just as I thought I’d gained a new part. Any tips, not just for get to my lower, but for keeping both ends of your range in good condition?

  29. So, anyone else a tenor trying to force yourself into the bass range to nag a part in a musical?

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